For A Good-Time Call?

This sexy, funny, jersilcious<3 20 year old Melanie Gomez had quite a life during highschool year.
I'm sure you would think every teenager does but not quite like this. Melanie Gomez was pretty much considered the girl you would here nasty rumors about in the girls bathroom, but one simple misunderstanding created her future. Melanie is currently a "fun" ;) Operator I'n Los Angles. But when an Engaged Curly-Headed boy with dimples gives one call, could it make Mel's life harder than it already is; or better than it ever was when an Offer comes up?


1. Welcome To My World B*tches<3

     Melanie. Melanie Iglesias Marie Gomez. Nope, not related to Selena Gomez dont you think if i was i wouldn't be working at a Sex Operator Job?

     So hi, wait no hola! wait no umm Hello! wait no,no,no umm how are you? I'm just gonna go with the first idea kay..

   My life in highschool was umm... different. Don't get me wrong, it was Cra fun but umm.. different.
Through out most of my highschool life it was a learning experience. I would be the type of girl you would never find cheating on a test, or skipping class, no tissue filled bras, & no BOYFRIEND.
But then, there was junior year Every.Thing.Changed.Instantly. I went to a public highschool and i was exposed to everything, like throwing a little girl into STD clinic. Suddenly everything was in reverse, i made friends some bad-ass friends they taught me life. My boobs set in, before i knew it i was a C cup. I was then the girl you're Mom told you; you could do better than a no-good girl like her. You're dad told you; you have better things to do then belove a whore like her! Makeup became my bestfriend, i refused to smoke. My Private schoolgirl-instict would always kick in.

         My friends got me through it all thou. I found out who was ride or die that school year. My mouth always got me in trouble.(Not in that way nasty;D ) It got me into a few fights, for speaking the truth maybe too much.

    I remember those rude girls with a horrible spray tan, Cheap mascara, & 19378 red lipstick shade only found in a dollar store, with some on they're yellow teeth that let rude lies out they're mouth. But soon i had worser problems. Peoplee seriously took my image and made it my Official label. I mean now that i look back on it i could kinda understand, i wore the tignest of shorts, skirts, and dresses but even now i can agree with younger me and say that i looked good, hell i'd probably go gay for me. But aggresive guys took it Upon themselves to talk to me and the next day i hear that i was "sleeping around with a guy" from all over the school. Well, i didn't know talking to a guy means im sleeping with them, im suprised im not pregnant by now. But some how i began Owning my label rather than earning it. I stopped defending myself and let the rumors go on& soon i felt as if that is something i should start doing


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