Bad boys love good girls

Harry. Harry styles is the name on everyones lips.. He sleeps around, throws parties and skips school. What happens when he finds a good girl? Will he fall for her? Will it change his ways or will he just be the same old Harry?


5. Kicked out


"Will you be my girlfriend?" 
I look at him, my blue eyes sparkling. "yes!" I yell and throw my arms around his neck and kiss him. I can feel sparks flying everywhere. and thats when I knew he was the one for me. 

"I have to take you to meet my parents" I looked at him. "What if they don't like me" he said "Whats not to like?". "First of all I'm the type of guy that dads say stay away from. I have tatoos, piercings. Would your parents approve of that?" He looks down and i lift his head up " They will love you." boy was I wrong. 

"Don't you think it's a little too soon to meet your parents?" he wondered. I guess he was right, it was. I was rushing things, I always do and I scare the boys off. But it was too late now, we were already standing on my front porch. "Were already here so we might as well."
"Wait.." he started 
I rung the doorbell before he could finish his sentence. "They will love you" I whispered. My mum appeared in the doorway and looked confused "Alysha!" she pulled me in for a big bear hug, "Who is this dear?" she looked up at Harry with a look of disgust. "My boyfriend.." I said slowly. "Kurt!" she called for my father. Great. More drama, this is what I really need. My father appeared in the door way next to my mother and stopped dead in his tracks looking at Harry and back to me. "This is her boyfriend.." my mum said slowly. "You are joking with me! Our precious daughter would never go near anyone like him." I said laughing but suddenly his smile faded. "What is the meaning of this?" he sounded angry. "Dad, this is my boyfriend. Harry" he stood there silently not saying a word. "Dad..." 
"I don't approve he's not good enough for you."
That made me mad. 
I yelled and when I saw the look on my dads face I immediately regretted it. "GET OUT. PACK ALL YOUR STUFF AND GET OUT." I was surprised my dad said all this. I thought he loved me. I bursted through the door and up the stairs. Why would they do this to me? Kicking me out just because they don't like my boyfriend? I ran into my room and dragged the suit case out of my wardrobe. I flung it open and stuffed as many clothes in there as I could. I shoved everything I needed in it and turned around to see my parents standing in the doorway. I just walked straight past them and out to door to find Harry there. I walked straight past him and got into the car. He got into the drivers seat and wrapped his arms around me. I burst out in tears.


"You're staying with me. I want to keep you safe" I say and pull up into my driveway. "Harry, thank you so much" she wipes her tears. "How are we going to afford to go to school?" she gulped. I never thought of that. "I don't need school" I shrugged. "i guess it's our final year. we don't really need it?" She said, more of a question. "I can get a job, my friend is the manager at a nightclub called hotspot. She can get me a job as a bartender there." She said and I smiled. 



"Alysha?" The voice on the other end said. "Rachel! I really need a favour." I bit my lip "of course! Why haven't you been at school?" 
Rachel was one of my closest friends so I explained everything to her. "So I really need money." I finished. "Wow.. Of course! We need an extra bartender. Do you think you can work the hours of 8pm to 12am? Monday to friday?" She said. Those hours were perfect. "Perfect. Thank you so much" I grinned. "You start Monday" she said. We said goodbye and I hung up. "Harry!" I called and ran downstairs. "I got a job!" I grinned ear to ear. "That's great!" He smiled and kissed me softly. I kissed back and wrapped my arms around his neck, I pulled back and smile at him. "I start tomorrow night"

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