The Justice Academy

After the justice league discovers that villains have their own schools for creating villains, they decide to start their own school for heroes. This year, one Barbara Gordon is forced to enrol by her father and she really, really doesn’t want to be there.


8. Chapter Eight

Kryptonians apparently don’t do mornings.
Barbara learnt this when her alarm clock, set for six fifteen so she had time to get ready, was smashed by the dainty fist of her roommate. She stared at the clock, she’d had it for years, it was beaten and dying slowly but to see it smashed so suddenly made her stare.
“You little shit.”
It was of course, the second alarm clock Kara had destroyed.
Kara just snorted in her sleep and rolled over, and Barbara knew she was going to have to take drastic measures to get her new friend out of bed. She didn’t bother creeping because if the alarm clock hadn’t woken her up then her light steps certainly wouldn’t.
Kara was peaceful and having a wonderful dream, until she was woken very drastically by the cold water Barbara had just fetched from the bathroom.
Barbara leapt aside as Kara’s pillow was launched at such force that feathers may have been the last thing she ever felt, and glared angrily at her for several long moments.
“You smashed my alarm clock.” Barbara pointed out and Kara slowly relaxed, shaking her head and letting water droplets fly around the room.
“I’ll be ready in five, I’ll see you in the hub.” Barbara grunted moving back into the bathroom to finish her daily rituals and join anyone else who was up in the living rooms.
Kara had barely gotten out of bed by the time Barbara was done and she rolled her eyes, leaving the super-human (actually, she was an alien wasn’t she?) to get ready.
Barbara left her to get ready and to get some breakfast for herself, the hub was empty at the moment, it was far too early for anyone with a normal sleeping pattern to be awake. But Barbara had been awake for hours, staring at the ceiling and barely daring to move in case Kara’s super-hearing picked up on it.
Barbara decided she wouldn’t have to worry about it in the future, because it was clear that Kara was a heavy sleeper from the excessive snoring. Not that her snoring had kept Barbara up or anything, Barbara was a light sleeper with insomnia.
Never a good combination, although most heroes seemed to work at night when they weren’t working a civilian job so maybe her awkward sleep cycle would come in handy one day
Ten minutes after she had finished her breakfast other students started filling in, and she was soon joined by Roy who looked grumpy, but not homicidal like Kara had.
“Morning.” She greeted, supping at her coffee.
He grunted at her, practically dropping his plate of toast onto the table before collapsing into the chair beside her to crunch on it slowly. She held back her laughter, she knew that look, that was the look of someone who didn’t want to be there.
“We have Question first for half an hour before Flash, do you know what he’s like?” Barbara asked quietly, watching her fellow students as they woke up and catching sight of Kara’s blonde mop as she trudged towards them, looking only marginally happier than she had earlier.
“Guys a psycho, his brain’s full of conspiracy theories…he thought the girl scouts were going to invade Thailand at one point you know.” Roy grumbled around his toast.
Barbara’s lips pressed tightly together, now that made no sense.
“Why would the league let him teach if he wasn’t stable? That doesn’t sound like them, especially not the boy scout.”
Kara puffed up indignantly at the nickname for her cousin but soon deflated, there was no point trying to fight it because the media had already coined it when they were badmouthing him, no point trying to stop someone as strong willed as Barbara doing it.
“It’s like Wonderwoman said yesterday,” Kara grumbled “he’s a great source of information, he can read between the lines like nobodies business.”
“So…he’s got more good points than bad? But only just?” Barbara asked with her eyebrows drawn in tight, and both Kara and Roy grunted an affirmative.
Barbara was silent then, letting her friends eat and shake off the sleep so they wouldn’t be too grumpy when it came to their first official class. Kara steadily cheered up but Roy remained sour, and Barbara got the feeling he really didn’t like Question, not even in the slightest.
When they got to their classroom, Barbara noticed that they were the only first years, the rest of the students were much older. Question stood at the front and nodded at them when they entered.
“Welcome to your tutor, this class consists of students who, like yourselves, are sponsored. They are the elite, which is exactly what you are expected to be, and I will be reporting straight to your sponsors about all your grades, problems and any other issue I deem necessary.”
He then waved them to the three empty seats in the middle, and Barbara saw that Aisha was sat at the back staring her down. Barbara let her lip twitch every so slightly upwards, and then turned her back on the blonde to speak with the two other third years in front of her.
Hal Jordon and Kaldur’ahm smiled warmly, talking to them softly as Question hummed and scribbled on the board.
“Isn’t he supposed to…do something?” Kara asked and Barbara snorted.
“He isn’t a wind-up toy, let him run and off he goes.”
Kara glared and Hal sniggered.
“Nah, Question registers us all and makes announcements, and occasionally asks for help with his theories…other than that he just ignores us.” Hal explained with a casual shrug and Roy grunted but they ignored him.
“What is he theorising today?” someone murmured from behind them and everyone grew quiet as they squinted at the screen.
“No idea, I can still see the old cookie-crumble over there-”
“-and there’s the monument case-”
Barbara scowled as students mumbled, pointed out all cases as they tried to figure out what it was that Question was trying to figure out on his big board of weird. People were laughing behind them, snickering at the Question as he worked intently.
Barbara watched the map, took in the strings, the patterns and pictures and indulged on it all.
Her brain ticked and the wires crossed and clicked and she drowned out the sounds of her friends and other students until just Question and his board were visible to her. For a second, he seemed to incline his head at her, as if he could tell what she was doing, but Barbara couldn’t be sure.
Roy, Kara, Hal and Kaldur’ahm stopped their conversation when she spoke and scowled, Question snapped his fingers together and practically jumped from his chair.
“Thailand! Of course, excellent work Miss Gordon!!” 
They watched as he stuck a pin into Thailand, just as the bell went and he ushered them out of the classroom as quickly as he possibly could. He was mumbling things about Thailand and fortune cookies but nobody cared and just trundled off to their next classes.
“How did you do that?” Roy asked as they moved to sit at the back of their first class, something weird with Flash that Roy couldn’t remember the name of.
Barbara would know, doubtless.
“Do what?” She grunted, falling very ungracefully onto her chair.
“Figure it out, Thailand, what does that even mean?” He asked but then Flash walked in and effectively cut off all conversations in the room.
“Hi there, I’m the Flash but I’m sure you guys already knew that.”
Queue chuckles from easily amused students and excessive eye rolling from Barbara and Co.
“This class is a forensics class, it’ll help you when you’re on a crime scene or you’re investigating a case so to speak. Other than the watch tower, we don’t have access to a forensics lab so we have to be able to do as much as we can at the scene. Sometimes before the police arrive.”
Barbara wondered if she’d be able to erase data at the Gotham forensics lab, because then she would be able to take samples home and get away from the crime scene without anyone knowing she was ever there. Plus, nobody would question her DNA at the forensics lab because she was the commissioners kid, it worked out well all round provided she didn’t get caught.
“We’ll start with the basics-”


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