My Nerdy Girl

I am a total nerd. I wear glasses. I hand in all my asignment on time. I am a perfect A student. And the most important thing is, I was bullied by the popular group at school. I have to finish their homework everyday. If I don't, I would be punished (you'll find out what the punishment is if you keep on reading). I get use to it already. One day, a new student came to my school. His name is Harry. He looked dangerous. He had completely changed me into a bad girl......


4. Sorry Guys!

To all my dear readers,

    I am sorry that I will have to stop writing for a while because I have a lot of tests, quizes, drills, examinations and dictations and also a load of homework at school and I really don't have spare time to write anymore. Sorry about that! Please wait until Christmas that I will be writing ALL my fanfictions again.



Little Directioner

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