My Nerdy Girl

I am a total nerd. I wear glasses. I hand in all my asignment on time. I am a perfect A student. And the most important thing is, I was bullied by the popular group at school. I have to finish their homework everyday. If I don't, I would be punished (you'll find out what the punishment is if you keep on reading). I get use to it already. One day, a new student came to my school. His name is Harry. He looked dangerous. He had completely changed me into a bad girl......


2. First Day of School (2)

Tina's POV

    If I didn't finish their homework and give it back to them on time, I would be punished. The punishment is that the boys are going to abuse me and tide me up with a thick, long rope and the girls would use a pair of scissors to scratch my face. They havn't punish me before, but I've saw them doing that to another nerdy girl. She then was too sad to tell anyone even her mom and use a mask to covered her face so that nobody would discover the scars. A few days later, she can't take it anymore and she killed herself. I don't wanna be another her so I always remind myself to be careful.

    It's already 7 in the morning. I don't want to ruin my perfect record of going to school on time every day, so I ask my mum to drive me to school as fast as she can.

    As soon as I reach school, it's already 7:40. I decided to prepare my next class, which is History. I walked to my lockers, which I found out a bunch of popular girls standing there, gossiping about useless junk.

    "Hello, Tina, how is your summer?" said Rebecca Pierce, with the fakest smile in the world. Rebecca is the most popular girl at school.

    "Fine, thank you." I said politely.

    "Great, don't forget to do our homework," speaking of homework, she said in a very annoyed tone. She really hates homework even she doesn't need to do it.

    Just then, the school bell rings. It's time for History. I walked into the classroom with all my homework and research I have done in the summer holiday. I never stop learning even it's the holiday.

   "Hello Miss Tina Ross. Nice to see you again," said my History teacher, Professor Hudson with his icey, blue eyes.

    "Good morning Professor Hudson," I said with a sweet smile.

    "Alright class, get your seats," said Professor Hudson, ignoring me.

    I rolled my eyes. This guy loves to embarrass his students.

    I took a seat at the front so I can listen to the teacher with more ease. I sat down and took out all my things. After a several minutes, Professor Hudson started the lesson. However, he was stopped by a late student.

    "Sorry Professor Hudson, I was late because of the traffic jam," the curly hair boy said with a deep british accent, panting.

    Professor Hudson's eyes are filled with anger, but then they sparkled. He must be thinking a plan to humiliate that guy.

    "Since you are the new student, would you please come over here and introduce yourself?" He said with an evil voice. Man this guy is such an evil devil.

    "Good morning everyone. I'm Harry, Harry Styles," said that late student.



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