Evangelica was a toy in the supernatural world once ruled by humans.
Betrothed to a werewolf for money to support her family, attacked when she left home, distinctively different from all other mortals.
Within the hour of her arranged marriage her already abnormal life became even more complex.
Being a mistress or a wife is a daunting task especially for an 18 year old, human girl in a world full of inhumane, immortal creatures.
Evangelica told herself she was bulletproof all her life but when your surrounded and owned by creatures capable of ripping you apart fast than a bullet everyday you can choose to either embrace the advantages or live in fear, your life flashing before your eyes every second.
Will the all powerful, emotionally challenged Prince Harry Edward Styles break Evangelica before her duties have begun and will her ability to attract more superior beings than her self ruin her chances of peace, safety and security?


3. Respect.

My limbs ached as I pull off my outfit worn the previous night. I knew I wouldn't sleep during the day, I never could. I step into the jacuzzi style bath letting the soapy water soothe each pain lingering in each muscle. I moan quietly as the water cleanses my body washing away my worries.

After soaking for what seemed like glorious hours I step out wrapping a soft white bathrobe, printed with a gold silk 'E' in a curly font on the right breast. 

I sorely limp into the large closet the walls lined with items of different fabrics, colours and types. My whole stay I've tried by absolute best to look pretty but today I think I'd make more of a half-hearted effort. I hop around pulling a pair of black skinny jeans on over my lace panties, I secure a white, peter pan colour button down over my lace bra. I pull a midnight blue knit sweater over the shirt my body instantly warming up my upper body. I slip socks and pair of brown lace up heeled boots. I really cannot be bothered to curl my hair as usual so I just throw my long locks into a messy sock bun, I slip a pair of silver hoop earrings with spikes and stroll out of my bedroom.

After being stopped by numerous guards I finally feel the breathe of the wind hitting my skin. The brisk cold grazing my entire body doesn't stop my feet from travellling durther and further away from the castle. I had become rather fond of a swing I had found beneath a large tree ontop of a hill overlooking the grounds. I sit at the swing rocking back and forth gently as I gaze at a bunny hopping along the green until suddenly a blazing figure sweeps it up leaving behind a trail of blood, just lovely.

"Hey Hottie." a breathy voice sneers from behind, I spin around to find one of the soldiers who train on the fields below my room. "Uh hi." I stutter rather uncomfortably as he wiped his blood stained hands on his uniform. "I'm Kai" he says before continuing "So you are Prince Styles mistress, Evangelica?" he asks obviously already knowing the answer, "Yes. And you are a knight?" he nodded with a smirk. "Are you only for Prince Styles?" I was shocked at his question, "My loyalty lies with only my Prince." I reply remembering what I had been told  by those over me. "Well isn't that a shame. because I 've always wanted to fuck a human girl." I shivered at his words as he whispers into my ear, "Especially a hot one like yourself" he grins evily before suddenly appearing infront of me.

He grabs my wrists  pulling me into him, "W-well why don't you go find yourself a hot human to fuck then." I say pulling my wrists back to my sides. "I've already found her." He growls launching at me I shift aside  and he clumsily stumbles. Being stuck in a cottage for many years I'd taught myself some tricks. As he barges at me once again I raise my long legs fan kicking him in the head. He fiercly snarls and charges at me, a defensless human girl I cringe, scrunching my face preparing myself to be attacked when just as I apprehend impact a less aggressive force hits me gently and the feeling of wind passing me tickles my sides, I open my eyes to find myself in the arms of the one and only Prince Harry Styles who I was very informally clinging to his button down shirt and his arms around my waist. Awkward much.

I quickly let go before clearing my throat and curtsying, "Your Royal Highness", I speak respectfully bowing my head, "Please Evangelica, call me Harry." He smiles for the first time ever llifting my chin. He had a beautiful smile. dimples denting each cheek. "You have a lovely smile, Your- I mean Harry" I say correcting myself.  "You are quite the girl, Huh? I've never been complemented by the girl before complementing her first." he smiles and for no reason i felt a tinge of pink forming in my cheeks.

What the fuck? I never. I mean  never blush. I literally hate the word 'blush'.

I look down self consciously shading my glowing face. Suddenly I'm thrown into an embrace, "thank you so much for looking after me this week.". After letting go he took my hand and we began walking around the palace grounds.

"So tell me about yourself" he asks inquisitively, "there isn't much to tell." I admit, "Um  I'm 17, I have no last name and I lived in a cottage with my grandma my entire life". "Have you ever had a boyfriend?" he asked casually, "Uhm No." I decided after consideration, "I guess I've had a fiance. But I wasn't in love with him and thanks to Chase I was saved from the marriage." I add shyly as I hop onto the rim of a large fountain situated in the centre of a large rose garden. 

We continued talking as we circled the fountain. As I walked I found my self tiredly stumbling over the concrete brim. Suddenly with out warning I lost my balance and tripped. I prepared my self to hit the cold water when I find myself being swept once again off my feet by the Harry Styles. "You forgot to tell me something about yourself.", "Mhm?" I ask staring into the eyes of my master who was currently restricting me from a fall, "you are pretty clumsy." he laughs returning a deep stare, "I am not!" I exclaim. "Yes you are." he smirks, "am not." I argue back. "I can let your drop into a fountain. If I were you I'd agree with me." he warns cheekily, "Okay, okay. You win!" I giggle not wanting to beome drenched in a fountain.

That's when it happened. It became dead silent and his exquisite green eyes gazed into mine and before I could comprehend the situation I found my lips attatched to his. Whether I made the move or not I don't know but I felt my self questioning all my previous assumptions. What was I doing? I'm strictly a toy why would I even believe for a second that this was any thing more? Stupid Evangelica!

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