My Everyday (hopefully) Rants

Don't you hate it when people do things that bother you? Well I have lots of those. These are my daily (hopefully) rants that I share what has bothered me. Whether it was a bug crawling up my leg, people waving, who knows. These are my rants.


3. Our Generation Has Gone In the Toilet

I recently have gone to Disney with one of my friends. I had lots of fun, but she was constantly on her phone. I would try to talk to her, but she would be on her phone. She couldn't hear me at all. We are in Disney, the happiest place on Earth, and you are on your phone playing games the whole time. It urked me. Seriously, we are paying for you to go, and you don't even seem to be enjoying it. The only time she would get off of it is to get on a ride. She would bump into people, and when the cast members asked her something she wouldn't respond. My Mom was bothered by it too. This generation has disgusted me. I am twelve and I see so many problems. Girls at one of my friend's middle school are getting knocked up at thirteen. Our generation has absolutly no common sense whatsoever. I think everyone should be sent to boarding schools. Make that Military boarding schools. That will whip everyone back in shape. That would be amazing. Why, just why?
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