Evangelica was a toy in the supernatural world once ruled by humans.
Betrothed to a werewolf for money to support her family, attacked when she left home, distinctively different from all other mortals.
Within the hour of her arranged marriage her already abnormal life became even more complex.
Being a mistress or a wife is a daunting task especially for an 18 year old, human girl in a world full of inhumane, immortal creatures.
Evangelica told herself she was bulletproof all her life but when your surrounded and owned by creatures capable of ripping you apart fast than a bullet everyday you can choose to either embrace the advantages or live in fear, your life flashing before your eyes every second.
Will the all powerful, emotionally challenged Prince Harry Edward Styles break Evangelica before her duties have begun and will her ability to attract more superior beings than her self ruin her chances of peace, safety and security?


5. Closer to you.

I hadn't talked to Lord- I mean Harry since the kiss, that makes it 3 days.

"M'am, Lord Styles requests you visit the royal stylist in half and hour." Lindsay a rather annoying maid drones from my door way interrupting my chain of thought. "Thank you, Lindsay." I smile falsely.

I pull on a pair of loose khaki shorts, a tan belt, a black and pink floral bustier and coral platform wedges. I smooth a rosy lip balm over my chapped lips and comb through my blonde locks before prancing to the elevator taking me to the stylist work shop.

I gently knock on the gold double doors, "Come in!", a warm females voice chimes. I push open the doors and immediately find myself enveloped in a room roof-high with clothes, wigs, extensions, makeup, hair products and accessories. A smiley woman turned with platinum blonde waves framing her tan face, "Hello dear, you must be Evangelica. I'm Lou." She said beckoning me over to the plush white lounge fronting a short glowing catwalk.

As I sat with her a bouncy baby girl crawled onto my lap. "This is my little princess, Lux.", I giggled as she gripped my fingers. "Lou, I don't think maroon is my colour." I heard a familiarly husky voice murmur before a model like boy strode to the end of the runway. 

It was Harry. Dressed in black slacks, a maroon button down that just happened to look amazing and boots. His incredible eyes met mine and a small smile met his lips. "Love, it is definitely your colour!" Lou grins, "What do you think, Evangelica?" She asked. "I think it looks good. I agree with Lou." I beam looking him straight in the eyes. 

"Actually now that i think about it, I really like this." 

"Oh my goodness!" , Lou suddenly yelps, "Why didn't I think of this earlier?" she exclaimed whilst searching the racks of colorful clothe before victoriously proclaiming, "Ah-ha!".

She returned clutching a matching maroon bandage dress,purse and black stilettos. She shooed me into the back to slip on the outfit, way too glamorous for little old me.

She swept my hair back in a tight ponytail and perched the clutch in my dainty hand. She practically threw me onto the runway where King Malik and Harry stood arguing in a hushed tone. When harry's eyes took a peep he almost fell off the catwalk. 

"Oh Harry, calm yourself." Lou scolded, "Now Harry pull Eve into your chest.", "Hun can I call you Eve?" I nod unsure as she adjust the nobles arm around me before snapping a picture. 

His warm breathe hit my neck sending tingles down my spine, Oh Lord; he's affecting me after 72 hours?

How did I end up here, I could've just got married to a wolf....

Actually that sounds horrid!



Sorry for such a short chapter but I'm doing exams at the moment and have 0 time to spare!

hope you like this sad excuse of a chapter.

This weeks goal: 260 reads, 15 Likes? (from the likes and reads i have so far)

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