The Last Kiss.

Me and Harry have been dating for over 2 months. I was put up to date Harry by my management. I'm a singer also and they thought me and him would be a good patch. So they set us up for him to be more popular. They told me that I would have to break up with him after 2 months and not to truly love him. But we have two problem's. 1. He doesn't know that we were put together by management. And 2. I fell hard in love with him and I don't know how to to break up with him. I'm going to have to leave him sometime. And we'll only have one more last kiss.


1. "The Goodbye."

April's POV

"Harry come here for a minute!" 

   Harry came running in with just his boxers on. He's so damn sexy. April snap out of it! Today's the day you never wanted to come. You shouldn't be thinking about him. 

"Yes sweetheart?"

"Can you take me to the airport?"

"Sure! Where you going?" He said while getting dressed. 

"I'll tell you when we get there." 

   I packed all my stuff in the suit case and then got dressed. I keep seeing Harry in the corner of my eyes looking at me. I finally turned around and said

"Yes you looking at something?"

"Yes. Just the most beautiful thing in the world."

   God damn harry you aren't making this day any better! But those kinds of things he does is what I love about him. Management told me not to fall in love with him but how could I not? We were all ready and we hopped in the car. Harry started it and headed to the airport. I looked out the window trying not to cry. We arrived and got out. We walked in and over to where I was boarding my plane. Harry turned to me and said

"So where you going cutie?" 


"It's ok! Just tell me!" Harry said. 

    I looked into those pretty green eyes. How could I hurt him? He never did anything to hurt me. This has to be the worst day of my life. I looked down at the ground with tears in my eyes and said

"Harry I'm leaving." I said looking up at him. 

   His expression turned from happy to confused/sad in seconds. 

"What you mean your leaving?"

"I'm so sorry Harry. I'm leaving you. I'm breaking up with you." 

   After I said that he let go of me and looked at the ground. Then looked at my with those watery green eyes. He was in shock then he finally said

"Why?!? What did I do to you! Did I do something wrong?" 

I walked over to him and put my hand on his shoulder and said

"No you did nothing! I knew this would be hard to say. But I have to go. I'm sorry." 

  I turned around and started walking toward the boarding place when he put his hand on my shoulder and turned me back toward him and then he said

"Please don't leave! Why you leaving! Why are you breaking up with me? At least tell me that! I love you! Don't leave!"

"Harry...Please! Don't make this any worse then it needs to be!"

"At least tell me why!" 

   As soon as he said that I saw tons of girls running toward us. I looked at Harry, kissed him and said 

"I love you. I'm so sorry! I got to go!" 

   I ran away crying. I turned back to see Harry on his knees and girls all around him. He was covering his eyes looking at the ground. I quickly got to the boarding spot. I give them my ticket ,looked back at Harry one more time and got on. Never to see him again. 

Harry's POV

   I watched as April ran away! Why would she leave me! I didn't do anything to her. I covered my eyes and looked at the ground. I then looked up and saw her board her plane. I saw ton of girls around me. I got up pushed them all aside and walked past all of them. I didn't care about anything  right now. All I wanted was April. All I wanted is her back! 


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