My Everyday (hopefully) Rants

Don't you hate it when people do things that bother you? Well I have lots of those. These are my daily (hopefully) rants that I share what has bothered me. Whether it was a bug crawling up my leg, people waving, who knows. These are my rants.


1. You Literally Don't Know How to Use "Literally"

                 I am one of those people that really cannot stand it when people use incorrect grammar. Some may call me a "Grammar Nazi". The worst word I have ever heard anyone use incorrectly; is literally. It is a commonly used adverb that most people use a lot. It means that an event actually happened. For example, "My dog literally cannot eat grapes." Most people would say, "She was so mad, her head literally exploded!" Seriously. Her head "literally" exploded. "Literally." Next time, think before you say it. As my favorite quote says, "Let us keep dangerous weapons out of the hands of fools; let's start with typewriters!" - Soloman Short

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