Bad boys love good girls

Harry. Harry styles is the name on everyones lips.. He sleeps around, throws parties and skips school. What happens when he finds a good girl? Will he fall for her? Will it change his ways or will he just be the same old Harry?


2. Invited?

chapter 2


We sit in detention silently "I never got your name" I looked up at her. Damn. She was perfect. Her long wavy brown hair hung loose past her shoulders. Her ocean blue eyes sparkled in the light. Her tanned skin looked amazing. "Alysha." She told me flatly. "What a pretty name for a gorgeous girl" I saw something flash in her eyes for a second, what was that? 


"What a pretty name for a gorgeous girl" Harry told me. That was so sweet. "I uh, thanks Harry. Thats sweet" 

I walk into my room and drop my bag on the ground. Is it bad that I like Harry? What am I saying? I'm not even his type. His type is more of the slutty, sexy girls..  I'm nothing compared to those girls. I get up and walk to the mirror. Why can't I be like those girls?


I slump down onto the couch and turn the tv on, searching through the channels. 

from: Lou(:
party at mine, you coming mate? 

 I pick up my phone and groan, I really don't feel like going to a party. A beep from my phone rings again. 

from: Lou(:
Alysha is coming ;) 

I smirk lightly and reply. 

to: Lou(:
I'm in. 


I've never been invited to a party. Ever, I was surprised Louis invited me.. He's not the type of guy the would.
I walk into my room and put on a short black dress and black stilettos. I curl my hair and tie it back into a ponytail, i add a mascara, eyeliner and dark red lipstick. 

"You dare to do this, but I'm coming at you like a dark horse" my older brother, Jay, sings on the way to driving to the party. "If you told me you were going to sing I would've walked.." I mumbled slouching down in the seat. My brother pulls up to a house, it wasn't a house it was more like a mansion. Not quite a mansion but it was a big house. 
"Bye Jay" i waved as i got out of the car "Don't loose it." He said grinning. I was confused "Loose what?" 
"You know, your Virginity." 
He snickered and i shut the door on him.  
I walk up the gravel path, my heels crunching the gravel each step. I walk past all these already drunken teenagers, they look at least 18.. My hand rests on the doorknob. 
Time to impress.
I twist the doorknob slowly. 


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