In Our Stars

Charlotte is a musician in her mid-twenties who just got the best gig of her life, opening for the biggest boy band in the world: One Direction. At first, it just seemed like the best possible option for her career. That is until Harry Styles came crashing into her life, changing her to the core.


5. The Note

I awoke knowing that Harry was gone before I even opened my eyes; the comfort and peace were absent. I opened and closed my eyelids a few times and attempted to reach my arms over my head to stretch, but they didn’t budge. It was then that I realized my arms were pinned to my sides, because I was rolled into the comforter like a burrito. I laughed aloud. I assumed that it was Harry’s attempt to keep me warm. Instead of disturbing my sleep to move me under the covers, he just wrapped the unobstructed part of the comforter from his side of the bed over me and tucked it under. I sleepily struggled a little to unwrap myself from the thick fabric with a huge grin on my face. I guess even gorgeous pop stars can be awkward at times…

I sat up, squinting in the harsh daylight streaming in from the skylight above the bed and rubbed my eyes. If I was being honest with myself, I was disappointed that he was gone when I woke up, but I recognized that he didn’t have any obligation to me. It just felt really nice to have someone in my bed, even if nothing remotely sexual happened. It was lonely on that empty bus and I was tired of catching myself talking to no one, expecting an answer.

I yearned for a shower and continued to think about him as I pushed myself off of the bed. Harry didn’t seem like the cocky womanizer he came off as in the media. There was something there, though. Something he was hiding, bubbling just below the surface, but I couldn’t imagine what. All I was certain of was that I Want to know him, too.

As I started peeling off my day-old clothing, I worried that things might be weird between us after last night. I stopped worrying as soon as I noticed a piece of paper sticking out from beneath the comforter on the bed. Did he leave me a note? I felt excitement rising from the pit of my stomach and almost tripped over last night’s jeans as I bounded towards it. I plopped down onto the bed and opened the note.


I didn’t want to wake you. 1D had an interview this morning. Join us for breakfast at 10am.


I glanced up at the clock to see in annoyingly bright red numbers that it was 9:28 A.M. What breakfast was he talking about? I started for the door, but luckily stopped myself on the steps before I pushed it open; I had almost just run out into the parking lot in my pink lace bra and panty set and nothing else. I was way too excited to see him, again, and I desperately needed coffee in order to properly function.

I hurried back to the bathroom, washed yesterday’s makeup off, put today’s makeup on, and grabbed some fresh clothes. The clock read 9:43 A.M. as I pulled a clean red v-neck t-shirt over my head, slipped on some Chucks, and headed for the door once more.

As I stepped out onto the pavement, I immediately heard Big Joe’s booming Irish voice before I even spotted him talking to the other bus drivers across the lot. I walked towards them and Joe greeted me with raised eyebrows and a knowing smile. “Mornin’, Charlie. Sleep well last night?” he asked in an almost sassy tone. Oh, great! Does he think something happened between Harry and I? He knew that Harry was on my bus all night and he probably noticed that we slept in the same bed. I averted my eyes, and turned bright red, which probably made me look even guiltier. I couldn’t exactly explain myself to Joe in front of the five other burly men standing there, watching us. I’ve always respected Joe and he’s always looked out for me, so I hope he doesn’t think any less of me.

“Good morning, Joe. Good morning, boys,” I made sure to greet everyone, but I ignored his question. “Hey, is there a breakfast this morning?” I asked, awkwardly, starting to worry that if I didn’t know about it, maybe I wasn’t invited.

“Of course! There’s a breakfast every morning of a show, love!” he responded, warmly. I felt my face contort into surprise, which must have given away the fact that I had no idea. “Did no one tell you?” he asked, shocked. I slowly shook my head, a little pouty. “Everyone wondered why you never came!” All six of them laughed at the misunderstanding. “I figured you just didn’t eat breakfast. Or, you were anti-social,” he joked and everyone gave a chuckle, except for me. I stared off into the distance, too angry that no one told me that there was a breakfast every morning for entire tour staff. I wondered if I came come off like a diva that never mixed with the crew. I wanted to ask Joe later.

Reacting to the less-than-amused and kind of hurt look on my face, Joe moved over to put a reassuring arm around my shoulders and told me, “It’s always in the venue on the day of the concert.” Then, he leaned down and whispered so only I could hear him, “Hurry up or you’ll miss him.” My head shot up to meet his eyes, sure that my astonishment carried over to my face. He was smiling down at me like he would an adorable child doing something silly. Then, he pointed me in the right direction and sent me on my way.

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