For A Good-Time Call?

This sexy, funny, jersilcious<3 20 year old Melanie Gomez had quite a life during highschool year.
I'm sure you would think every teenager does but not quite like this. Melanie Gomez was pretty much considered the girl you would here nasty rumors about in the girls bathroom, but one simple misunderstanding created her future. Melanie is currently a "fun" ;) Operator I'n Los Angles. But when an Engaged Curly-Headed boy with dimples gives one call, could it make Mel's life harder than it already is; or better than it ever was when an Offer comes up?


16. †☼ The Lucky Pink Bra ☼† part two


                                     SOUNDTRACK: HAYLEY KIYOKO- A BELLE TO REMEMBER
  Walking to Zayn at his desk biting his nails grinning like he just saw who ever invented Weave's die. "Zayn." I whispered in a loud tone getting his attention, as he rose his index finger in a gesture that means "Wait a second." I rolled my eyes trying to hold my impatient look by taping my feet on the carpet. He finally ended that conversation over the phone and got his car keys, and jacket. "Ready?" He asked while putting on his jacket. "Beyond it." I say already walking away.

  Finally getting towards the car, Zayn unlocked it and a second after i swung the door open, and sat down. Strapping myself up just when Zayn entered the car. He chuckled before strapping in himself & starting the car. "Edger are we?" He joked, i just gave him a straight face him telling i wanted my phone dearly& there was no amount of time left to joke around. He cleared his throat breathing the awkward and began to drive out the parking lot. "I talked to the gf today." I looked at him with a smirk rising from my lips. "There we go, a smile finally that kills the silence." He laughed along with me. "Go ahead i know your ready to ask those 4 words." "Did you tell her?" I asked looking at him while his attention was on the  freeway. "No-" That was all i needed to know before i rolled my eyes and grunted. He continued. "But, she is coming over for dinner tomorrow night so that's when i'll break the news." I jerked my head back in the seat. "It's about time, im glad your finally telling her other then her finding out herself.

   He nodded knowing that i was right. Out of nowhere this flying car went in front of us, & Zayn stpped on the breaks jerking the whole car. "Woah!" I said a bit frightened by the suddency. "You okay?" He asked catching his breath. "Yeah, yeah i'm fine." I say reassuring him along with rubbing his arm calmly. "Idiots." He mumbled in iritation. "Less then 10 minutes away Gomez." I shook my head in responce, exhaling. "So..." A devilish smile drew upon his face. "So?" Iasked. " Carson and you okay?" I grunted in annoyment. "Zayn!" "Come on you have to talk about him some time he's coming back in a month you know." I rested my elbow on the window reel. "Yeah, I guess." "So have you talked to him lately?" He asked with curiosity. " Not since last monday." "Yet im the only one who's keeping a secret from someone im going out with." Zayn was right, Iowed Carson that loyalty since not only the fact he's my man but that i have a friendship not worth loosing.

   Zayn took like would seem as an hour to find a parking space, offly crowded.
 he stopped engine& looked at me. "ready?" I just looked straight thru the window onto the office door. " Are you seriously asking me that question?" He chuckled& gave me a nuggie- rubs all four knuckles harshly ontop of your head while putting you in a head lock- "owe! Zayn stop!" "Stop the bitchiness" He laughed out while i tried to escape. "Just being myself!" I defend knowing he was right. "Melanie." He voiced out knowing the lie. " Okay, Okay im going to try haha." I laughed along with him, then he finally let me go. " Are you gonna kick my ass now?Oh Melanie please don't you've gotten me frighten by the thought." He said sarcastically laughing like a retarted seal. I just crossed my arms protending to pout holding back my laugh from watching his reaction. "You are so lucky i love you idiot." I say getting out the car & closing the door behind me. By the time Zayn got himself together we walked towards the building. "Hike up your big girl panties we're going in." I took a breath before following him inside.

   Same smell, look,desk woman is different though & so are the people in it. " Oh brings back memories." Zayn says before grabbing my wrist and pulling me towards the front desk.
 "Excuse me love is Mr.Styles available right now?" Zayn asks polite waiting for her responce when i wanted to choke it out of her. " Umm he isn't actually, he's at a meeting and wont be back for awhile." My eyes widden within seconds, my breath was stolen & my facial expression was pricless i could only bet. "Melanie.." Zayn said knowing i was going to raise a tantrum abpout my phone, well of course. " What do you mean he isn't here?" "He is not in this building.. does that make things more clear for you ma'm." "Melanie.." Zayn said once again worried on where my mind was at the exact moment. I closed my eyes taking a deep breath and letting it go. "Did he leave you a phone if any an iPhone 4s with jeweled up case?" She smiled sincerly reaching underneath the table for a box, pouring it on the counter.

    My facial expression came to questionable one. " let's see.." She says searching through the stuff. "There's pants, lipstick, a condom, panties, a 40 dollar bill with a kiss print on it, another pair of pants, a samsung, another pair of panties, a braclet, heels, & im sorry that's it hun." She says with a sensible look. I Picked up the pair of white * Virgin capital* panties. Zayn & I both gasped. " Virginty theif?!" I ask Zayn shocked. He just stood there just a mind flipped as i was. All of a sudden there are about 11 girls grabbing their stuff from off the counter, no question's asked. " Oh! that's mine." A decent looking brunette says grabbing her panties out my hand. They all walked out awkwardly leaving still a crowded bunch in the office. Zayn looked at me waiting for me to say exactly what we were both thinking but i just didn't have time. I shook my head grabbing his wrist. " We'll when he comes back tell him Gomez will be back later for her phone." She nodded her head with a short smile. I took Zayn out the office with me & we left.

  Arriving at work atleast 20 min of our lunch waisted. " Well that was an interesting ride to his office, yeah?" Zayn asks walking out the car along with me. " You can defnitley say that again haha." He opened the door for me & since Jessica wasn't there this girl named Blanca took that shift, my eyes went straight to the elevator i was getting on. Zayn& I walked in when it finally popped open. "Try again after work?" Zayn asks while pressing the botton for up. I nod my head yes, can't stop waiting to eat my lunch. By the time the elevator door sprung open everyone's attention on that floor was on something that must of been so interesting i saw girls jumping over things to get a better view.
 "Wonder what's so interesting.." Zayn says walking slowly along with me. " I know right." We then saw young Kimberly Anne run past us still a bit stiff. " I looked at Zayn and he looked back at me with the same i thought i could tell. " Zayn wth is going on?!" Zayn tapped on Joey's shoulder. Joey left eyes off of what every it was and turned back at Zayn. " Yes honey?" He said in his cute southern accient. " what is everyone staring at?" Right before he could answer Tess already did. " Oh my god he's coming!!" She warns loudly, sitting back at her desk along with everyone else doing the same. Zayn & I just stood there waiting for what ever everyone else saw to come pass us. " Hmm.. I wonder what was so-" Before i could finsh Winnie came up but not alone. "Styles?" Me & Zayn asked both shocked. His emerald monsters alligned with my big brown ones. I just stood there shocked with my mouth wide open. Mia then comes with a cup of coffee in her hand.

   "Hay i heard some cute ass guy was here have two of you se-" She started before dropping her coffee when she see's him. "Woah."

*********************************       **********************************        *********************************

   Author's note : I hope you guiiissee<3 enjoyed it! & wow the views i appreciate just like i do my likes & fans

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