For A Good-Time Call?

This sexy, funny, jersilcious<3 20 year old Melanie Gomez had quite a life during highschool year.
I'm sure you would think every teenager does but not quite like this. Melanie Gomez was pretty much considered the girl you would here nasty rumors about in the girls bathroom, but one simple misunderstanding created her future. Melanie is currently a "fun" ;) Operator I'n Los Angles. But when an Engaged Curly-Headed boy with dimples gives one call, could it make Mel's life harder than it already is; or better than it ever was when an Offer comes up?


5. A Day Filled With Work! p2

         " I Want you to spank me hard daddy, make it hirt!!" I moaned into the phone. As he moaned back in responce. "Bend me over and spank me HARD, HARD , HARDER DADDY IN MY SCHOOL GIRL SKIRT!!yes,yes turn me red!! Please fuck me, fuck me long hard,and painful daddy!!" As he moaned even louder into the phone, yeah that sounds like im gonna raise enough money for my make up!! :) hehe. " I'll climb on top of you, I WANNA MAKE YOU FEEL Soo GOOD!I JUST WANNA RUN MY COLD LITTLE FINGERS DOWN YOU'RE CHEST, MAKING YOU WARM, LICK DOWN YOUR CHEST AS FOLLOWED, UNTIL I REACH YOUR TREASURING-"
   As Mia ran threw the private office room i was in.

        " Winnie's on her way to the 4 o' clock meeting!" Mia inturrpted out of breath. " gotta go!Sorry i'll transfer the call, bye!" As clicked off the line and transfered him to someone open, As i ran out the office. I pressed the elevator button almost a thousand times until it opened. "Wish me luck!" I screamed in the elevator that finally arrived. "Luck!" Mia yelled back before it closed. "Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up." I said to myself waiting for it to arrive on Winnie's floor. "We'll it took you long enough!" I yelled at the elevator before running out of it, making my way to Winnie's office. Crossing corners, Running in heels, Lord it's alot more harder than ya think! Finally coming across Winnie's office, Hitting her glass office wall softly annoyingly with my knuckles until i finally got her attention.
  As she gave me a glance of annoyence, Rolled her eyes and shook her head for an "Okay" of letting me come in. As a fresh breeze of a cleanse smell filled my noise as i walked in. "Winnie, I-" As she cut me off by giving me her index finger notifying me to shut up because she was on a very important phone call. I kinda got use to her signals for certain things. If i say the wrong thing infront of an important business company she give's me her " hurry, give them a compliment then change the subject" look. Or, if there's a business call and one little interupttion can call off the whole thing she gives me " I'm gonna kill the living daylight out of you" look. But this must of not been that important because i didn't get that look.

    "No, i love you, yes i'll remember to get you're chicken soup, advil, and bananas and strawberries to make you a lovely smoothie on my lunch break babe, Okay get to bed, Kay bye." Oh it must of been.. "Olly sorry, he's sick and staying from work for a few days." She said while typing rationally fast on the keyboard while looking at the screen the entire time. Show off.
   "Aww that's soo sweet, you guys are just soo adorable!" As Winnie immdiatly stopped and slowly turned towards me. "How much is it gonna cost this time?" She groaned getting out her  check booklet. "No, i didn't break anything this time." Oh i forgot to tell you the meeting from last month..
 As i entered the room giving coffee to the guest from a company willing to advertise our company on a buildboard. As i accidently bumped into this guy causing me to dropping boiling hot coffe onto a guy's pants."HOT!HOT!HOT!" He squeeled. "Oops sorry!" As i bumped into some one else causing them to fall back and break the glass wall from Winnie's office. As i tried walking away turning around hitting someone in the face with a jug of coffee. Now i defnitley got a "Leave..Leave..Leave!!!!" Facial expression from Winnie.
   "What is it then, i have a meeting in five minutes." She said returning back to her computer screen. "I Was wondering if you could possibly.. give me a raise?" I said playing with my finger nails. As she laughed like if somebody tripped over something and landed on their face. As she looked at me and stopped laughing. "Oh you're serious?" She asked. "Very." I answered. "Melanie, i'm giving you as much you deserve which is a good income of money, yes?" "Yes but,-" "There is nothing i can do to help you on that sorry." She cut me off and stated. "We'll can i expand my work hours?" "Til?" "Well what do you suppose?" "I have the slightest idea, the lines are open for 24hours." "How bout i work til 2am from three?" "That still wont provide you a bigger deal than you already have, what are you trying to afford anyway?" "MakeUp.." "Melanie out of my office." She said standing up gathering her stuff for the meeting. "But Winnie Please is there anything, anything i can do??" As she stopped as she was on her way to the door, She turned around and exhaled. "I've known you for quit awhile now, i know how you are about makeup soo.. After i come back from the meeting i will talk to a business friend and see if he needs anything done over there, He gives quit the big of tips over there." "Oh thankyou,thankyou,thank you Winnie!!" As i hugged her jumping up and down. "Wait,wait." As stopped jumping and broke off the hug. "Now he's quit the flirt Iv'e heard from plenty amount of women who work there, Don't do anything with him understood!?" She stated seriously, Oh god here comes mother mode. "Of course!" "Alrite, well other than that get back to work if you wanna earn any money at all." As i smiled rolling my eyes walking out of her Office. "Bye, Winnie." I spoke after taking the elevator to my floor.

    As i arrived, i made my way to Nancy's desk. "Hay buu!!" I said with joy. "Hay,Hay so how'd it go Mia told me about the whole make up thingy." "Good i guess she's going to talk to this guy who works at a business but i have the slightest idea for what, about letting me help with something so i can earn some Mula'h<3." I said beginning to braid her hair. "So he could be owning a porn business and he just might want you to participate." "If it get's me money!" "You are unbelievable Tatiana Gomez!" As she laughed, causing me to laugh. "I was joking, So hows you and Micheal?" (Her boyfriend in Miami.) "That liddo shit can go suck my non- exscisting dick bro." "God, wait yesterday you we're telling me Micheal is so amazing!" "That was yesterday." "Well what happened today?" " we got into a huge argument that i'll tell you about tonight." "Kay,Kay we'll i got's tah' get back to work ahaha." I said while tying up her braid with a rubber band." "Kay bye buu!" "Bye:) !"

     As a few hours went by, it was now 7:45 my shift was almost over. Gosh, My mouth was so tired of giving guys pleasure threw WORDS. "Hmm i'm defnitley not ready to go home."

   As soon as my shift was over i figured i go sown to the front desk to see what Jessica was going to do after her shift was over.As i made my way down to her desk. "Hay, going home?" She said typing on her laptop. "No i wanted to rome the great Los Angles, what about you?" "Straight to my warm bed." "Not right away because Ont ete' de  sortir(We're going out.)" "Ouu french hot, haha so where?" "Where ever." "Starbucks?" "Sure." "Shall we?" "we Shall!"

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