Queen Of Vampires

As Amy wakes up to her (Friend with Benefits) she doesn't really know that a king and his friend are coming for her. It's just a regular day to her. She walks out of her door then there's a man standing right there. She gets scared and try's to make a run for it but, he's way faster then her. She's put to sleep and has no idea were she's going. Follow Amy on this chilling suspense and thrill ride of her life. She goes through ups and downs while the king couldn't care a shit about her life. She could find the love of her life or she can kill him. Who know's? Come and read the story of Amy Love.


3. CHAPTER 3- Knowing the Truth

My eyes widen at what he just said. He kissed my neck and ran his fangs down my neck.

"You know what's bad, I don't know your name." I said tring to stale. He pulled back and I could see his eye's were redder than fire and he had the look of a demon.

"Why are you stalling Amy?" he asked brushing my hair behind my ear.

"I'm not satlling-- wait, how do you know my name" -I asked raising an eyebrow- "You've been stalking me haven't you . You know your one wierd vampier." I rambled.

"No I haven't been stalking you and don't you remeber when we were at the coffee shop. I meet you when you bumped into me." I tried to think back.


I walked into the starbucks and ordered a caramel frappuccino. As the casher handed me my coffee i turned around and bumped into a handsome man with a nice armani suit.

"I'm so sorry" I said looking down at the mess I made.

"Ugh!! Idot" He said loudly. He caught half of the places attention.

" I said I was sorry, no need to call me an Idot" i sad putting my hands to my side.

"Well thats what you came off to be." He said waving his shirt up and down.

"I have the right mind to slap you right about now." I said crossing my arms.

" I would like it if you payed for my dry cleaning cause I already know that you can't afford to pay for the suit." I gasped at what he said and I was inching little by little to slapping him in the face.

"Go to Hell, you souless bastard." I said walking around him and out the door.

*End Of Flashback*

"You were that dochebag from starbucks." I said loking at him with wide eye's.

"Yep but, i dont applogize for what id did. It was your fault." he said backing up a little.

"Still the same asshole I see but, that doesn't explain how you know my name" I said pointing that out.

"I know your name because the cashier told me."

"Huh? There not aloud to tell you that or they get fired."

"I convinced her to give me your name or mind control"

" I didn't know vampries could do that" I said suprised.

"They can't" He said putting his hands behing his back.

"I have a question? Do you sparkle when you stand in the light." I asked

"No I do not sparkle, some idot made that up for teens to like there movie more. I am a dangerous, vicious, evil vampier not a fictional creature." He said backing me against the wall. He looked down at my lips and licked his then looked back up to mines. He backed up a little and i let out a breath i wasnt obvious of holding.

" I love the smell of fear" -he whispered in my ear- " Smell's... deliciously sweet." he said pulling back and cupping my cheek. I flinched a little and tried not to show fear to him.

"lets go back to our seats were about to land any minute" he said backing away and seating in his seat.i sat back down and lated for the land.

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