For A Good-Time Call?

This sexy, funny, jersilcious<3 20 year old Melanie Gomez had quite a life during highschool year.
I'm sure you would think every teenager does but not quite like this. Melanie Gomez was pretty much considered the girl you would here nasty rumors about in the girls bathroom, but one simple misunderstanding created her future. Melanie is currently a "fun" ;) Operator I'n Los Angles. But when an Engaged Curly-Headed boy with dimples gives one call, could it make Mel's life harder than it already is; or better than it ever was when an Offer comes up?


12. ۵Cinderℓℓa's left behind Glass slipper.۵

 ▲ ▲ ▲    As i was finally in the comfort of my own room. I just came back from taking a long hot shower pushing all my thought's away & saving them to pour out into my diary i have set up in my laptop. I began to turn on my television to channel 43* which is Mtv nerds c( :<
    Getting ready for bed which usually means
* Cartoon/fitted Tshirt
* Victoria's Secret Body Mist/ Body cream

* New Leopard print panties- Got from Kmart 6.99 Juniors -Winky face-
* Long white socks
* Sports Bra
^^^ Because That Was Just So Important To Clarify, haha.

 #SoundTrack- American girl By Bonnie McKee*~

   Playing with my fingers while thinking, just letting my self drift off slowly. Being brought back too live by my precious annoying but only one who still stands me besides my friends, Dog Mimi. Originally being given her from My Tia' In Barcelona she let me take Mimi under my own responcibilty, Mimi Is like my child actually. I feed her, Give her baths which cause my extensions to get all wet by the end of the bath from her splashing the water, I dress her in liddo costumes & sweaters from Pet co when i have the money, I punish her by not letting her go see her liddo boyfriend sabastian from next door, & I love her with all my heart! Mommy luvs you Xx
  As Mimi Kept hopping ontop of me with her cute cold little paws she totally got me to stop harping about the situation and get my experience into words. "Mimi, did you miss Mommy? She missed you, yes she did Mimi." I said lifting her up in the air talking to her as if she was a baby; hey you really can't help it. "Mommy needs to go explain her feeling s through typing because that's the only solution besides jumping out a window." As Mimi lurred her face sideways confused. Im telling you this one understands english now from how much i talk. Placing Mimi down on the floor I craweled underneath the bed trying to get my laptop, well find it at least. Touching a familiar top, I pulled it from underneath the bed & be hold  my Laptop.

     I opened my laptop, turning it on & waiting for it to load. Finally being able to see my wallpaper from my laptop. Clicking on "Microsoft Word" The screen popped up, but there was just one problem, What The Fuck Am I Gonna Type? Making a face that might confuse you of me me being constipated which is really my "Thinking Face". There was the fact that was In a way Sexually Assualted, My friends who warned me about not going, The Make Up by M.A.C that im unfortunatly never getting in this situation, The dinner for my mother that's happening back home which makes me in my sister join together again, Ugg pass. My head was over loaded & I had finally knew exactly what my fingers we're going to type.

     " Dear Diary.. JANUARY.11TH, 2013
Confinding that I have been emotionally raped today i'm still trying to find that push from mother nature helping me through all of this but i have yet to find it. I can't lie here, i feel totally safe to finally say god I have never been touched, or evr felt the way i did before Mia busted through the door. I totally lost it. But i must admit it felt great to lose my self from paying bills, family drama, lack of sleep from working, Mr.Styles caught me in my trance and broke me out of it and , and i loved it. It was like my sensations were sparking when he touched me & his lips left contact with my skin. No, no Hunny I'm defnitley not crushing, not in love,  he just touched me not just physically but emotionally. what's crazy is that no one has ever had this effect on me and im totally, retartedly, sprung over it.-"

Before I could finsh that , my heart almost flew out of my chest from beating so fast it was a knock at the door that defnitley knocked my trance of thinking about my trance. Worried me saving my Diary entry before the person that will walk through that door see's  it. "Come in." My cracky nervous voice remarked, clearing my throat and trying to say it again "Come in." The voice that was much more clear spoke. Leading my eyes to.. "Mia?" I utterly shocked she'd actually be in my room after her giant responces.  She came towards my bed leaving a tray of exactly everything Nancy said would be served for dinner on my plate. Yum, I'm starving. "Thanks." I spoke dryly but truly thankful because i have the slightest idea of how long i could of kept with out eatting and 7hours is the longest.

   "Look, The whole Cab thing it was me being concerned I never wanted you to feel hurt or anything but in that sort of situation i had to find out what really happened and Mr & Mrs Gullable  believed what you said which i knew wasn't the true story, so if there's anything this is the perfect time to say something luv." Mia replied leaning against the wall crossing her arms. Turning away from her intimidating face when it comes to having me spill a secret. "Nope, there's nothing." I said plainly, not a lie written in those three words.. well for her to hear there wasn't. "Are you sure?" She asked trying to get one little crack in my shell to make me say something i wouldn't be able to controll. "Nope." I said grabbing a pillow and stuffing it in my face preventing any outbursts. "Alright." She said leaving and shutting the door behind her. I finally threw the pillow back on my bed, catching my breath.

  As my eyes left the pillow and were glued to the food that was steaming from my bed. I didn't give it another second before grabbing that fork and digging in. "Mmm" I mumbled, almost forgetting about Mimi until she began to whimper because she was hungry. I gave her a small little piece of Zayn's Chicken before i left the room to go refil her food & water bowl.

   Trying to avoid all three eyes watching me. Pacing towards the kitchen, I rapidly grabbed all the things i needed. As I opened the can of "Puppy love" dog food brand i poured it in Mimi's bowl Along with water in the other. "Mimi." I called along with sound affects making her come faster. I placed the two bowls on the floor next to her inside doggy house

  As Mimi ran right to her food i plopped on the couch finshing mine. You could actually hear the Awkward. Trying my best not tobust, I'm not good with keeping things in. But I got this, i totally got this. "Hay can you pass a napkin to me?" "Harry Styles Touched me! Not in that way of perspective but in a way yes i mean the only thing that happened is that he touched me, like held me by my waist nothing more well something more, he kissed me on the neck and he might of found the microphone thingy you guys some how put in my bra because it like sparked against his chest because we were chest to chest but he didn't go in my panties or anything but he so was intimidating and i didn't know what to do because if i yelled he would of probably hurted me or something i think and i just didn't know what to do stop pressuring me!!I'm sorry, i should of never went and i some what regret it but then again i don't and i just- don't know what to do." I said incredibly fast, words flying right out with out any control.

   Mia just sat there with her mouth completely shocked, Zayn trying not to keep contact with my eyes, then there's Madisen "You badass mother f*cker!" She said incredibly entertained. Out of no where the door was jingling. "I'm Home!" Nancy announced to the Awkward room centera.

  An hour later I sat on my bed, watching Gossip Girl reruns. Everyone was pretty much asleep including Mimi & so should I. I just needed something to make me fall asleep easier, which is My rain noises installed in my phone Tatiana your a genious haha. I turned off my television followed by my light and went in my purse to look for my phone, but no where in sight. So i started looking all over my room but nothing. Did i leave it in the cab? No, no i never brought it out. I began looking all through my room but nothing clicked, where could i have lost it at this time?

    My memory harshly hit my when i drewled on the possibilities, then suddenly i came clear.
" I left my phone in his office, kill me now!"

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