The Love Triangle

liliah is the queen bee of the school, can Niall win her over in 10 text messages or less, or will Chance win her heart?


3. Math Class From Hell

My name is destini but i prefer des because its easier for a guy to say when we're slamming, if you know what i mean.

Im about an inch or two shorter than liliah, and my hair isn't quite as long as hers, hers goes down to her mid ass which is totally hot because her hair is cut in a v shape so when its not in her face its basically an arrow pointing to her medium sized ass. 

yikes niall just walked in. liliah and niall have a complicated relationship, theyre fuck buddies minus the fucking and no buddy therye just liliah and niall. liliah loves games, she also loves breaking hearts but she doesnt do it as often as she would like. she wants to be queen but she wants to be respected, and loved. she doesnt really show it but shes insecure, shes just a girl. 

her and i have been best friends since freshman year, back then i wore glasses and had braces. luckily liliah found me and made me the hot bitch i am today. i am forever grateful for that. 

liliah has three rules

1. impress me and youll get my approval

- i told her my dad was the creator of neon fluffy socks, she immediately approved of me

2. get my number somehow 

- after she approved of me she gave it to me

3. win me over in ten text messages or less and im yours, but tell a soul on how you won me over and your life will be hell.

-i didnt have to do that, that rule is only for boys. 

well math class is over, liliah and i stand up to leave but then niall pulls her off to the side and says something to her that makes her laugh, roll her eyes and walk away, she also said something probably along the lines of " im still not yours , you wish, little did you know, or catch me if you can" ahh i sure do love her. 

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