For A Good-Time Call?

This sexy, funny, jersilcious<3 20 year old Melanie Gomez had quite a life during highschool year.
I'm sure you would think every teenager does but not quite like this. Melanie Gomez was pretty much considered the girl you would here nasty rumors about in the girls bathroom, but one simple misunderstanding created her future. Melanie is currently a "fun" ;) Operator I'n Los Angles. But when an Engaged Curly-Headed boy with dimples gives one call, could it make Mel's life harder than it already is; or better than it ever was when an Offer comes up?


15. †☼ The Lucky Pink Bra ☼†

                                                            (My Outfit For Today)                                 

** SOUNDTRACK- Christina Aguilera: Your Body **

   "Ugggghhh." I grunted getting out of my body temperature bed and snatching the cord out the out let of my Alarm clock that went on and on and on and on and on and, you get the point. Falling back in my bed staring at the ceiling, I'm so tired i just can't deal with waking up this early. I ran my hands through my face trying to shake out my inner sleepiness. I turned on my desk lamp and opened the window only to reveal the dark sky. I turned on the television, turning it to channel 135 Mtv2 leaving Guy Code on there. I already heard noises from people moving in the house & Radio's playing from rooms. I grabbed my towel & Cloth running into the bathroom letting my erge of having to go pee go away since iv'e been holding it for 7 hours sleeping.  After getting done with that I washed my hands, striped &  turned on the shower waiting for it to get warm. As i waited I turned on the Radio letting it play.I got in the shower grabbing the cloth to take in with me and you know..started scrub a dub dubbing haha.

    ~* 15 minutes later*~
  "Okay, Okay I'm getting out!" I said responding with The banging on the door. I grabbed the tooth paste and spread it on my tooth brush popping it in my mouth. "Come in." I said welcoming whoever needed the bathroom next. Of course with no doubt it's Mia. She looked like she had already taken a shower from the other bathrooom but probably needed to do her hair or something. I took a swift little break to spit in the sink breaking the silence that was held on after that. She what had seem to be getting her make up supplies from out the bathroom drawer. I grabbed a cup, holding it under the water then gargiling a few times spiting it in the sink. Some thing, there was something that told me to look over at her and when i did that little bitch was about to place the new M.A.C Midnight Collection lipstick on her lips. My eyes widened like a deer's When contact with a bright flash on a camera. I was totally shocked, As i choked out the gargiling water infront of the mirror. "Melanie!" She yelled worried, hitting back hardly multiple times til i said something. "Im fine! I'm fine!" I said feeling back pain, gosh i would hate to get in a fight with her or Nancy. "Be more careful yeah?" "When-" I began to cough again before finshing. "Did you get....that?" "Oh this?" She held up, Oh my god the black tinted cap with the Neon cursive written  title on it. "This morning, Isn't it crazy fabulous looking!?" I just stood there observing. "We'll i got to go get ready hun, later." She said smiling leaving the bathroom. "Demon.." I mumbled underneath my breath.

     I threw my hands in the air, shaking my head. Making a bun with my hair, I looked through the drawers getting my makeup out, well only blush, eyeliner,mascara, nude lip stick, and brownser.
-18 miinutes later- finshing up on that, I threw my hair in a huge bun cleaning up my mess and leaving the bathroom and making it to my room. By the time I got back "Mtv's Guy Code." Was off and I turned it to Teen nick, Yes! "Slide." Was on, If you have never seen that show you should search it up. I rubbed my body with body butter & put on my lucky Pink Bra- My lucky Pink bra was lucky since the day i laid eyes on it. I only wear it on fridays to get me a lucky day to end with which i really need right now.- I grabbed some basic panties which are usually called "Virgin Capital." because there the ever so plain white panties. I grabbed my neon pink ankle socks and slipped them on. Walking to my closet It took a minute for me to figure out what i should wear but then *bam* there it was. I stood on my tippy toes reaching for my black leggings, and slid my white blouse& denim jean jacket off the hanger beginning to get dressed. "Melanie, Breakfeast!!!!" Zayn Shouted from the kitchen. "I'm coming!!!!!" I yelled back in responce hopping around trying to hurry up and get my legs through the leggings and through on the blouse & denim jacket not trying to miss Zayn's Waffles and Turkey Bacon. Grabbing My gold earrings and tan boots i made my way running down stairs.

       Having the smell of Bluberry waffles && fresh hashedbrown with oatmel i couldn't wait to dig in. "Morning!" I said ignoring those minor two steps i missed almost falling down and breaking my neck, It would totally have been worth it sitting in a hospital bed eatting Zayn's Food.<3 

  "Morning How'd you sleep?" He asked flipping pancakes. "Umm good, how bout you?" I asked sitting down at the table messing with the hot sauce bottle. "Fine until i was woken up from my sleep." He chuckled. "Sorry, haha so about my phone?" I cut to the point desprate to know where Zayn's head was with this. "I'll take you there during lunch." "Zayn!" "Ahy, we have work Mel there's not enough time in our schedule to add him in, lunch alrite?" He turned around waiting for my responce, I just nodded a bit disappointed. " Mine opening the window?" He asked turning back to the pancakes. "No of course not." I added with a hint of sarcasim. I walked towards the window cracking it a bit. "Mine setting the table?" "we'll of course!" I said completley sarcastic. "Thanks i appreciate it very so much." Zayn picked up on it. "Im sure you do." I mumbled annoyed. Along comes the every so lovely 3 step sisters haha. "Mmm smells good!" Mia said running to the table. "I know right!" Madisen went on. "Can i get some help or am i alone on this?" I asked cleaning the table off. "sure i'll help!" Mia said getting up helping putting down the plates. "How is every one?" Zayn asked taking our plates one-by-one placing food on it. "Fine."  Mia responded gulping down her orange juice. "Perfect." Maddi said putting earphones in her ears. "Enh.." I answered a bit honestly. "Nancy?" Zayn asked taking her plate but there was no responce. To busy on her phone
sexting i bet. I smirked looking at Mia, her having the same idea i did. I grabbed the phone from Nancy. "Melanie!" She shouted getting up trying to get her phone but Zayn grabbed her by the waist keeping her from killing Mia& I. "Let's See ouu 527 messages." Mia said scanning the screen smirking devishously. "I am gonna kill both of ya'll the second Zayn let's me go!" She said struggling out of Zayn's grip. "Ouu let's start here haha." I said pointing at the first message. "Don't even." Nancy said beyond serious. Mia& I bursted into to tears from laughing so hard. "Dumb ass you should know us better than that!" Mia said placing her phone on the table. Zayn letting her go. "Oh Micheal i love it when you throw me against the wall!" Mia pretended moaning, acting out Nancy's words in the message, Hay we never said we wouldn't read it. "You ass!" Nancy said running after her. "Oh i just love it when your rough with me Daddy!" Mia going on acting Nancy's Txt msg's out running from her tiredly. Zayn& I just continued to eat our food laughing between every bite.

  Getting done with breakfeast we headed to work.

 Heading through the office doors, being greated by Jessica to everyone. "Mel, are you coming?"
 "Umm yeah, just go up with out me." Zayn nodded going up along with everyone else. "Hay you." She said looking up from her laptop drinking icee coffee. "Hay, so what's planned for tonight?" "I'm actually going out with friends...Wanna, possibly..come?" She asked keeping contact with me. "Sure, when are we we going?" I asked playing with her pens on the counter. " 9, is your Mommy and Daddy okay with that?" She laughed a bit rudely. "I don't know i defnitley don't wanna get spanked-" I bit my bottom lip playing with contact in her eyes like a moth playing with flames, i continued. "But who knows, maybe i'll like it." I challenged sliding my tounge across my top teeth with the devil's smirk. She cleared her throat blushing, moving alot not to show it which only made it more noticiable. I laughed approaching the elevator. "Where are we meeting up again?" "Karma-Club" "Perfect." I pronounced Seductivly closing the elevator door. The feel of making someone feel like that was temptingly entertaining.

    "Morning!" I got like same' O , as soon as i got to that floor. I walked to the cappiccino line, needing one despretely. "Mel, Winnie said she needs to see you right after the meeting she's having. She'll be done at 12." Clarissa says catching up with me in the line- Co worker btw.
My eyes shoot open, I defnitley didn't say anything about Styles to her.. O h my god what if Zayn or Mia or Madisen said something?! I thought to myself. I faced palm. 'He could be in the police station this very moment from how i described everything' "Did she...Did she look Angry, upset, disipointed,Ashamed,Betrayed by him, Disgusted by me?" I asked impatient for her to reply. " no expression, who's the guy? why would she be betrayed by him?" Clarissa asked extremely nosey, as if she was in another episode of Degrassi. "Nothing, just thanks for the news."  I simply replied giving her a noticiable hint to leave the subject alone, but being Clarissa hints were never born in her world. "Oh my gosh did you and Olly bang?" Everybody near had they're attention on our conversation from how loud she talks like seriously we're not at a highschool rally. "Shh!! No, now please leave this alone!" I said annoyed turning to make my cappiccino since i was next in line. "I cannot believe you messed around with Olly, like who does that? but i guessed you didn't learn at all in highschool." Clarissa challenged. may i just remind you, i went to highschool with Clarissa she was considered the president of being an instigater. She would always be in my face in my minute of glory after drama that turned into a fight then disiappeared talking about me to my enemies. But when i got here it's like she was a different person at first but then it turned out she was the same biotch she was back then.

  I heared a few "Ouuu's" by the cappiccino machine. I slammed my cup down right after i got done filling it up, and i slowly turned around only to see Clarissa's 40$ nose job she got in india she's still bragging about which only makes people laugh because she looks like squidwards identical twin, Her eyebrows arched into a square shape  reminding me of spongebob, her sloppy snaily kissing she did when her and My friend Vinny went out that reminds me of Gary, But right after it had been rumored around that she's been getting busy leaving her sorry ass with crabs.. now who does that remind you of? Enough of her Sea themed body issues, I got fed up. "If you say one more thing this coffee will be the thing that will be landed on your face after my hand does." I threatened seriously pissed. "Ouuuuu..." People went on. She just rolled her eyes leaving the area little did she know a 20 dollar bill she probably earned Bopping on 23rd street was left behind on the floor.

  Finally leaving the capiccinno stand making my way to the open office with see through glass walls i noticed a few friendly smiles. I sat down after i had closed the door behind me, and i pressed that magically crazy red button for "Open line" and business begun.

    Trying not to get turned on by this guy's moans which kept accouring every time a dirty thing slipped from my mouth, he was only 18 & he sounded like he would be great in bed. Oh my god! I am soo disgusting! I must be near my "Penelope"- Me and my bestfriend Kim came up with in Junior High which is a code word for Period. Iv'e even noticed how my mood is two level's turned up to B*tchy.  After about 6-7 calls someone knocked on my door scaring the crap out of me thinking it could be actually one of the guys i was calling telling him to bust through the doors and slam me on the bed thrusting as hard as he could into me. Hmm I also noticed it's good for me to be on my period when i go to work because it brings out the R kelly in me which is good for phone calls. The more pleased mastrubations the more Dough you get and since i'm crazy good at pleasing people through phone calls i already have the biggest amount of money from work, but it isn't gonna work for me to get my makeup sooner, i need another job besides this one and i'm defnitley looking for one this weekend.

          "Come in." I spoke turning the chair facing the door. Nancy walked through the door, walking towards the desk i was at and wresting her hands on the desk before speaking. "I heard you got into it with tweedle dee dumb today." She smiled knowing that i did making her dimples pop out. "in a way." we laughed. "Oh kay, Med school." She smirked like i drama attented teen. "Ugghh i wish, your still applying?" She nodded in responce only making me roll my eyes figiting with a rubber band. "Melanie I don't know why you just don't fill out an application atleast." She said annoyed grunting while walking towards the door. "Because i don't have a Diploma, i defnitley don't have enough credits to go to school there, & I'm a highschool drop out and im pretty sure they go through your records for tardies,absence,fights,behavior,everything Nance." I replied with a bit of attitude to know that one of my Besties is going to Med School with out me not to mention Zayn is too, Madisen's a protraying Photographer besides watching countless episodes of Breaking Bad & Walking Dead, Mia's gonna be doing Nail's at a salon for her career choice, Liz is in for designing I'll just be at the apartment with Mimi alone with no career or school going on.

   "But then there's Hair school I'm finshing up and idek? Do i want to be a beautision or a Nurse ya know?" I nodded sinking into my trail of thought. She said looking through the window having the gloomy color from how early it was damper the mooding. I also knew exactly what she mean't i was in the same crises becoming a street dancer- yeah im a former street dancer- or become a Nurse which iv'e wanted to be every since Junior high hit, 7th grade watching "Mercy, Untold stories of the E.r, Bizarre E.r, Grey anatomy, Hawthorne" I became obsessed and more interested in Biology. But since im going no where near the two my life is left behind while everyone. elses seem's like is just starting.

  "Melanie?" She asked waving her hand in my face back in forth finally catching my attention. "Umm yeah?Sorry haha." "You good?" She asked confused but laughing. "Yeah, yeah im fine." I say taking off my jacket, throwing it in one of my bins. "Alright.. Oh& Lizeth said she's gonna call you less then ten." "Kay, Is she okay?" Nancy slowly turned around with her "Are you seriously asking me that question knowing how jinxed Lizeth is" Face. "She told Me& Zayn but she said she'sll call youy on her own and by the way she's staying with us this weekend. She dropped a hint, I squinted my face scared of what might of happened this time with Liz. "Hay is that mine?!" Nancy asked by looks of it, she was gonna rip that necklace of my neck. "Oh this is yours?" I asked not a bit convincing lie. I bit my bottom lip hoping she wouldn't catch it. "Dead give away you bit your lip!" My faced turned scrunched and confused. "So?" I asked. "Mel, everytime you lie, feel nervous, or trying to think of a distraction you bit that lip of your simontaniously." She stated as if i was the plaintiff on Judge judy. "Okay, i do not." I defended myself biting the inside of my bottom lip, doesn't count." Inside too if someone catches it." She replied quickly. "You sure your going through the right career choice Judge Judy?" She laughed and rolled her eyes. "What ever i'll let you get that." She replied before leaving out the door. I looked around to see what she was talking about. "Get what?" I asked confused. The phone began to ring. "I swear your physic!" I yelled before picking up the phone. "Hello?" Iasked waiting for a responce. "Hay,hay!" I heard a familiar voice reply back, It was Lizeth

  "Hay, "B"-B*tch for short- "Soo, hows life?" She tried to say without telling me anything she already knows. Fine i'll play this game. "Nothing." I said enthueastic. "Nothing?At all? You didn't go to jail?Start a fight? See a bird fly at all, anything?" Wow really trying to ring this out of me i see. "Nope, nothing it's been pretty dry in my life nothing's going on and-" "Okay, okay i found out about the whole thing that went down in his office and in the cab.." Sheconfessed weak dying to know what happened from my perspective. " I knew it! God I bet it was Mia or Zayn, no no no.. Maddi! Wait was it Nan-" "None of them." She replied. "Then how did you find out?" "Aziz told me." "You and Aziz talk? Ouuu" I laughed making her feel he was pulling a move on her. "Can you not Mel, I added him on Kik." She explained. "He has a Kik?" I bursted out laughing might as well die of laughter. "What's so funny?" She asks defensive. "Aww your defending him!" I gave a puppy dog face thru the phone. "More like defending myself from that comment, speaking of defending iv'e been doing that all day since my mom walked in on Me and babe.." I closed my eyes in disgustment having to see my daughter being injected,gross. "Why..why in the house Liz?" I asked. "Where else Mel? A park bench that'll be perfect to demonstrate for little kids." She replied sarcastically. "Hotel,Car, plane,sky diving i dont know but defnitley not in the house with your parents." "In my defence they said they we're going to the grocery store to get a few things that's why i thought the cost was clear." She defended. "Liz a few things, lets mentally underline a few things you honestly thought you had enough time to bang then go make you and him a hot pocket after, you need your own place." "You can defnitley tell me that again, they want me out of the house looking for a job so i  checked it ove-" "Wait, wait why airn't you staying with the boyfriend?" I interuppted confused. "Enh.. we got into a fight." I laughed immediatly on que others would say. "Right after sex, you must of left him unpleased or something." "No,no trust me i work it good." I gagged thru the phone. "Ewww Liz stop there, please." I begged picturing her with him. "Hahaha so anywhore, i asked everyone else in the house if it was cool if i could crash there for the weekend and they're all on board... so..?" "Oh yeah, duh of course you have my approval but only if you  aplogize to your mom... that poor lady." I felt shocked thinking about it. "Okay your making it seem like i was messing around with my grandpa or something, it's not that big of a deal Mel i'm sure it happened to you in carson lot's of tumes haha so speaking of Carson.." I immediatly cut her off. "Let's not, i gotta get back to work..Saturday?Kay bye love you be safe!" I said hanging up. Carson, any talk about him isn't going to ruin my weekend i refuse to let it happen.

     Starting a few more conversations with more guys very few females lunch was coming up.  Happily ending my last phone call until after lunch, I'm just happy to know that less than 30 minutes i'll have my phone back in my hands. The only thing that bumps me in my tracks is that i'll have to get it back...from Styles. I walked out the office with my jacket in my hand just when someone came in to start they're shift.

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