The Love Triangle

liliah is the queen bee of the school, can Niall win her over in 10 text messages or less, or will Chance win her heart?


1. Math Class With The Devil

My name is is liliah, i am short like 5 foot short, i play volleyball and i make the boys chase me. my best friend's name is destini or des which ever one you prefer to call her. My hair is a dark mocha brown with red undertones which goes perfectly with my hazel eyes. I am a sophomore (s'more as we call it) and today is the last friday of the school year, at 2:30 today i will no longer be an underclass kid or whatever they're called. 

It was 4th period math and today instead of doing work we were watching a stupid show called like numb3rs or something, honestly i could care less,  of course my math teacher is already on vacation so im stuck with an old substitute teacher, ms. flannagan ugh she has like stringy black hair mixed with some grey, yikes she has some pretty bad split ends. 

des walks in behind me and we sit in the back corner, after the sub takes roll a boy walks into the class. i think his name is niall but hes literally nothing to me. clearly des and i are the uh " queen bees " or my favorite label the " mean girls " now let's sort some things out, we're not actually mean, we're just the prettiest girls in the school so everyone is basically required to bow down to us. i mean to be fair des and i can be pretty salty at times but i mean its high school, whos not salty? 

niall explains that he was a little busy with the new girl amelia, and then he explained what busy meant.. to the whole class. niall has been chasing me for a while now, but im not giving in. basically every single girl in this damn school is all over him. i mean yes he is extremely hot and yes i have seen pictures of his extremely uh well amazing " package " so to speak. he sits down next to me and winks. so naturally i roll my eyes and start talking to des.




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