The Last Kiss.

Me and Harry have been dating for over 2 months. I was put up to date Harry by my management. I'm a singer also and they thought me and him would be a good patch. So they set us up for him to be more popular. They told me that I would have to break up with him after 2 months and not to truly love him. But we have two problem's. 1. He doesn't know that we were put together by management. And 2. I fell hard in love with him and I don't know how to to break up with him. I'm going to have to leave him sometime. And we'll only have one more last kiss.


7. "Broken Hearts."

April's POV

     I got up to my phone going off the hook! I had 25 calls and 50 messages from Louis. I picked up my phone and dialed his number. God what does he want? He answered right away and said

"Finally you call back!"

"Well I'm sorry! I was sleeping! What's up?"

"Harry is in the hospital! He's been here since last night! I've been trying to get a hold of you and the guys but no one would answer and I haven't heard from the doctor yet!"

"Oh my god! We'll be right down!" 

    I got out of bed and woke all the boys up. We all decided to just go in our pj's. It seemed like forever when we finally got there. We all ran in and into the lobby where Louis and the rest of the guys were. Then Louis got up and said 

"You little bitch! It's your fault! Your the reason why he's in here! It's all your fault! Hope you feel better about yourself now!" 

"Louis!" Liam said. 

"Well it is her fault! After he came home he went straight to his bathroom punched the mirror and cut himself on the waists and legs then to top it off he swallowed a whole bottle of pills!" 

I started to cry and said "Your right Louis. It is all my fault!" And I ran out. 

    I ran outside and on the steps. He is right. Harry could die because of me. He didn't deserve this! I feel so guilty. I covered my eyes and cried. Then I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up and it was Ashton. He sat down and hugged me. He kissed my forehead and said

"It's not your fault April. Actually it's your managements fault. Please don't cry. I hate seeing you cry."

I looked up at Ashton and said "Thank's Ashton! You always know what to say." 

      He grabbed my hand and walked me back in. When we entered the waiting room Louis came running over to me and hugged me. He then said

"I'm so sorry April! I didn't mean any of that! I'm just so worried and I took it out on you! Please forgive me! I'm so sorry!" 

"I forgive you Louis!" I said smiling up at him. 

   We all sat down and didn't talk at all. We were all to worried to say anything. We all were afraid for the worst.......and we were ready to hear the worse. About 3 hours later the doctor came in and said 

"Are you guys here for Harry Styles?"

"Yes!" Louis said. 

"Ok. Well.. Harry's fine! We had to pump all the pills out of him and the cuts are pretty deep. But they will heal over time. Nothing's broken or anything but he's going to be weak for a while and someone will need to stay with him the whole time until he's better. You guys can go in and see him if you want. Oh and he can leave in a few minutes." 

     Thank god Harry's ok. I was worried for a long time! We all got up and walked in his room. Oh god he looked so pale and weak. He looked horrible. He smiled when he saw all of us come in. All the boys gave him hugs and talked to him for a few minutes then I walked over to him. 

"April our here!?!" 

"Yeah Hi Harry!" 

    I couldn't take it anymore. I started to cry and ran over to him. I hugged him and didn't want to let him go! 

"Oh my god Harry! I'm so sorry! It's all my fault your in here! I never mean't for this to happen! Harry I missed you so much! Harry........I love you!" 

He couldn't believe what I said. He put his hand be hide me head and leaned in and kissed me and said "I love you so much April! Please take me back!"

"Oh coarse Harry!" 

Harry looked back at the boys who were talking to each other when Harry said 

"Can me and April have some alone time together?" 

"Sure! Come on guys!" Liam said. 

    They all left and it was just me and him. He looked at me then back at the bed and back at me. He then said 

"April will you please stay with me until I get better?" 

"Harry I'm on tour with the guys right now. I can't just leave them!" 


"Ok. But it's going to be hard to tell them. And I have to talk to Luke too. Harry I'll be right back!" 

"Ok babe!' 

   I walked out and told all the guys to follow me. We all walked outside and into a circle. How am I going to tell them? We just started. There going to hate me! But they need to know. I took a deep breath and said 


"Guys......I have something to tell you guys and you might not like it."


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