The Last Kiss.

Me and Harry have been dating for over 2 months. I was put up to date Harry by my management. I'm a singer also and they thought me and him would be a good patch. So they set us up for him to be more popular. They told me that I would have to break up with him after 2 months and not to truly love him. But we have two problem's. 1. He doesn't know that we were put together by management. And 2. I fell hard in love with him and I don't know how to to break up with him. I'm going to have to leave him sometime. And we'll only have one more last kiss.


6. "The Truth."

April's POV

    It was the next day and everyone was acting weird around me ever since all the boys found out i liked Luke. I even felt awkward around them. I was sitting in my room on the bus watching some random show on tv when Ashton comes and and sits down next to me and says



"Um So Harry text me and said that he really wants to talk to you. He wants you to meet him at this restaurant right now." 

"I don't want to talk to him though!" 

"April just tell him and get it over with! It's not like he's going to go to your management and tell them that you told him. And they won't end your career! I promise! Me and the boys won't let them!" 

    I smiled and then nodded yes. He text Harry back and said I was on my way there. We arrived at the place and I got out of the tour bus. I walked inside and saw Harry sitting in the back. I walked over to him and sat down. He looked at me and I then said

"Ok Harry I'll tell you why I break up with you. Now don't get mad. Ok so the reason is is because my management put me and you together so you could get more popular, and they told me I had to break up with you after 2 months being together or they would end my career. But 1. You didn't know we were put together and I didn't know how to tell you Harry! And 2. I fall in love with you Harry. I really did. But I don't think I have feelings for you anymore." 

    I saw Harry start to cry. I hate to see him like this. And then he said

"Thanks for at least telling me. But April I still love you! I want you back and I can't live without you!"

"I'm sorry Harry. But me and Luke talked last night and we're kinda dating now! Please don't be mad Harry! You can live without me! I'm pretty sure you need air to breath."

   Harry now looked pissed off. Just like yesterday. He started to cry hard. He didn't say anything at all. He then just got up and left. Now I felt bad. I then got up and walked back to the tour bus. Luke greeted me with a kiss and said 

"Goodmorning Sweetie!" 

"Did you just get up?" I asked. 

He faked cough and said "Umm no.. What you talking about?" 

"Your a dork!" I said. 

Harry's POV

     I walked out and into my car. I couldn't hardly all the words April was saying. I drove back home and I saw Louis asleep on my couch. I walked up to my bathroom and looked in the mirror. I was disgusted of myself. I hated me! I hated everything! I then punched the mirror and picked up glass. I sat down and looked at myself. I then dug the glass into my wrists then my legs. That didn't help the pain one bit. But one thing could. I grabbed a bottle from the sink and poured all the pills down my throat. Maybe if I just ended my life the pain would be gone. I then slowly drifted off into a deep sleep. I then heard a scream and then someone saying

"Yes 911! We need a ambulance right now! My friend just tried to kill himself!" 


Hi guys! Hoped you liked it! Sorry it's so short! Next one will be longer! Please heart, favorite and fan me! I always fan back!



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