The Love Triangle

liliah is the queen bee of the school, can Niall win her over in 10 text messages or less, or will Chance win her heart?


2. Math Class With My Angel

My name is Niall James,but you can call me daddy . im relatively tall ish i guess, im not very coordinated but i get all the girls so life is pretty cool i guess. 

I convinced the new girl that we were like a thing, hooked up with her in the teacher's lounge and then went to math class, where liliah is. damn shes beautiful. i know what youre thinking, if i like her so much why dont i just go for her? its not as simple as it sounds. she likes the chase and i love chasing. i try to make her jealous but honestly that has never worked. i think the thing i like most about her is her carefree attitude. her body is small but curvy, shes short enough that if i were to hug her our bodies would almost fit perfectly. ive had a thing for her for about six months now. 

the problem with liking her is she wont give you her number and neither will destini, and even if you did have her number you had to win her over in ten text messages or less, only one guy has ever done it before, but the rule is , if you win her over you are never allowed to share the secret of how you did it, or she would basically ruin your life. 

liliah and i basically flirt with our eyes, except most of the time shes rolling hers so maybe thats some code thing that means like i dont know, fuck me? haha i wish, after the class is over i pull liliah off to the side and ask her if she wants to hang out this summer, she laughs rolls her eyes and as shes walking away she whispers, 

" catch me if you can " 

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