Queen Of Vampires

As Amy wakes up to her (Friend with Benefits) she doesn't really know that a king and his friend are coming for her. It's just a regular day to her. She walks out of her door then there's a man standing right there. She gets scared and try's to make a run for it but, he's way faster then her. She's put to sleep and has no idea were she's going. Follow Amy on this chilling suspense and thrill ride of her life. She goes through ups and downs while the king couldn't care a shit about her life. She could find the love of her life or she can kill him. Who know's? Come and read the story of Amy Love.


2. CHAPTER 2- Very Unique Place

As I woke up I noticed I was looking out of a window that showed the beautiful clouds. I turned around and I started to get alert. I saw a man next to me sleeping. I quietly got up and tried to get threw without waking him. I made it about a inch and he pulled me back.

"Where are you going sweet heart" he said while I sat on his lap. I felt uncomfortable and comfortable at the same time.

"Um no where special, as you can see we're on a plane"- I said pointing around- "now if you don't mind can you let me go" I asked tugging at my arm. He let me go and I noticed it was a private jet. It was one when you had a bedroom, shower, and possible a car port.

"Your not freaking out. Why?" He asked stretching.

"I've watched enough kidnapping movies to know, when you freak out you get the crap beat out of you. So, I'm going to keep my cool."

"Good girl" he said standing up and patting my head. I hit his hand which didn't even flinch.

"Listen dude, don't ever do that again or treat me like a dog again unless you want that hand and another body part missing" I snapped. He had the nerve to laugh and pat me again. I grabbed his hand and tried to been his finger back but, it did nothing to hurt him.

"Are you finish" he asked pulling my hand from his hand.

"What in the heck" I said backing away.

"You have no idea, what I am, do you?" He asked smirking.

" what do you mean 'what I am'," I said stepping back again. He stepped forward and opened his mouth and fangs grew. I could feel myself breathing hard while I backed away some more and I ran into the wall. He walked to me and he was so close that I could feel his minty breath on my face.

"Can I ask you something" I said my voice shaking.


"Why did you kidnap me."

"I kidnapped you to be my Queen."

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