The Last Kiss.

Me and Harry have been dating for over 2 months. I was put up to date Harry by my management. I'm a singer also and they thought me and him would be a good patch. So they set us up for him to be more popular. They told me that I would have to break up with him after 2 months and not to truly love him. But we have two problem's. 1. He doesn't know that we were put together by management. And 2. I fell hard in love with him and I don't know how to to break up with him. I'm going to have to leave him sometime. And we'll only have one more last kiss.


3. "First Concert."

April's POV

"April! April wake up!" 

  I looked up and saw Sam standing over me. Why the hell is he in my room for? I got up and sat on my bed and said

"Yes? Do you need something?" 

"Yeah! Get dressed! We have to get on a plane and head to England!" 

"Ugh! It's to early, I said covering my face with a pillow, Ok give me a few minutes!" 

   I got up and decided to get my pj's on so I just put my hair in a bun. I'll get better dressed for the concert when we get there. I got everything together and headed outside. Me and Sam got in the car and drove to the airport and got on the plane. 

*Skip the plane ride*

   We landed and got out of the plane. Me and Sam got in a black car and headed to the arena because it was almost time for the concert. We got there and got out. We walked in the back door and into 5 Seconds of Summer's room. We enter the room and they all looked at me. Then a blonde haired Blue eyed boy came up to me and said 

"You wearing that to the concert?" 

"Haha very funny. No I'm not. And you are?" 

"I'm Luke! Your "maybe" duet partner. This is Ashton, Calum and Michael!" Luke said pointing to each guy. 

"Nice to meet you guys! I'm April! I'm a newbie so be gentle around me! Anyway I have to go get ready for the concert! I'll see you guys later!" 

   I was walking out when Luke said

"Oh well you have no idea how crazy the tour will be! You won't last a minute sweetheart!" 

    I turned around gave him the death stare and then went in my room. I got make-up on me and my outfit. Luke came in about 30 minutes later and said

"Ok so I guess we're doing a duet tonight! Now it's not a new song or anything. It's a song you should know. It's a song called "No Air" by Jordan Sparks and Chris Brown. Here's the lyrics. Look over them and good luck!"

   I grabbed the lyrics and looked over them carefully. Oh this is easy! I love this song! I looked over them for about another 20 minutes then Sam came in and said

"April! It's showtime." 

I took a deep breath and said "Its showtime." 

Harry's POV

     Me and Louis walked up to the back of the arena and walked in. We meet someone and got our tickets and backstage passes. We got to our seats quickly before fans were let in. We were right in front! Front in the middle! The best place you could ever be! The fans all got in and they of coarse spotted us but we had body guards around us. The concert started and 5 Seconds of Summer came out! They started out with there best song "Heartbreak Girl." They did a couple more songs then Ashton spoke on the mic and said

"We have a special guest here for you guys! Her name's April and she will be singing her brand new song "Love."

   April came out and she looked gorgeous! She smiled at the crowed and then started to sing her wonderful song! Then 5SOS did a couple more songs then Luke asked April to come back out. She was only suppose to perform one song? What's going on?!? Then Luke said

"We have one last song for you guys! Me and April are going to do a duet to "No Air"! Hope you like it!" 

    How ok. Duet's are cool! It'll give April some practice. I was all fine until i realized it was song. They got closer and closer together and April started to sing

"If I should die before I wake. it's cause you took my breath away. Losing you is like living in a world with no air!" She looked into Luke's eyes and it broke my heart!

Then Luke sang 

"I'm here alone, didn't wanna leave. My heart won't move, it's incomplete. Wish there was a way that I can make you understand." 

I was about to jump on that stage and grab April away from him. But I'm friends with 5SOS and I didn't want to mess up there concert. All I did was make fists. The concert ended and me and Louis got in line for the back stage pictures. We were the first in line! Then the guard let us in. I saw all of 5SOS and April standing in front of a back ground. 

April's POV

   They opened the door to the people who bought back stage passes and I looked down at my phone real quick to check if I have any messages when I heard Michael say

"Hey guys! What you doing here?"

    I looked up and saw Harry and Louis!!! Why are they here! Harry, Louis and the rest of the boys talked and then Harry walked over to me and said 


"Hi Harry. What you doing here?" 

"I want to know why!" 

"Harry please! Just leave!" 

"Please April!" 

    Sam my body guard came over and looked at the both of us and said 

"Is everything alright? Wait a second are you Harry Styles?' 

"Yeah. Why?" Harry asked. 

"You need to come with me sir! You can't be around April." 

    Sam grabbed a hold of Harry and started dragging him out. Louis followed them and then Harry screamed


   All the boys looked at me with a weird look and then Calum said

"What was that all about?" 

I looked at them and said "Don't ask." 


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