Bad boys love good girls

Harry. Harry styles is the name on everyones lips.. He sleeps around, throws parties and skips school. What happens when he finds a good girl? Will he fall for her? Will it change his ways or will he just be the same old Harry?


4. Sparks


The cold December air hit me as i walked out the apartments and down the road into starbucks. I could smell fresh strawberries, warm nuts, toffee and of course the fresh delicious coffee. I gave the cashier a smile, he is kind of cute.  "Strawberries and crème with extra whipped cream" i flash him another smile, he has blonde hair and blue eyes, his name tag read, Logan. "Name?" he smiled at looked at me. "Alysha" I replied, he wrote it down on a piece of paper and i sat down, waiting for my name to be called out. I was kind of disappointed that he didn't give me his number. I heard somebody slouchdown into the booth that i was sitting in, I look up to see Harry sitting there. "Hey princess" I roll my eyes "Please don't call me that." I saw something flash in his eyes. Hurt? No. A guy like him doesn't get hurt. "Alysha" Logan called, indicating that my frap was ready.   I stood up, leaving Harry and walked over to the counter and grabbed my frap. I handed him the money and a tip before walking off. "Wait!" He called after me, he quickly slipped me a piece of paper. I unfolded it and smiled, walking out the door, it was Logan's number. Before I could tuck it into my pocket a strong hand wrapped around mine and grabbed the piece of paper. "Harry! give it back." I yelled and before I could do anything he ripped the paper in half, and again. And again. He kept ripping it until it was impossible to read. "Asshole." I sipped my frap and walked off. 

Suddenly he picked me up over his shoulder and started walking.


I don't know why I did it, i just did. I was jealous. I admit it but I would never tell her. All of a sudden i picked her up over my shoulder and carried her back to my place. Why would I do that? am I an idiot? "HARRY!" she yelled "PUT ME DOWN" I ignored her and took her into my apartment building  and took her into my apartment. "PUT ME DOWN!" she was punching my back but honestly I didn't care. I think I love her. I put her down and watch her. "Why did you do that?" she asked, I sighed "Because, I love you". Her face softened a bit for a second "Well that's a funny way to show it.". I looked at her sadly, I don't know. I didn't think, I guess I was just... Jealous. All of a sudden she got up and smashed her lips into mine. There were sparks everywhere. This has been the first time I have fallen in love. 

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