Evangelica was a toy in the supernatural world once ruled by humans.
Betrothed to a werewolf for money to support her family, attacked when she left home, distinctively different from all other mortals.
Within the hour of her arranged marriage her already abnormal life became even more complex.
Being a mistress or a wife is a daunting task especially for an 18 year old, human girl in a world full of inhumane, immortal creatures.
Evangelica told herself she was bulletproof all her life but when your surrounded and owned by creatures capable of ripping you apart fast than a bullet everyday you can choose to either embrace the advantages or live in fear, your life flashing before your eyes every second.
Will the all powerful, emotionally challenged Prince Harry Edward Styles break Evangelica before her duties have begun and will her ability to attract more superior beings than her self ruin her chances of peace, safety and security?


1. You.

Evangelica/Eve's Pov:

"I don't see why I must wear this dress, grandma. Isn't it enough that I've sold myself into marriage with one of the beasts and they send me an ugly wedding dress to remind me of my loss of family?" I whimper as my mother secures the dress to my body, "Shh Darling, do not speak bad of your future family. They can tear you to shreds if they please, so please behave.", I close my eyes trying to clear my mind of all discriminatory, disrespectful or unkind thoughts I bore for the werewolves. Lastly, my grandmother places a small beaded tiara onto the veil covering perfect curls tumbling over my shoulders. Personally, I didn't get the whole tiara thing, I'd much prefer a crown of flowers. 

My mother's frantic mumbles were interrupted by a knock on the cottage door,she scurried towards the door and without a simple greeting a party of burly men stormed through the door."I love you so much, Evangelica. I am so sorry." my grandmother wept as I was escorted out of my child hood home and into the lush wilderness. After we had reached all seeing and hearing distance of the cottage the men gripped my arms together roughly and began roping them together, then doing the same to my feet before lifting my body between them. What was going on? This wasn't part of the arrangement as far as I knew.

After what seemed like miles of looking up at the canopy as the men trudged along sharing my weight they stopped at I found myself let down to face who I definitely wasn't expecting to see, Beau, the Werewolf Chief's son. Shit. He smiled at me with a pearly smile but I was frightened. I expected to marry maybe his cousin or something but not the to-be leader.

I wasn't ready for this, I agreed to marriage not to become the lady behind the werewolf race. Yes, Beau was an attractive boy I have been living the supernatural-free life I'm not trained to be a leader and if I screw up it will be published internationally not to mention that vampires will be my enemy. "Nice to finally meet you, Evangelica. I've seen photos but you're even more beautiful in person." The older boy stroked my cheek tenderly while speaking as if we'd been set up on a blind-date when in reality we were become husband and wife in minutes.

"Evangelica do you take Beau- Future leader of the werewolves to be your lawful wedded-", The wolf elder was interrupted by a fierce yell, "By Royal authority I demand possession of the girl!" I look down the aisle to see a black haired boy with illuminate red eyes and sharp fangs\showing through his evil smile. "Vampire!" one of the attending guest shouts and suddenly almost every witness to the wedding transformed into wolf-like creatures and launched at the boy. I was pulled from the scene and tied to a oak tree to prevent my escape, do they think I'm stupid? This forest is full of rebel humans, stray vampires and wolves I am not wandering off!

I closed my eyes after watching the blood bath before me for a few minutes. It was hard to tell if the single vampire or the crowd of werewolves were conquering. My eyes had been squeezed shut but I could feel warm liquid hit me and the ripping of fabric echoes through out the trees. Suddenly the rope holding my waist against the trees loosen and the forest was silent with the exception of quiet whimpers. 

I slowly open my eyes, one after other. The black haired teenage boy flashed a victorious smile before grabbing me and then colours and lights streamed past me, wind slapping me.

Goosebumps grow on my legs and I look to find my legs that had once been hidden by a white wedding dress, bare, the only material left on my body was the remains of the dress that only hiding inches below my crotch.

Slowly I began slipping away from reality, drifting, fading until... Darkness.


 Zayn's pov:

I stare out the throne-room's viewing window aimlessly admiring the palace grounds. Strangely out of the massive gardens decorated with blooming flowers, tall bush land brushing the sky and the shimmering lake my attention was drawn towards a petite figure wandering the grounds.
My eyes followed their silhouette when after what seemed like a long walk for the creature they settled on a homemade swing brimming over one of the many hills surfaced in the palace grounds. 
By the whispy hair dancing in the wind I decided that it was a female, also human as she didn't run at a supernatural speed to reach her destination faster.
From the description I conclude that it probably the new mistress, if that's what you would call her. I still don't know her name, age or even what she looks like as I haven't seen her. 
"Chase, would you please ask the the girl if she could come and see me?" I instruct and in a second he had disappeared. I continued to gaze out the fogged up window to see a darting shape moving towards the girl. With keen eyes I easily see the girl nod, Chase sweeps her up and zooms back across the gardens.
Soon i find Chase in the doorway, "she's just getting changed." He grins.
A gentle knock on the double metal doors encapsulates my complete attention, Chase walks to the door swiftly opening it and his mouth falls into an 'o' but he quickly regains his composure gesturing the visitor in.
It took all of me to keep a straight face as a striking creature walks in. I had to admit she was tall and beautiful for a human girl. Over the years the human race has lost its height and most beauty, so to find both traits in the girl was unlikely. 
A long dress printed with pink flowers caressed her figure and cream heels bound her small feet. Her skin was a dewy olive, her eyes glowing a hazel framed by long dark lashes, her under eyes and nose dotted with freckles and her heart shaped lips tinted a rosy pink. Her hair flowed a browny-blonde around her face reaching her bust. 

Her features were odd indeed considering that the majority of blonde people had disappeared and nearly all humans had ashy brown, black or grey hair with grey-blue eyes and a pale complexion unlike the girl at my bedside. 
She gracefully curtsied from below seeing as my throne was elevated, "Its a pleasure to meet you, Your Majesty" she spoke with a voice like honey. "The pleasure is all mine." I reply quite intrigued. "What is your name?" I ask furrowing my brow, She took a deep breathe, "It's Evangelica, My King.". "Very well. Do you have a last name, Evangelica?" I question, "Sorry, I don't." She answered, sorrow in her brilliant eyes. "How old are you?" I ponder as I attempt to guess for myself, "18, Sire." She comments formally, showing she had been raised well. "You may leave, Evangelica. My verdict on a possible position here will be decided by noon.". 
I was soon left to ponder alone. The girl was oddly beautiful and showed some intelligence. My senses tempted me to keep Evangelica to myself although I had been searching for a female companion for Prince Harry. I fought with myself continuously and questioned my loyalty to my best friend and heir. "Zayn, Harry needs this more than you do." I mutter to myself.
Harry had an incredible ability, Passion. He possesses the potential to use almost any vampire power with the power of passion. Technically he could overthrow my leadership, but i don't mention that although I doubt he would. Harry's advanced ability comes with a serious downside. agony. He feels the passion and hurt of every being in the world which is watch drives his power if he can spark the emotions into fuel. He literally has the weight of the world on his shoulders and recently he has been suffering greatly. Only half a century ago the world was conquered by the supernatural, war had broke out world wide and the loss was great.
Harry felt it all from the passion if the warriors marching into war to the pain the soldiers felt as they died and the grief their family bore. He was still suffering now. He barely leaves his room, let alone his bed, doesn't talk much, is sick a lot, doesn't eat much but sleeps a lot. Probably the second most powerful man in the world was emerged in serious depression and suffering. He hadn't found the spark yet to use the passion stored in him and we had to find it, he was fading.
"Zayn, you are giving the girl to Harry." I sigh stubbornly and exit the throne chamber to find Harry which wouldn't be hard.

Harry's pov:

I felt numb. everything. No feeling, no emotion. My appearance probably reflected my lack of happiness. Until I find the motivation to face the world again I refuse to look at my appearance. 

"Your Royal Highness, King Zayn wishes to see you. Shall I send him in?" Claudia, the maid asks although the answer was obvious. You don't tell the King of the Vampire Empire to go away. "Yes, Claudia may you give us privacy?" I reply  and she curtsied quickly exiting the room. 

"Harry, I have a present for you." my friend and superior says a little too over enthusiastically, "and that might be?" I ask trying to remain patient. "Chase and I found you a girl.", I resist the urge to roll my eyes, "Zayn..I really don't-" I am interrupted by Chase's presence at the door with a feminine shadow behind him."Ah, thank you Chase." Zayn smiles widely.

Chase entered into the room holding the delicate hand of the shadowed silhouette, slowly the figure emerged from the dimly lit hallway. I felt a strange sensation burning in my stomach as the tall, slender girl was lead into the room,she curtsied elegantly, "Your Majesty, Your Royal Highness. You wished to see me?" She asked respectfully yet a glint of fear hung in her eyes. A rich, sweet scent filled my nostrils as she drew closer, She was Human. I'm not sure if her alluring scent or stunning appearance focused the majority of my senses.

"Prince Harry this is Evangelica, Evangelica this is Prince Harry Edward Styles, second in command over the empire." the girl introduced as 'Evangelica' curtsied low bowing her head in respect, "It's an honour, your Royal Highness." She spoke shyly, briefly making eye contact meeting my currently green eyes with hazel doe-eyes that seemed to stir with blue, green, golds and browns before quickly steering her eyes away. Zayn's eyes seemed to glow when she spoke. It was... odd.

"Evangelica, After our brief meeting I've decided to give you a position in our court,As Prince Harry's mistress. You must do whatever he pleases, when he pleases. And if you defy him... well he has all authority to punish you." She simply nodded, "Thank you, your majesty.", "Chase!" The King implores raising his voice slightly. "You may take Miss Evangelica back to her new quarters. Thank you for your attendance" The girl quickly left the room and sound of footsteps couldn't be heard. 

"So do you like her?"....

Authors Notes(A/N):

Evangelica is played by: Erin Heatherton.

Beau is played by: Kellan Lutz

Chase is played by: Josh Hutcherson

What do you think so far? Feel free to leave comments. Likes and Votes appreciated and inspire me to update and create better quality work. 

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My outfit designer is: fairytalehipster - on polyvore. x

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x Jeigh-Marie

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