The Love Triangle

liliah is the queen bee of the school, can Niall win her over in 10 text messages or less, or will Chance win her heart?


5. The End of The Beginning

Liliah's point of view


So today was a bust. I was supposed to go over to Chance's house to bang but hes grounded until January, s i g h. Chance is about 5'5 so he's a couple inches taller than me, he's a ginger. 10/10 would bang in a flat second, but him being a junior is totally lame because like him and i never hang out but i guess i got lucky today because he looked hella hot and he sat at my table with my friends an i and daaaamn he just gets me goin yanno, like wowza. anywhore, Niall and i  had talked about possibly hanging out but he hasn't followed the rules.

Chance's pov

she's so beautiful. liliah is funny, full of surprises, adventurous, easy going, and overall a really chill girl. ive hung out with her a couple times and you can actually feel the sexual tension. she's so short though and its so adorable. but ive been talking to another girl for a while now.. is it bad if i want both girls? i dont know what to do. her and i were supposed to bang today but i forgot i was grounded.. until january. oh shit her birthday is january 9th. her and i play volleyball during lunch everyday and she always laughs at me, or maybe its because she actually has feelings for me, and not just sexual ones hm 

Destini's pov

well now theres a love triangle thingy between liliah, chance, and niall. honestly i think chance is the better choice because he'll probably treat her better but that's just my unwanted opinion. i think liliah and chance are gonna bang next week, even though he'll still be grounded. my boyfriend james doesn't like any of this but oh well. the bell just rang for lunch and i have to go find liliah to see where we're going to go eat for lunch. i see niall and ask him if he's seen liliah but he shakes his head and says he thinks shes going to her house to bang chance today, i wish someone couldve seen his face when he said that, i could almost see his heart breaking. 



i think the next chapter is going to be a sexual one but im not sure yet ahah,

love you, 


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