For A Good-Time Call?

This sexy, funny, jersilcious<3 20 year old Melanie Gomez had quite a life during highschool year.
I'm sure you would think every teenager does but not quite like this. Melanie Gomez was pretty much considered the girl you would here nasty rumors about in the girls bathroom, but one simple misunderstanding created her future. Melanie is currently a "fun" ;) Operator I'n Los Angles. But when an Engaged Curly-Headed boy with dimples gives one call, could it make Mel's life harder than it already is; or better than it ever was when an Offer comes up?


4. Meet The Cast!~

** I recommend you read the character's info, because i'll be hard for you to understand the story unless you do** This Is Me Melanie Iglesias Marie Gomez:


    Yep that's me the one on the right by the way. For those who don't know which way is left and which way is right, i'm the one who isn't wearing shades & has a pink shirts with my boobs exposed a bit aha. Hay did i ever tell you i was a model? No? Well, you'll never guess for what..

Yes, yes you guessed it! I was a former Victoria Secret's Model during junior year but i quit because i almost got raped. Guys really took my label and my image and my job as my personalty which was really hard for me, yes i miss modeling and i am suppose to start back up next month. Can't wait!! Haha.

This is my dear dear "not" soo dear Sister Nina Elis' Gomez.

  The demon with the pretty face that's her. Gosh i am not looking forward to seeing her and tolerating her for my mother's birthday dinner.

  This one her is Mi hermano pequeno, which means of course little bro in spanish aha, believe it or not i love him alot he's there to give me advice he's like an older brother figure even tho im his older sis


 this one, oh lord. Now this girl is my cousin Chachi, When i went to Barcelona during senior year with my tia'  WE MEET, TALKED, GOSSIPED, CRIED, GOT IN TROUBLE, DRUNK, She was literly my sister figure i love her too death!tru sh*t ;)

 Oh lord<3 ,This asian is mine! This is Mia Lani Stichon. She's an angel with ocean blue eyes. As i said before she's been very helpful in my life. As far as giving advice, letting me stay with her in her family at one point, and working at "L.A.O" - LA Operators. She's a big part of my life anyone who hirts her, we'll if i was them i wouldn't. She's also one of my roommates.

 This is zayn malik. The BEST guy you will ever meet, in my eyes. He's extremly loyal, funny, nice, caring, a bit of a badass , Bi ,&& hot. He's also my roomate! I met him during freshman year, we've been too ever since even thru all the bull shit if been thru, it actually brought us closer.

 Isn't she just beautiful! "She" is Amy Zayn's new GF. I actually knew her from high school, during freshman or sophomore year. We we're in chemistry and we we're partnered up. We made the most memorable chemical reaction that year, that made us good friends. But when i changed out of private school we didn't keep in touch so our friendship slowly faded away. But one thing i do remember from our old friendship, is that she learns every thing about you quicker then an anchor dropping to concret. That's why i told Zayn he should tell her his job immediatly before she finds out through conversations with out him noticing.

 This is maddi. Oh my gosh i can't type this with out laughing. She is amazing. I'm sure you think i say that about all my friends but it's just, Different haha. She's crazy, she makes me laugh when i'm in serious tears! She makes anything something fun. I have never seen a frown on this girls face unless she get's the premire of teen wolf or walking dead date wrong . She would be the type of girl at your school who would come to school wearing a tanktops on a winter morning. She could give no f*cks about anyones opnion, and she is on. I met her at my first year at my job, thank god i did meet this crazy liddo blonde ahaha

 James Carson. Pretty much the guy that almost swipped my V-card during junior year . Don't be alarm! I was joking i wasnt. He was the guy in highschool who smoked, hanged with cool kids, class clown, sk8ter boy , and the hickey giver. Once he found me he found an opurttunity to turn the new girl into a bad ass. He was hot. Every girl wanted him to get in they're pants yet he wanted me. I'd be a lie if i said i didn't want him to throw me against my locker, tease his tounge in my mouth, smile devishly sexy after he acomplished what he wanted.


Nancy, Nancy Jones. I meet her junior year, She was one of the girls who wanted nothing to do with a "slutty hotmess" like me. But then she ran into the girl's bathroom one morning in tears. I remember her telling me her dad beat her mother and everytime she tried to help he would hirt her worser. After that we both reported it and got her to move in with her Aunt and Uncle, her dad got put in jail, and her mom is going thru counsiling while currently living in Chicago. Nancy is my best friend, after that emotional morning i told her everything about my life and she understand some how completley. We have a type of close relationship unlike my other friends. She is my room mate also. She has Amazing cute, deep dimples too!I'll post later thru out the time. She works at a pretzel liddo mart in the mall with Lizeth.

  This is Liz. My biotch since Junior. She's a great listener, but not afraid to speak her mind. She's crazy hilarious, Shopping buddy, Love her fluffy soft hair she want's to cut but i would never let her, the person who would dislike the same person i do for a different reason. Her and her boyfriend Jackson be having more problems than Sammi& Ronnie from jersey shore. But they love eachother and it shows, they're cute! Lives in her parents garage like a G and the stories of her living there are hilarious aha.

  This is Jackson. Practically like another brother. He goes with Lizeth. I actually met him thru her, at first i didn't like him because i felt he wasn't treating Liz right but as their relationship grew, He kinda grew on me.

 This is Jessica. The cute blonde who works at the front desk. I met her last year, she was in a community college just like now and she began working there. One conversation led to an amazing confusing flirtacious friendship.

This is Winnie. Best.Boss.Ever. She's Basically a motherly boss. You can't stand her at one point. But then you love her, she wants the best for you, She makes you feel horrible for being upset with her, She's right even though you don't wanna except it. I love Winnie to death, she took me in as her own when i first got here and no one excepted me. She's also going out with our Co Boss Olly.

  This is Olly. Manager of L.A.O , He goes out with Winnie, they're soo cute together. They we're highschool sweethearts. I hope one day i have a relationship as passionate as that.

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