Bad boys love good girls

Harry. Harry styles is the name on everyones lips.. He sleeps around, throws parties and skips school. What happens when he finds a good girl? Will he fall for her? Will it change his ways or will he just be the same old Harry?


3. The party

"Have you seen-" I tried to ask a boy running down the hall "TOUCHDOWN!" he yelled and ran off with the football. Well then.. "Hey, have you seen Harry?" I ask a few people on the couch sitting down. "No." one of them said blankly. I walk down the hall looking for him but I can't find him anywhere. I turn around to see a couple making out, they were blocking the corridor. "Excuse me" I bite my lip, waiting for them to pull apart but they don't. "Excuse me.." I say a bit louder. They still don't listen so I push them apart and walk through the middle of them. The girl, I think her name was Rachel, stuck up her middle finger and yelled "BITCH!". Surprisingly that didn't affect me. I turned around to face them "I hope you swallow each other" I smirked and walked off. 

"Harry!" I smiled and walked up to him "I was looking for you". He smiled, "Me too." 


"Wanna go get a drink?" She asked "Sure" I smiled and led her over to the kitchen. She looked amazing tonight, I mean she looks beautiful every day but tonight... She looks gorgeous. I open the fridge and pull out two beers. "Harry!" Niall comes up to me "Hey man". I put down the beers and face him "Hey Niall" I say and introduce him to Alysha. We talk for a while and he goes.  "Here you go" I say and hand her a beer. I crack open my drink and take a mouthful. 


I took a mouthful of the beer. Boy was it strong. Alcohol never usually has this affect on me. I giggle uncontrollably "Harry" i slur "did you put something in my drink baby?" I traced a finger down his chest "n-no, what happened?" 
I smirked lightly and pecked his lips "i feel... light headed" i fell on the floor with a thud and it all went black


Alysha was acting so weird last night, kind of like she was drunk? i wouldn't of thought she was the type of person to get drunk. I mean, she only had  one beer. Maybe she was right.. Maybe somebody did put something in her drink, whoever did. They will regret it. 

I look down at her, she looks like an angel when shes sleeping. I smile and get up and go to the kitchen to make some breakfast. 


I open my eyes to see that I'm in a room, it's definitely not my room. I get up and grab the lamp that is, well was, sitting on the nightstand. I can hear movement downstairs so i head down there quietly. 


I hear footsteps behind me and turn around "oh your awa-" i got cut off. "oh my god Harry!" she yelled "WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING HERE" she started backing away from me. "your drink got spiked last night"


"Your drink got spiked last night" he told me "You're lucky i took you home, then again, who wouldn't"
I rolled my eyes and sat on the couch "I made you breakfast" He said as he handed me a plate of toast with apricot jam on it. "thanks" I smile slightly and take a bite. "How do i know that you aren't the one that spiked my drink?" I narrowed my eyes at him. He sat down next to me "I didn't. I'm not that much of an asswhole, but whoever did was probably hoping to take you home for the night.." He said, with a bit of worry in his voice. I just laughed "What would you do if that did happen?" i smirked and saw his face expression change. "I would beat the guy up, because your my girl." 
I choked on my toast "your girl?" 
He nodded "mhm". I roll my eyes "I'm not yours. you don't own me" 
All of a sudden i felt his warm lips on my neck and he bit down on the skin softly leaving a love bite. "Now your mine" 


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