For A Good-Time Call?

This sexy, funny, jersilcious<3 20 year old Melanie Gomez had quite a life during highschool year.
I'm sure you would think every teenager does but not quite like this. Melanie Gomez was pretty much considered the girl you would here nasty rumors about in the girls bathroom, but one simple misunderstanding created her future. Melanie is currently a "fun" ;) Operator I'n Los Angles. But when an Engaged Curly-Headed boy with dimples gives one call, could it make Mel's life harder than it already is; or better than it ever was when an Offer comes up?


9. Emerald Horizons

   As four eyes deepened into mine As i opened the door. The one that caught my attention was the one with Beautiful green- emerald eyes. He placed his pink thn lips on a shot glass that contained some fancy Alchol i could tell by the bottle ontop of his miniture fridge. He softly pulled away while looking at me the' entire time.  "Well look who finally made it." A guy with baby blue eyes and blond hair with brown shrieks said smirking at me. "We'll talk tomorrow bro." Another guy with big brown  coloured eyes sorta resembling the other guy, and a warm smile.Oh so the Emerald eyed one with deep dimples that remind me so much of Nancy must be Mr.Styles from the way Zayn described him. As Styles nodded from his chair. They began to walk out the door as Styles followed them. I calmly stood there patiently waiting for him to get done talking to his 'Boys.

  He walked back in laughing. Was there a joke being said, and if so it so not better be about me.

"Anything funny?" I asked cautiosly, Oh my god it's like the words just flew heavinly out my mouth. He swiftly turned his head towards me smirking. "Yeah insterested on what the subject was?" Oh my god! He was british! His raspy voice matched up with his british accent so well it's just... God he's britsh! He said resting a hand a desk patiently waiting for me to answer him.   "Say yes!" Maddi loudly whisperd thru the microphone thingy, but he didn't notice. "Umm... sure?" I said trying to stay calm. As i leaned back into the wall causing a picture to fall to the grown because my bum bumped into it.Of course. "Cluts." Mia said quietly. As i rolled my eyes. "I'm sorry!" I bit my bottom lip, As i began to pick up the broken glass, cutting my damn finger! "Ouch!" I squeeled. "Careful!" He  said walking towards me , His warm long hand wrapped softly around my wrist slowly moving it towards his face. As i stared wide eyed as he placed my index finger in his mouth and sucked it, removing the blood. "That's the end of her boys of girls, she's a goner." Maddi said thru the mic. "What was -" "Nothing!" As i cut him off and i fastly released my Finger out his mouth.

  "Better?" He smirked wiping the side of his lip with his thumb. "Fantastic." I said a bit shocked from the sudden approach. He gave me one more "Im a sex beast and i'm going to rape you out of exsistinct" Face before bending down and picked up a few let pieces. I noticed a picture with a beautiful girl who looked around my age and picked it up. "Who's this?" I asked interested. "Her?That's Cindy she use to work here." He said throwing away the pieces of glass. "What..happened to her?" I asked a bit concerned. "Good question." Zayn whispered in the microphone. "She was no longer any use so i fired her." "What was she use for?" I asked taking a step back. "Better question." Zayn said. " Why so concerned Ms.Gomez?"  He asked standing above me, Gosh he's so tall and intimidating.. "Just a question Styles." As i bit my bottom lip& I replied forward. " I think it's rather strange to have my wife work here, wouldn't you think?" He challenged. 'She's his wife? He has a wife?' I thought to myself, Letting the word sink, 'But how?' "Of course." I said calm watching him remove himself from above me and walk towards his desk. "Introduce yourself." Maddi said. "Tatiana by the way." "I got that, all your infornmation is in my computer." "What kind of infornmation?" I asked a bit confused. He smiled to himself and looked back at me from is desktop. "Everything i need to know." He smirked dangerously. I gulped. "Change the subject." Maddi whispered. I bit my bottom lip "So any work for me that's basically why im here." I stated. "Oh that's not the only reason." He chuckled. My eyes slowly widden, As i stopped myself from walking over to his desk. He came over towards me, walking around me, observing me as if i was a picture. "So the work?" I said trying to choke out the sentence ignoring his behavior. " You see im the type of guy who see's my life importance as, My family, my boys, My car, My porn, && My sex. Anyone who mess's with that should exspect the worst from me." He walked towards me, twirling my hair with his index finger, lowering himself to my hieght, As i held my breath feeling locked up like i was in the elevator.  "Your adorable and your just so..... innocent." He said whispering in my ear hovering behind  me. I gasped by his close presence.  "No,no Tati hang in there 30 minutes left." Zayn whispered in the microphone.

  He slowly glided his hand down the small of my back causing my body to tingle. "S-s-styles s-sto-op." I shivered.  "Are you nervous?" He asked suductivly in my ear, biting my ear lobe. He moved his hands down my stomach and they traveled to the inner of my thigh's. "Stop!" I said gaining controll again, and catching my breath. As i turned around to push him away, but he quickly caught a hold of my wrist. "Now,now."  As he pulled me by my waist, and pushed me against his desk. I gasped, by the harsh tension. "You have a wife." I breathed. His straight face turned into a relaxed- chill one. "Who says she has to know?" He whispered with a dangerous smirk and a charming yet over powering gaze from his ever so undescribable look in his eyes.  He placed his soft yet warm thin lips against my neck, leaving small trails of kisses. Pressing his finger tips against my back, sliding his hand down my back til they reached his destination. He grabbed an uncomfortable handful of my cheek causing me to gasp from his touch, I caught his smirk from my reaction while he still began to leave trails until they reached my collar bone. He finally relased my poor sore bum, then slid his hand up my dress. I gasped then pulled down my dress, He caught a hold of my hand and forced it up causing it go back up. I can't take any more of this!! I took full controll of my other hand and was a swift sec away from having my hand make contact with his face before he caught that hand and looked straight at me with a pleasured face.

   Oh My God This Guy Is A Freaking Maniac!
"Now Tell Daddy what we're you gonna do with that hand?" My breath was officially tooken away by his remark, His action, Where the hell are Mia,Maddi, and Zayn when you need them!

    Maddi's POV:

Watching this whole train reck happen in the back of the Cab. Yes, obviously we couldn't help watching this inexperienced girl get seduced by a "Player" any longer so we called our bud Aziz to pick us up and take us to his company building whatever it's called! And get her home ASAP.

                   [Soundtrack- Ke$ha :Blah blah blah ]
 " I wanna say something so fucking bad Zayn you have no idea!" "Like what Madisen, please *don't touch her she wants nothing to do with you*  yeah like that would stop him?" Zayn, spatted. "Better than letting this whole thing go on, and doing nothing about it!" I yelled back. "This.Is.A.Really.Good.Chapter" Mia said with her eyes glooed to the book. "Maddi look Aziz is trying his best here, Try a bit harder Aziz!" He yelled worried. "Zayn anything can happen, like now he could rape her or anything how could you let her go!" I said hitting him on his arm. "I wasn't even there when she left my shift was over, and i warned her so stop blamming me!" He yelled hitting me back on my arm. "Owe!That really hurt!" I yelled hitting him back. "Then stop hitting me!" He yelled hitting me back. " Anastasia, Christian trying to get in them panties gurrrl." Ughh i couldn't take it anymore! I grabbed the book out of her hand and dangeled it from outside the window. "Nooooo!" As she jumped ontop of me trying to get the book out of my hands. "Mia get off of me!" I yelled pushing her face but the strong liddo asian didn't let it affect her. "Give.....It...Back!" She said trying to grab the book. "Zayn get this girl off of me, like now please!?!" I asked in a yell. "Just give her the book back!" He yelled annoyed. "No!I am so tired of having my wet dreams with channing tatum and Jake Gyllenhaal being ruined because of her damn 50 shades of fucked up dreams being spoken allowed." As they both paused and looked at me. "At the same time?" Mia whispered with a 'You dirty fuck' look. "Wait and where?" He said with the exact same look. "Yes and it was some where in Mississppi. As they bursted out laughing. "Naughty girl." She said sticking her head out the window reaching for it again. "Mia stop!Your gonna get hit by a train or something." As shee kept kicking her feet and squirming."

    As her heel accidently hit Zayn's 'Manhood' causing a scream only God could understand. "That's it shove her out the window!" He yelled clutching his, ya know. As me finally caught hold of the book, causing her body to be half way out the window. As she accidently kicked Aziz coffee out the window. He began to curse in Indi? "My coffee!" As the coffee drifted from the cold winds and landed on Mia's face. "Ahhhh it got in my eyes, it got in my eyes!"Mia yelled. "Our friend is dangeling out the window like a noodle out of a bowl and-" "Hay, why'd you have to use that expression!?" She asked still dangeling out the window. "It was just an examp-" "It's because im asian isn't it!" Mia yelled kicking his arm with her heel. "I didn't even think about it that wa-" "You might as well call me Rice cakes, or Kum pow chicken!" "Mia shut up!" Zayn said laughing. "Any way your more worried about coffee." He continued on to Aziz. "It was columbian." "Oh, well then that's a bit more understandable." "Zayn!" I stated. "Would you guys quit hitting me, IT'S PISSING ME OFF!" He said hitting me back. "Oh my god no he did not!" Me said reading upside down while out the window. "Bus!" Aziz yelled a bit comprohesion. "What?" Zayn asked. "Bus! It's Bus!" "Please speak a bit more clearer the indian accent is a bit un understanding for me to-" Zayn said before being cut off. "Bus!" Mia squeeled throwing the book in side closing her eyes shut. As Zayn and I quickly pulled her in. "Are.......You.....Okay.."  I asked sitting back, a bit tired. Sitting back in the seat, letting my back sink in the seat. "Perfect!" She said preppy as ever, That damn book there to keep her that way. "5 more minutes!" Aziz told us.
  Tatiana's Pov:

                            [ Soundtrack: Break the Ice by- Brittany Spears]          
    As he bent me over the desk. "And i know you don't have a problem with me touching you here." He said cupping my breasts, causing a small moan to release from out my mouth. Biting my bottom lip as if it never happened. As he bent me over his desk. Slidding both his hands down both sides of my back, causing me to shiver by the touch he made of when his hand goes below my waist. Feeling uncomfortable from his huge bulge against my bum. I Didn't give it another thought before having a inner Jackie Chan go crazy in my body. My Hand harshly made contact with his cheek. As i was patintly waiting for his reaction. As he turned his face back at me having athe most Charmed& pleasured face expression. As he pinned both my hand on his desk. Unable to escape his grip. As he just Softly laughed at my squirming and grunts from struggle. "Was that suppose to hurt babe?" He said coming closer, so close that his nose was against mine. As a spark hit my bra urgently, causing me to squeel because it repeated over and over. He smirked looking down at my breasts then looking back up at me. He swiftly took his time fishing his hand in my bra, trying to find out what it was to cause me to squirm. As i gasped by the pinch he gave my nipple. He pulled out the Microphone chip thingy As my eyes followed it  and they traveled along to Styles Warm seductive look into mine. "What trying to film me?" He said with the happiest smirk, giving him a cold suprised one back. He tyhrew it in the trash without even looking as it fell in. He was so close to me. "S-s-styles." I muttered. " I Would so hate if something happened in you & your friends apartment tomorrow night if some one so called 'Told the police about your little job today.' " He warned twirling my hair watching my reaction slowly and carful. "Is that a threat?" I smirked showing the least of my fear. As Mia bolted the door open. Both our attention was driven towards her. "Mia?"

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