Just Simply Look

Just a sweet and simple Vignette that shows what happens when eyes change color


1. Just Simple Look

When people look into my eyes, they are also looking into my heart, my soul. When they look into my eyes they can see truth behind my lying smile. The colors of my eyes reflect what my true emotions are. My eyes are the gateway to my emotions, all people have to do is look.

            Whenever I am in a silly or bubbly mood, my eyes will have bursts of golden fireworks in them. When green, tears will run down my cheeks like an emerald waterfall. The color of envy in my eyes is red, burning like two embers a-blazed with a negative passion. Brown means content and happiness in the world I live in, a color seen almost every day by friends and loved ones. The final color is grey; A color seen often by one, yet has not existed in so long. The color grey, filled with memories wanted to be forgotten. Grey. A broken color filled with passion and longing. Broken… just like the heart it reflects.

            For people to see the truth behind my smile, all they simply have to do, is look.

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