Devoted Thoughts

Up until this year, I still haven't spoken a word. To ANYONE. My parents think it's an act of rebellion; they have no idea. They will NEVER understand. They don't know what happened that night and they never will. The only thing that saves me thoughts.


2. Devoted Thoughts - 2

I walk aimlessly down the hallway in search of my next class. I'm late yet again.

"Mrs.Harper. You're late. Do you have a pass?" I shake my head no just like last period. "Don't be late again. You can sit right there next to Haiden." He points to the seat next to a boy that look oddly familiar. Oh, that's right. He was the kid who was staring at me in first period; the one who smiled. I took my seat and fixed my books the way I liked them.

"Hi." He whispers to me. I don't respond. "You're in my first class aren't you?" I still don't reply. "Not a big talker? Okay." He takes out a notebook and writes something down, passing it over to me.

Haiden: Hi! My name is Haiden Holloway. :) :D

Me: Molly Harper

Haiden: Are you new this year?

Me: Yes

Haiden: You don't talk much do you?

Me: No

Haiden: Do you talk at all?

Me: No

The bell rings and before he can finish what he is writing I pick up my books and leave.


After fourth period I go to lunch. The cafeteria is packed and as soon as I walk in there are people everywhere staring at me. It makes me too uncomfortable. I hurry through the lunch line and find an empty table to sit by myself. I thought I had gotten away with it until that same green eyed boy came and sat down next to me with a notebook and a pencil.

"Hi again." He says. I'm silent. He nods. "Okay, still not talking." He reaches for his notebook and starts writing again.

Haiden: How are you?


Haiden: Okay, not writing either.

"Okay, then I'll just talk and you listen." He says, smiling. I roll my eyes and he smiles again, his dimples indenting his face. "Can I see your schedule?" I dig through my bag and pull out the list, handing it over to him. "Wow, it looks like we have almost every class together, except for History." He hands it back and sighs as I put it back into my bag. I look at him weirdly.
He grabs his notebook once again.

Haiden: I want to know more about you.


Haiden: Come on, at least write a word.


Haiden: Fine. I'm sorry I ever tried to be your friend.

He grabs his bag and is about to grab his notebook and walk away. I grab the notebook. He stops and sits back down.

Me: Why?

Haiden: Why what?

Me: Why are you trying to be my friend?

Haiden: You seem like you need a friend, and you seem pretty cool

Me: The last thing I need is a friend right now.

I grab my bag, pushing it up onto my shoulder and walk away from the table. I had suddenly lost my appetite.

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