My Everyday (hopefully) Rants

Don't you hate it when people do things that bother you? Well I have lots of those. These are my daily (hopefully) rants that I share what has bothered me. Whether it was a bug crawling up my leg, people waving, who knows. These are my rants.


2. Why are you talking to the television?

                           I am currently staying with my step-grandmother. She watches a lot of T V. The worst part about it; she talks and grunts constantly to the television. She would say things like "You should not have done that; I can't believe you did that" or "You picked the wrong door it does not match the room". You are probably thinking "A lot of people do that!" It's pretty bad. She will not stop talking. Her grunts are just as worse. "mmmmm" mmmmm" "mmmmm'. It never stops. She does it as a show of interest.  The people cannot hear you. Please, for my own sanity; do not talk to the T V.

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