For A Good-Time Call?

This sexy, funny, jersilcious<3 20 year old Melanie Gomez had quite a life during highschool year.
I'm sure you would think every teenager does but not quite like this. Melanie Gomez was pretty much considered the girl you would here nasty rumors about in the girls bathroom, but one simple misunderstanding created her future. Melanie is currently a "fun" ;) Operator I'n Los Angles. But when an Engaged Curly-Headed boy with dimples gives one call, could it make Mel's life harder than it already is; or better than it ever was when an Offer comes up?


3. A Day Filled With Work!

  Making My Way Into A familiar Building. The air was filled with suductivness as i walked in. I made my way to  Jessica the cute, very attractive, blonde, with quite a bust revealed that i flirt with almost everyday playfully desk. "Good Morning Ms.Gomez." She Said putting paperwork in a copy machine. "Morning Sexy, Hows Business?" I Ask while grabbing a mint from a cute little bowl she had on top of the front desk. She blushed and rolled her eyes playfully. " Haha Slow, but you know when they're partner is sleeping, or left the house the phone lines will be buzzing and thats Usually  near 7:25." She said while taking paper out of the copy machine and organizing it.

  "It's ashame it has to go like this but how else are we gonna get paid ya know?" "yeah." She said grabbing a pen from out her bottom drawer writing on an envelope. "Hay, want me to send that up? I'm on my way and.." "Would you, because i have all this stuff and a meeting at 4 today and-" "Babe i got this! I wouldn't want my Little Office Nerd to  stress herself out." I said reinssuring her & grabbing the papers with both hands because they we're that heavy. "Your to sweet gomez!" She said writting on a sticky note for who to send it to and gave it to me with a geniune smile. "Airn't i always?" I say entering the elevator someone just walked out. As the papers flew out my hands and onto the elevator floor,& i pushed the button for my floor. letting the papers fly out my hands and onto the elevator floor.

  A soon as i got on my floor i swiftly picked up the papers making my way down the aisle. As i was hit with warmful greetings. "Morning Ms.Gomez!" "Beunos dias!" "Hay Melly Girl!" "Hay Gomez." I Answered them back warmly. I dropped the paper work on Mia's Desk my asian, bestie i forbid to live with out. She's been there when i had nowhere to go i was kicked out officially of my house. I remember living with her and her Mom and little brother Andy for a short period time then i started living with my Tia' in Italy, when i came back i knew then we're my life was headed& i had great friends to be there every step i make in my new life style.

     Mia Choked on her icee coffee from starbucks. " haha Oh my god are you okay!" I laughed out patting her on the back and dying from her facial expression at the same time. She finally caught her breath. "Gosh mine saying something before you come up to me out of no where?" She said playfully hitting my on my arm and turning back to her laptop. "What are you searching up porn or something?" I said bending down trying to get a glimpse at the screen. "Better, the new "Midnight Magic Collection(Makeup)by M.A.C." As i gasped! "I thought they weren't coming out til next year i have the date and time and everything! " they airn't! they have a special deal if you order it now it will only be $145. " "Oh my god but im broke right now, i get paid on friday it wont be a secret anymore by friday!" I whinned upset. "We'll you should talk to Winnie, if you're up for doing late calls to and changing up a few shifts this week?" "For sure, i'll work my ass off if it means that i get to own
 they're "Owl Blue Eyes- eye shadow" "Cherry Stained- blush" "CatWoman's- eyeliner" "Black Knight- mascara" & " Bloody Mistake- lip stick "

   " I know right." Taking a thousand sips out of her coffee. "Well i got tah' get to work then, I'm talking to Winnie On lunch!" I say getting up. "Kay,Kay!" She said on answering the phone. I walked down to my "Liddo home(Open Office)" jumping up and down like a school girl. It's been a full weekend with out work and i'm ready to get back to business! I didn't give it another thought before turning on my miniture radio to 94.9 & "Right by my side": by Nicki Manaj & Chris Brown came on! If you seriously havn't heard that song, simply shoot yourself<3
     I sprayed my "Fruity Hawaiian Vaca: Spray" &  let the sweet smell of freedom grasp me into a calm place. I turned on my mini telelvision to " I love lucy." I took off my jean jacket and put it on the side of my desk since it's alot warmer than it was earlier. I got a couple of skittles out a liddo bowl Jessica got me for my birthday to go along with our matching minnie mouse rings. I'd be a total lie if i said it wasn't a spark along the yellow brick road. Every thing was calm and relaxing.

 "Hay!" As i immediatly gagged on the skittle from a remark from out of nowhere. "Oh my god!" As Zayn patted my back until the skittle popped out my throat and into my neighbors Mocha Latte that was sitting on they're table. As i gasped and Zayn& I both began to laugh. "Mine telling a girl you're they're without yelling you made me sweat out my browser!" I said reaching into my drawer grabbing my handy make up box, applying browser back on my face. "Sorry i just have amazing news to tell you!" He said jumping up and down. "Oh my god you're not gonna believe it!" He continued. "Tell me already!" I yelled at him excited. As he took a moment to calm down, then he let the words come out his mouth excitedly. "Me and Amy Are Goin Out!" As i gasped to the max!

      "Why Didn't you tell me!" I jumped up. "You we're over matt's house spending time with him i didn't wanna bother  you guys ya know." I ran to him and we hugged up and down as people watched awkwardly. "I'm sooo happy for you, you and Amy are gonna get married and have kids with dimples and blue eyes just like her!" "Wait, Wait,Wait.." As i began to be the only one jumping up and down like an idiot. "What?" " Not that Amy, Amy Johnson." "Sweetheart Amy, Are you sure she's up your Allie?" "Completley! I have really strong feelings for her, i told her saturday and we've been going out since, she gets me, and i get her , it's barely any drama with her , and i get to be the one who makes her smile , laugh , and feel good which is like the best present to me."
"Awwwww!!" I said hugging him. "Ha, im glad your happy for me, but i just need to tell her something that i might of forgotten to tell her before.." He said scratching the back of his neck, looking in a different direction." "You didn't tell her you we're bi?" "No, i told her that the first few months we became friends it's just...." I Gasped, knowing exactly what he missed out! "Please don't tell me you forgot to tell her you're job." As he bit his lip looking nervous staring at the ceiling.

      "And what you do specificly at you're job, Zayn how could you forget that type of key infornmation before you asked her out!?" I Continued speaking fastly and confused. "I don't know!? It just didn't come up!" He said walking away feeling guilty. "So you being a male sex operator which means you actually get paid to turn someone on through words and since your by your virbly doing that with women and men and you never once thought to tell her that through out you guy's whole friendship, bull.shit." I say watching him cup his hands over his ears trying not to let my truthful words get to him.

 As soon as i sat down, and pressed the business line for (Open) i began to recieve phone calls ;)



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