The Aurai and Aeolus

A (very) short story about, as the title suggests, the Aurai and Aeolus.


2. The One and Only Section

 Once all the Aurai were happy and calm. They travelled all over the Earth delivering messages for the gods and anyone else who asked them. They were polite and gentle.

But one day Aeolus got tired of the Aurai. He loathed the Aurai and the way they were so happy. Aeolus decided to capture the Aurai and he set to work making an Aurai-escape-proof trap and cage. When the trap was done he went outside and called ‘Aurai, Come to Me, I have a message for the gods!’ Two Aurai came; an old, wise and quick Aurai and a young and slow Aurai who was still learning.

‘Good, two of you came,’ Aeolus smiled. ‘There is a message and a package. The Package is in the other room.’

‘I’ll go and get it,’ chirped the younger Aurai, and he flew into the other room.

‘What is the message?’ The old Aurai asked.

Aeolus grinned evilly. ‘The message is that you will never see the other Aurai again. Now get out of my castle!’ He waved his hand and the Aurai was blown, up, up and out of Aeolus’s castle. The Aurai was devastated – she had lost her trainee! How was she going to get him back? She flew to the other Aurai to figure something out.

‘That’s horrible!’ Exclaimed one Aurai.

‘We have to get him back!’ Said another Aurai.

‘We have to tell the gods!’ One Aurai said, and all the others looked at him and started nodding in agreement.

So all the Aurai flew off to Mount Olympus and requested to meet with the gods. When they were finally allowed in they all spoke together.

‘Aeolus has captured one of our trainees. He had Aurai-proofed his castle and will not give our trainee back.’

The gods looked at each other and shrugged apologetically.

‘What have you done to offend Aeolus?’ Zeus asked them.

‘We have done nothing wrong!’ The Aurai exclaimed. ‘He called to us saying that he had a message for us to deliver, so one of us and one of the trainees went to his castle. And then he captured our trainee and proofed his castle against us!’

‘I’m sorry but I am not going to interfere with this matter and neither are the other gods and goddesses, right?’ Zeus glared at the other gods and goddesses.

‘Okay.’ The gods and goddesses sighed.

The Aurai were furious.

‘You’ll regret this!’ They promised.

They flew out of Mount Olympus using their powers to smash the windows, rip the trees out of the ground.

The Aurai were never like this, they were usually peaceful and happy. But when angry, they make powerful enemies. The Aurai went on a rampage all the over the Earth. They conjured up such powerful winds that they separated the one huge island on Earth into many smaller islands that became known as countries. They rampaged for days. Zeus was sure that they would get over it and move on but after two weeks of the Aurai rampaging across the Earth, he decided to put a stop to it.

Zeus went to Aeolus. ‘Give the Aurai back their trainee!’ he demanded.

‘No, I’m tired of the Aurai. They’re always so happy and peaceful!’

‘Well, if you don’t give them back their trainee they are going to destroy the Earth and everything else!’

‘I don’t care!’ Aeolus said, and slammed the door in Zeus’s face.

Now Zeus was furious. He turned into an eagle and flew in the window of Aeolus’s castle. He broke the cage that Aeolus had trapped the Aurai trainee in and locked Aeolus in another cage, which he could not come out of for 100 years. Zeus took the Aurai back to its family and the Aurai were so happy that they danced and danced around in circles creating tornadoes.

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