The Last Kiss.

Me and Harry have been dating for over 2 months. I was put up to date Harry by my management. I'm a singer also and they thought me and him would be a good patch. So they set us up for him to be more popular. They told me that I would have to break up with him after 2 months and not to truly love him. But we have two problem's. 1. He doesn't know that we were put together by management. And 2. I fell hard in love with him and I don't know how to to break up with him. I'm going to have to leave him sometime. And we'll only have one more last kiss.


5. "The Hangout."

April's POV

    Me and the boys all got on the tour bus and got ready for another day. Another concert. Touring life sucks. Last night I couldn't sleep at all for some reason. I keep thinking about things. I missed Harry and I really wanted to tell him but if i did my career would be history. I hate to think Harry has no idea why I left. I mean if I was him I would act just like him. I would want to know too. Luke came to sit next to me causing me to stop thinking. 

"Hey! So I was wondering maybe before the concert tonight we could maybe go and hangout together and do something!" 

"Sure sounds great!" 

    Luke left and I went back to deep thinking. I hate myself when I'm like this. Time went by fast and the bus just.......stopped. I got up to see what was happening and poked Micheal and said 

"What's going on?" 

"Oh we just stopped to go shopping for a little bit! Come on!!!" 

    He grabbed my hand and dragged me off the bus. Me and him ran into a shop and started looking around. The next thing I knew I bump into someone. I then say 

"I'm so sorry!" 

"Oh it's ok!" 

    The voice was familiar. I looked and saw Niall! What is he doing here? 

"Niall! Nice to see you again!" 

"April! Oh my god! I've missed you! Haven't seen you in forever!" 

"I know right!" 

     Our conversation was cut off by Sam coming over saying we were heading to another place. 

"Wait before you leave! I want to give you something to remember me!" Niall said. 

     He pulled a necklace out of his pocket and put it on my neck. It was a half of heart and it said "Best". 

"It's friendship necklaces! And one more thing!" 

      He pulled out his phone and took a picture of us. I hugged him, said our goodbyes and left. Sam took me to a food place that all the boys were at. I walked over to them and Luke said

"Look who decided to show up!" 

"Shut up!" I said punching his shoulder. 

     I sat down next to Luke and we all started talked. We talked about the tour and the upcoming concerts and of coarse our fans! Then Ashton tried to make us all laugh but the things he did was dorky and we laughed anyway just because he's a dork. 

"Hey let's take a picture together!" Calum said. 

   We all bunched together and snap! The picture was taken! We all looked at it and I was in the middle of Luke and Ashton. Both of there arms were around me and they all did funny faces but didn't tell me to do one. We laughed at it and then something stopped me from laughing. In the corner of my eye I saw someone walk in. I turned my head and saw the one and only Harry Styles. I started freaking out. How the hell did he know where we were? Niall! I whispered in Luke's ear 

"We need to leave! Like NOW!" 


I pointed over to Harry and he said "Oh ok! Come on!" 

Me and Luke got up and the boys said "Where you going guys?" 

"We're going to the tour bus! Meet you there!" Luke said. 

    Luke put his arm around my shoulders and we started to walk out. We pretended not to see Harry. But Harry stopped us anyway and said

"Hey guys! Weird we end up seeing each other all the time." 

"Yeah.. We have to go. We have to get back to the tour bus." Luke said. 

"Hi April. Can I talk to you for a minute?" 

"I can't right now. I have to get back to the bus with Luke." 

"I think you have a couple minutes. Mind if I take April for a minute?" He asked Luke. 

"Umm....uhhh...Sure." Luke looked scared to even say no to Harry. 

     Harry grabbed me and took me to a table and we sat down. I felt so uncomfortable. I didn't want to be around Harry. Not at all! I looked at Harry and said

"What you want? Make it it quick styles!"

"Please April! All I want to know is why! That's all!"

"Well I can't tell you! I'm sorry! So you might as well just leave because I'm not telling you. Your just going to waste your time!"

"April WHY! Try putting yourself in my spot! I'm upset. I want to know why! I want you back! And I don't know what I did wrong!" 

"Like I said You did nothing wrong! And I might like someone else at the moment." I said looking at Luke. 

     Harry looked over at Luke and looked back at me with angry. Now i was afraid of him. What was he going to do? Hit me? Yell? He then said 

"Oh I see how it is! You don't tell me why you left! You WON'T tell me anything! And you just leave then you start liking LUKE! I see how it is! THANK'S A LOT!" 

    By then everyone was staring at me. Even Luke. Harry gets up and storms out the place. Luke comes over to me and says

"You like me?" 


."Ummm............ I said. 


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