Bad boys love good girls

Harry. Harry styles is the name on everyones lips.. He sleeps around, throws parties and skips school. What happens when he finds a good girl? Will he fall for her? Will it change his ways or will he just be the same old Harry?


1. Detention

Chapter 1


I roll over to see a naked girl in front of me. I wasn't surprised, for me theres usually a different girl every night. "Morning babe." She whispered in my ear and started kissing my neck, biting hard. Why did I even bring her home? "Please stop." I mumbled getting slightly annoyed. "Whatever." She stood up and got dressed in her underwear. "Text me later?" She grabbed her sleek black dress and put it on. I yawned and laid back "Probably not", she shook her head "Dick.". "Thats what i've got" I smirked as she rolled her eyes and walked out. They don't know what a one night stand is. They want more, it's not my fault i'm so damn good. 


I slowly walked down the halls of Hearst high. I wanted a fresh start. There were so many girls wearing slutty clothing, bitches. Probably. There were the typical cheerleaders, preppy. The nerds and the jocks. I don't consider myself a nerd but i'm certainly not a cheerleader. I walked into the classroom and sat in the back corner not wanting to get noticed. The seats soon filled but there was an empty seat next to me... No one wanted to sit next to the new girl. I didn't care much, I was the type of girl that was happy just to sit and watch. I was snapped out of my thoughts when a guy walked in and slumped down in the seat next to me. He had dark curls and a few tattoos, well of what i could see anyway. He sat back on two legs of the chair and placed his legs on the table. All of the girls kept looking at him and giggling. I rolled my eyes. "Hi." He turned to face me and smirked. I looked at him. Why would he be talking to me? Usually guys just ignore me. "Hi" I snapped back
"Feisty one." 
"I'm not feisty."
He just laughed. "DETENTION BOTH OF YOU." The teacher yelled at us. "Come on teach. I thought we were friends?" Ms. Devon just rolled her eyes. I sighed and mumbled "Asshole."


I sit at the back alone again in detention. I hate him. He walks
into the room and walks over to me. Can't he just leave me alone? "I'm Harry by the way.. In case you were wondering?" I was. "I wasn't" 


She's not like the other girls. Shes different, shes not afraid to express her feelings. And shes hot. I lean against the wall and watch her, she turns around "Can you not?" she says flatly. I chuckle
 "Can I not what?"
"Stop staring at me"
"That's not an answer"
She rolls her eyes. 

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