My Insane Love Life

A girl named Caroline has lost her fiancee to her step sister and now she is going to look for her true love. So to get away from her troubles she leaves Georgia (and no she doesn't have a southern ascent, thats just a STEREOTYPE) and goes to Bahamas for a vacation to get a new start with her best friend Cierra.


9. CHAPTER 9- O Baby, Baby- Britney Spears |:-)

When I woke up I found a tan set of six packs in front of me. The only person who could make me want them in less then 2 secounds is the one and only. (Drum role please) Sean Matson! I ran my fingers threw the lines and I felt him shiver. He then kissed my head. I made my way up to his face and gave him a needy and passionate kiss. He pulled back and looked in my eye's like he found what he was looking for. I wander what's going threw that beautiful head of his. 

"Hey sexy I really missed you."

"I missed you to" he said kissing me.

"Now why were you crying yesterday"

"how did you- that snitch"

"are you going to tell me because Cierra wouldn't tell me, something about already saying to much"

"ok yesterday we were watching tmz-"

"tmz" he asked raising and eyebrow completely amused.

"Yea so what. it's one of my favourite shows, well my second to first hated show now" I say sliding my hand up and done his stomach.


"because yesterday they had a picture of me and you with Dylan and Cierra. They said my boobs were probably fake-"

"your boobs are definitely not fake I know that from experience and that's why you were crying because of that stupid comment" he says rubbing my cheek.

"no I was crying because I was scared you wouldn't like me anymore because of my skin colour and if you still did, what about the country. Half of them hate Americans and my colour is just adding to it." I say closing my eyes to possibly to stop the crying. 

"Sweetheart there not dating you I am, so I decide rather or not someone is right for me. Your definitely right. I would never do a thing like letting you go because of your skin colour. I would rather be with someone I L....."

"you what" I ask

"I like" he said looking releaved from not doing or saying something. 

"I like you to" I say moving to his lips and kissing him.

"one more thing" I say watching his sky blue eyes.


"My ex-fiancee is having a wedding can you be my date"

"of course, but aren't you mad at him getting married when you and him just broke up like 2 weeks ago."

"Nope, not at all"

"why not"

"because I have you and your better then he was to me in 2 years. I've known him for 2 years." I said moving over and straddling him. He was already hard. I leaned done and kissed him and wiggled on him. That earned me a groan from him and me getting turned over. He kissed his way down my neck and made his way under his shirt which I was wearing. He took of my underware and threw them across the room. He took off his boxer and put on condom then made his way inside of me. Let's just say amazing sex! Woah!

After we were down I made my way to the kitchen to make some pancakes but the doorbell rang. I really don't want to answer it because every time there's trouble behind the door. I ran and answered. Then comes back staber two. 

"hey Michael what do you want" I say while he checked out my legs from under my shirt. I'm surprised he didn't ask who shirt was it.

"hey can I come in"

"no" I may have said that to fast


"you don't need in explanation just no. ask me or tell me right here"

"ok then, thank you for becoming Marisa maid of honor it really meant a lot to her and she didn't think you would say yes"

"your welcome is that all" I say trying to rush him to get the hell out of here before sean comes down.

"No let me tell you why were getting married so fast I know your probably really pissed-"

"no not really but continue"

"o ok" he said looking a little disappointed.

"were getting married fast because she's pregnant" there it was a knife in the throat. Naw I'm kidding I really don't care I hope they have a happy life and treat that kid with trust instead of what they did to me.

"That's really good I hope you guys have the best life and tell her I'll be there for the dressing thing we have tomorrow bye" I said as I slammed the door in his face.

"who was that?" asked Sean as he walked over to me.

"michael" I said as there was another knock on the door.

"yea" I said as I opened the door to Michael once again. Then I felt hands around my waist and a kiss on my head.

"umm... your dad wanted me to tell you to come by today" he said looking up at Sean

"ok bye" I sayed trying to close the door but he stopped it with his hand. 


"isn't he"

"yes know leave bye once again" I said pinching his hand and closing the door. I turned around and threw my arms around Sean's neck and threw my head on his chest.

"are you ok"

"yea, it's just people keep throwing stuff at me it's getting difficult to think. First Michael and Marisa are getting married then the reason there getting married is because she's pregnant. I also have to be her maid of honor and were some tacky dress. Now I have to go see why my dad wants me ahhhh" I said in his chest.

"it's ok I'll be at the wedding and I can come with you to your dad's house and in the mean time I can tickle you."

"what? you will not"

"are you really going to say that" I then ran to the back of the couch and he was in the front.

"you really want to run it's going to be that much worst."

"I'll take my chances"

"that's on YOU" he yelled jumping over the couch and tickling me.

"ok ok stop please" I said between laughs.

"not until you give me an incredible kiss"

"ok ok I'll give you one" I said feeling tears coming down. He stopped and I gave him a peck.

"that wasn't a kiss" he said frowning. 

"o you want a kiss ok" I said grabbing his shoulders and pulling him to me then wrapping my left leg around him and he held it. I ran my hand all the way down to his v and ran my hand over his private he groaned and the only thing blocking me from touching it is his boxer's. He then grabbed my butt and hoisted me up to make my right leg wrapp around him with my other. He then made my back hit the wall and I ran my hand threw hos silky hair and he ran his hands up and down my thighs.

I pulled back and looked at him
"was that a kiss" I said running my hand down his chest.

"yes that was definitely a kiss" he said kissing my neck and making it up to my ear.

"no we....we have stop... I have too... go too... O. My. God" I said as he ran his finger over my underware. He then pushed it aside putting his finger inside of me leaving me gasping for air. He pushed his finger inside of me until he couldn't go any further. What was I about to say again. He begin pumping into me which had me tugging at his hair. He then pulled out of me and licked my oragasim off his finger. He then made his way to the couch and sat down so that I was on top. I kissed him and ran my hand over wear his private is. He groan and I grind on him making him become even bigger. He kissed me on my neck and ran his hand up and done my back. he then cupped my butt and lifted me to slid down his boxer's. I took of my underwear off. he then putt me back down but this time on his very hard cock. Good thing Cierra told me to go on the pill yesterday. I started riding him until he flipped me over and took control. He pumped ito me fast losing control gaining approval from me. He started massaging my breasts and licking my hard nipple. We lasted about 2 hours till I couldn't take anymore orgasms. He then took me to the shower going another round until we had to get out.


I made my way to the door of the house I grew up in with Sean holding my waist. I knocked on the door and Azeri, a housekeeper since I was born came to the door. She looks like she's in her 40'ties but when I asked her what her age was when I was 8 she just shook here head and told me to go play outside. 

"Hola azerí te eché de menos. ¿Dónde estabas cuando vine hace dos semanas" -Hey Azeri I missed you. Where were you when I came two weeks ago.- I said pulling her into a hug.

"Yo estaba aquí, pero atrevido, huiste antes de poder decir hola"
-I was here, but you sassy, ran out before I could say hello- she said in her Hispanic accent. 

"Siento que era mi padre ser un dolor en la" -I'm sorry it was my dad being a pain in the as-

"¿sigue siendo su joven padre" -hey he's still your father young lady- she says taking my hand and slapping it.

"Aunque sé lo que quieres decir" -even though I know what you mean- she says laughing with me.

"¿Quién es este joven." -who's this young man- she said looking at Sean. 

"es mi novio" -he's my boyfriend- I said as he pulled me too him.

"it's a pleasure meeting you" he said holding out his hand for Azeri. I was suprised that he understood us. He smilied at my reaction. 

"nice to meet you to. I dont like hand shakes to formal" she said pushing his hand away and hugging him. It caught him off guard but he still hugged her back.

"what happened with senior Michael"

"he cheated on me and I dumped his sorry butt"

"I always thought he was a ass I just didn't want to say anything about it to ruin your happiness."

"its ok. I'm glad he did it. If he wouldn't have I would have never meet Sean at the Bahamas."

"oooh Bahamas nice place, wish I had the money to go"

"when do want to go. on your vacation." I ask as we started walking to the living room.

"that would be great but I don't have the money"

"I'll pay for you and your children" I didn't say husband because that would have triggered water works because her husband left her when she had her twins. He told her it was to much and he wanted to live the life while he had it. Her twins are a boy and a girl and there in college now. She really hasn't dated anybody since.

"no you can't do-"

"I want to do this because your the one who took me under your wing after my mom died and you are like my secound mom. You taught me about everthing I needed to know growing up" I said as tears threatened to come out of my eyes and we walk into the room.

"Your going to make me cry on the job sweety" she says with tears in her eyes.

"Think you very much even though you don't have to do this" she says.

"I want to and nobody can stop you from going on that trip"

"Good your hear" say's my dad walking into the living room.

"dad can Azeri go on a vacation next month for two weeks"

"yes she can do that. anything for my girl"

"yes" I say putting my hands up in victory. 

"o and Azeri I broke a mug in my office can you go clean it up" she nods and starts cursing in spanish. I laugh at what she says and shake my head.

"hey dad. what you been up to" I say walking to him and giving him a hug. He has black circles around his eyes and bags.

"umm.... I'll tell you in 2 hours when dinner starts" he says pulling away from the hug.

"who's this" he says looking at Sean with a eyebrow raised. 

"Nice to meet you Mr. Waters my names Sean Matson your daughter's boyfriend"

"Pleasure to meet you to son, call me John"

"Ok dad is it just going to be me and sean or are other's coming"

"other's, it's going to be Marisa and Michael also"

"kay kay, if you want us will be in the pool"

"ok see you at dinner" he says and I nod. He walks away and I turn to Sean.

"ok ready to go swimming"

"yep. Did you know your a daddy's girl" he says while we walk out the back door and across the lawn. 

"I am not" I say sitting on the lounge chair and taking off my pants then my shirt leaving me in my two piece bikini. 

"yes you are. he just automatically said yes when you asked him to give Azeri a vacation" he said taking off his clothes and leaving him in his swim trunks.

"ok, yes my dad really love's me, and yeah he does stuff when I ask him but that doesn't make me a daddy's girl. or are you just mad I'm not calling you daddy" I say walking over to him and kissing him.

"maybe" he said rubbing my back. We were at the edge of the pool and I got a good thought in my head. I pushed him in and the water splashed me.

"that wasn't very nice Caroline" he said making his way out of the pool looking like a god. The water was dripping down his face making me want to kiss them away. And that chest. It was shining in the sun with the water going down his v.

"what are doing" I said backing away from him as he made his way to me.

"payback" he said picking me up and jumping in the pool with me in his hold. I held my breath and made my way up.

"I'm going to kill you" I say smiling as he laughs.

I splash water in his face and he does it back we then start a water fight. When I splashed him again and he disappeared and I couldn't find him. I then felt hands on my waist that made me yelp in surprise. I turned around to see a sexy brit. I wrapped my arms around his neck and started kissing him. I found myself wrapping my legs around his waist and running my hands down his chest. Then I hear a stupid throat clear. I let go of Sean's lip which I was biting on and looked up to see Michael in his trunks and Marisa in a two piece which she wasn't showing yet with the baby. When I look at Micheal he's nothing compared to Sean.

"o hey guys" I say as Sean twisted me to his back and swam to the edge of the pool were they were. I climbed out. I saw Michael looking at my butt and Sean clinching and un-clinching his fist. I grabbed his fist and rubbed his fist with my thumb and it seemed to calm him down. We than made our way to the lounge chairs.

"so what are you doing here Sean" Micheal asked rudely. 

"hey don't-" I said being cut off by Sean

"it's ok" he said.

"I'm here because my girlfriend invited me and her dad didn't seem to mind" he shots back and I see Michael getting mad. 

"whatever even though this is a family thing and your not suppose to be here" 

"can I talk to you alone Michael" I asked Michael as he was giving Sean a dirty look. He nods his head and we walk in the house and I turn around to see that he's really close.

"ok first of all, give me two feet" I say as he backs away.

"secound of all, why are you being rude to him" I say as he eyes my body I snapp my fingers and he kind of snaps back to reality. 

"what did you say" he said turning red.

"ugh. why are you being rude"

"because he doesn't deserve you" he says shrugging. 

"and you do" I say laughing.

"well yeah" he says making me laugh harder. 

"just stop being rude and I might like you as a friend again" I said hitting his shoulder and walking back to the door. I saw Marisa trailing her hand up and down Sean's arm and he moved away.

"why are you trying to run away I know you want me" she said coming closer to him he backed away.

"no I love my girlfriend and I want Caroline, your sister" he told her. O. My. God. he love's me! he love's me! he love's me! I love him to but should I tell him. he probably was just saying that so Marisa would back off.

"she has the most adorning attitude and she know's how to stand her ground no matter how big they are and her laugh is music to my ears. I love her because she makes me feel like I'm the only person in the world and I don't like when people think were going to break up because she's a different color then me and you. I love that she's a red bone it makes me want her more than she knows and I love her because when she thinks rude and nasty people deserve happiness even when they practically take it away from her." he said looking pointing at Marisa. 

"how can you love her. she's still a virgin you know." she said crossing her arms.

"not anymore" he said smiling. she huffed and walked away.

"o yea, she's not my sister she's my step sister" she said turning to him and back around were she see's me.

"soon to be your killer after that baby is born" I said pointing to her stomach and walking over to her with my arms crossed.

*Author's Note* :P
Hello my Costomers, What will I be getting you today. A good story I have that cooking right now,
Thanks for continuing reading. I know I say this all the time, I'm just a really, really, grateful person. I'm surprised that he said he loved her. What do you think she's going to say to him after she's down chomping Marisa off? We'll we just have to see. Once again thanks for continuing reading, faving, and commenting. Even if the comment isn't nice but to mock me and help me I will take it as long as it helps. Soon I will be adding this awesome story that will have you saying "O No She didn't". 
Bye Bye, from the girl who talks to her self when she's in trouble.

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