Evangelica was a toy in the supernatural world once ruled by humans.
Betrothed to a werewolf for money to support her family, attacked when she left home, distinctively different from all other mortals.
Within the hour of her arranged marriage her already abnormal life became even more complex.
Being a mistress or a wife is a daunting task especially for an 18 year old, human girl in a world full of inhumane, immortal creatures.
Evangelica told herself she was bulletproof all her life but when your surrounded and owned by creatures capable of ripping you apart fast than a bullet everyday you can choose to either embrace the advantages or live in fear, your life flashing before your eyes every second.
Will the all powerful, emotionally challenged Prince Harry Edward Styles break Evangelica before her duties have begun and will her ability to attract more superior beings than her self ruin her chances of peace, safety and security?




So I am sososososo sorry for not updating.

I am super busy with exams and shit I have going on right now.

If you are looking for more of my writing to read whilst you wait. I actually have decided to post the unpublish,never-seen-before starts of my first ever fanfics(harry).

They are T.E.R.R.I.B.L.E if you ask me but Mahlia said they were great so leave your opinion and if you like it I will start re-writing them.


These fanfics are:

- "Angelically Demonic."

"The flawless exterior of Miss Van der Poel perfectly contrasted her interior; broken, troublesome, aggressive, provocative, unstable, ruptured and savagely dangerous. Much like a broken doll- desirable and perfect yet perishing by the minute."

Sandy was a troubled teenager. 

When mysterious new teacher, Mr Styles, becomes an unexpectedly influential person in Sandy's life the unexplained aggressiveness and unknown background of the exotic girl begins to take light.

Through pain, exclusion, hatred, desire, secrets and abuse will the alluring bond between teacher and student develop into fierce spite or passionate devotion.

Endeavor the wild, forbidden stories of the curious relationship shared by a teacher and his student. 


-"Try Me."

When a murdered gang-leaders mute daughter, Esme, moves to a town known for it's gangs she instantly attracts attention from members of all gangs especially that of the monstrous leader, Harry Styles.
All Esme wanted was to escape, unscathed and undamaged.
Can a monster, a demon, a player prove his labels wrong and win the heart of a depressed damsel?
Can a broken doll heal her burdens while trying to fix the mental affliction of a killer?


I thought I owed an apology and I am once again sosososososo sorry!!!!!!!!!!

x jeighmarie


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