Evangelica was a toy in the supernatural world once ruled by humans.
Betrothed to a werewolf for money to support her family, attacked when she left home, distinctively different from all other mortals.
Within the hour of her arranged marriage her already abnormal life became even more complex.
Being a mistress or a wife is a daunting task especially for an 18 year old, human girl in a world full of inhumane, immortal creatures.
Evangelica told herself she was bulletproof all her life but when your surrounded and owned by creatures capable of ripping you apart fast than a bullet everyday you can choose to either embrace the advantages or live in fear, your life flashing before your eyes every second.
Will the all powerful, emotionally challenged Prince Harry Edward Styles break Evangelica before her duties have begun and will her ability to attract more superior beings than her self ruin her chances of peace, safety and security?


2. Screams in the night.

Evangelica's Pov:

I'd been in the palace for only a week or so and my only duties had been to help the nurses give Prince Harry antidepressants as he has been particularly distressed over the last few days.

I'd been lying awake in my large, incredibly comfortable king bed for hours on end. I'd been on edge for an unexplained reason. That's when I heard it. From the heart of the palace a eery howl errupts full of pure inner persecution. I hear running in the halls and I instantly sit up in bed. Were we being attacked? Had a blood servant finally finished their duties... forever.

*A week Later*

The painful cries had continued for almost 2 days now. Although I attempted uncover the mistery of the constant screams no one would mention it although all hours of the day the yells were the songs we worked and lived through.

I'd been alone in my oversized bedroom for hours humming to folk songs I'd heard the oldest of human kind sing to their great-grandchildren in the small clusters of purely human villages. I combed a hand through my messy waves and collapse into the covers. I knew I wouldn't sleep, I was always a curious child which nearly always resulted in close encountered with the supernatural.

"M'Lady Prince Styles has requested you. Please, come quickly!" The older maid I'd recognized as 'Claudia' bursts into my room in a panic, her words coming out more like a plead than an order. I slip from my covers, the brisk temperature slapping my body only clothed by a skimpy silk nightgown sewn with intricate floral designs. The stout woman helped me drape an also short, pastel pink, satin robe over my scarcely clothed body. 

Although Claudia was disadvantaged by her short, stumpy legs her movement was swift and rapid as she pulled me through the long, twisting hallways brimming with people. Claudia rapidly strides to what looked like an elevator guarded my four vampire soldiers as I stumbled behind, "Your business, Maid?" One only a few inches taller than me but towered over the shorter woman scowls unpleasantly, she beckons him to crouch to her level and mumbles into his ear. I stand rather uncomfortably as his fellow guards licked their lips staring shamelessly. "You are permitted, M'Lady." He bows his head as if giving me respect.

Why had I been referred to as M'Lady instead of my name as they did before now? We were quickly ushered into the rather grand lift. "M'Lady, a tribe of werewolves has attacked a vampire orphanage killing many of the young occupants. You know of the Prince's power?" She pauses waiting for my response in which I nodded. "The Prince is suffering as result of his extraordinary ability. He's in a state of half-conscientious, lucid dreaming. He kept mumbling your name between yelps.".

What she explained shocked me, I'd never even spoken directly to the Prince why would he want me at his bedside in his time of pain. The lift dinged to a stop and as the doors slid open the screams were louder than before, I breathed in. As I stepped from the elevator I was met by the King. Of course the one time I'm parading aorund the palace in a tiny night gown and robe I must meet with the  two most powerful beings in the world. I instantlly felt insecure seeing the King's surprised expression as he looked me up and down,  but what would he expect i's the middle of the night what would I be wearing?

He escorted me peronally towards the room where Harry was tortured. I could hear the worried, confused mutters of servants and doctors through the walls and it made me confused, what could I do to cure the prince? I was a powerless mortal, nothing more. As we neared the door the cries were low and husky as  if he were being stabbed although unless it was through the heart he wouldn't feel a thing.

He opened the double doors and I instantly saw the once quiet prince head thrown back in utter dismay his back arched and his veins throbbing all over his body. Suddenly his breathing slowed and his back slowly met the bed and his veins sunk, his head slowly raises his screams fade to find tear stains  evident on his pale ivory face. I couldn't help but notice his bloodshot eyes, brilliant and striking yet terrifying one rose red, one lime green. Those incredible eyes were transfixed... on mine. The whole room was silent with the exception of the Prince's heavy, shaky breathing. 

"Evangeica" he whispered almost too quietly, he patted a spot on the bed and I cautiously moved towards the spot and sat by his side. He reaches a pale hand up to my cheek gently carressing it and rubbing his thumb over my cheekbone tenderly. I wasn't sure if he would rapidly twist my head and snap my neck. He traced his hand from my cheek down my neck and over my shoulder bringign it down to my waist gently grasping it and pulls me closer. 

I cross my legs as he rested his head in the crook of my neck breathing in my scent, which I've been told is very enticing to vampires. He then sunk into my lap relaxing letting his breathing become deeper and slow. I don't know what came over me but the urge to touch his soft-looking chocolate curls took over and I gently combed my slender fingers through  his locks. He moaned quietly before closing his eyes and I assumed he had drifting into sleep.

I looked up to find the servants and King gawking at the sight before them and momentarily stop brushing the  Prince's hair, within seconds he moaned as if in pain, not like his yells from earlier but stilled eerily. I regain contact with his hair again and the groans turn into an almost silent hum. I return my attention back to the crowd staring intently at me as if I had killed the guy. A group of curious maids gathered at the door peering in to see why the Prince's loud suffering had silenced I felt once again very insecure and uncomfortable at the astonished gazes I'd recieved.

This is how I spent the night quietly humming to myself, running my hand through Harry... I mean Prince Harry's curls. While spending hours affectionately playing with his curls while he slept in my lap I was given the perfect opportunity to examine the complex ruler.

He was gorgeous, undeniable, absolutely, irresistably, devilishly beautiful. Every feature was perfect he had timeless beauty- which was good considering he wouldn't die. Sleek,dark ashy brown curls that fell around his distinctive face, strong, prominent chin and cheek bones,  long naturally curled eyelashes that I was particalarly jealous of, a stunning pale complection stained with the residue of tears,  rosy tinted cheeks contrasting his ivory skin, plump, cherry blossum lips, and unforgettable eyes that could be imagined even with his eyes shut.

I became the talk of the palace.Noone knew my name so they begn to call me the 'Prince Whisperer'. I hadn't slept all night as I was tenderely comforting the sleeping prince. All feeling in my legs were lost by morning and my body ached.

Zayn's Pov:

"But I  don't understand!" I  scowl unintentionally at the huddle of doctors, witches and elders bowed st the foot of my throne. "How can a human girl, a complete stranger just calm him, ceasing his cries and pain?" I throw my hands in the air in frustration. I was the allknowing King yet I had no explanation for the mortal girls power to calm Harry who's been feeling the pain of the orphans who were masacred over the past day. "Your Majesty, we have searched every book, scrolll, myth and song and we can't find any result or reason as to the mortals ability. She is purely mortal right not a succubus or...?", I sigh "Her scent is human. I've tried tracking her ancestry but the girl has no surname."

*1 night later*
"Evangelica I must warn you about the final 24 hours of the Price's suffering. He goes through a period of violence and agression on the last day. Please... be careful." Claudia who'd taken quite a liking to me cautions as she throws items of clothing from the gigantic walk-in wardrobe situated in my room. 

I retreat to my bathroom where I pull the grey-silver nightgown over my body. Soon I'm joined by Claudia who released my hair from it's braided state letting beauitfully around my face. She slung a loose black satin dressing gown oveer my shoulders removing the the belt leaving it to hang around me.

We With the absence of my presence yells and crashing could be heard from the Prince's room. The route to my masters room had become permanent in my head; down the hall, up the exclusive gold elevator and along the marble floored corridor.

As I exit the gold doors of the lift, my bare feet hit the freezing marble. I quickly swung the doors open to find the Prince alone slumped in the corner, lamps scatter along with his bed cover and his... shirt. I sat in the corner with the prince as he breathed heavily, "are you angel?" he asked me completely out of the blue, "Not as far as I know." I reply quite lost for words, "becasue you're very beautifful especially for a human girl. 

Soon my mind begins to drift. What will be duties be after the 24 hours, will he go back to his depressed ways? I coudln't know. Part of me wished I could cuddle with the Prince often  but another part of me mentally slapped the other, I was mere human and why would I ever think that?

I am purely an idiot or am I?


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