What Happened To Us ?

Zayn and Perrie have been married for a few months and already things start to fall apart but what happens when one final thing drives Zayn over the edge. Will he try to find someone new or will Perrie come in between his new found hope at love


1. The Start



            It was a chilly afternoon in London where Zayn was having a change in mind about marrying Perrie Edwards of Little Mix. At first he thought he made the greatest decision of his life, he thought he found his one and only but now he is questioning it. He thought that he had seen the true part of Perrie but after he proposed she started to change. She started going to clubs every night and when Zayn would confront her about it she would just say was trying to enjoy her life as a girlfriend before she became his wife. Zayn was beginning to think that she as just using him but he knew that he meant a lot to Perrie  than for   her  to  throw everything away for money .  





okay so this is just a short chapter I also have nothing against perrie its just for the movella

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