My Insane Love Life

A girl named Caroline has lost her fiancee to her step sister and now she is going to look for her true love. So to get away from her troubles she leaves Georgia (and no she doesn't have a southern ascent, thats just a STEREOTYPE) and goes to Bahamas for a vacation to get a new start with her best friend Cierra.


8. CHAPTER 8- Who's Engaged?(

The rest of my vacation I spent mostly with Sean. When I tell you I couldn't get enough of him, I couldn't get enough. We spent half the time in the bedroom or the living room. I mean I would think he would get enough of me but no, after we were finished we would go for another round because it would come right back up. If you know what I mean. The other times we were out on the beach swimming with Dyaln and Cierra and that got him up. I mean come on, he literally put me over his shoulder and carried me to the room. I was beyond sad when I had to leave him. When we got to the airport he asked me and Cierra if we wanted to take his private jet. of course I said no. I said no because I don't want him on the plane more than the hours his suppose to. We exchanged numbers and I kissed him goodbye and in my head I was hoping this will work. Now here I am back at home missing him. How the hell do I miss him after 4 two day's and when I was with Michael I never missed him if he was gone for 4 days. 

I walked into my apartment with Cierra behind me. It's been two days since we left the Bahamas and Sean called me thoes days saying he missed me and wanted to see me again. I told him I missed him to. I then told him I was pregnant. He almost had a heart attack. I mean am I that horrible to be around I asked. He told me this wouldn't look good for his country and they would hate him with a passion but he didn't care about them and he would, take care of me and the baby. He had me in tears trying to control them. Now how in the hell does he let down my barriers without even permission. I then told him the truth which was I wasn't pregnant and he sounded like he was a little disappointed but I could be imagining things. I told him that's what he gets for not using a condom and he told me he was in the moment not thinking about anything but me. We talked on the phone for like 4 hours straight and he had to end the call because he had to do something about a guard doing something like drinking and driving and they had to fire him now there looking for a new one. 

"want to watch a sappy romantic movie and eat ice cream" I ask Cierra while we walked into the kitchen. 

"yea I don't have anything else to do" she says as I open the the freezer door. I grabbed the Oreo ice cream and walked to the leaving room and turned on the DVD player and grabbed the bowls from the kitchen and when I came back I saw that Cierra turned on titanic. It really is a good movie. 

"Leonardo was hot when he was younger, hell, he's still hot" I say putting the bowls on the coffee table then I sit next to her. 

"I know right" she says watching the part when there in the bar and he wins the tickets for titanic. 

"o I have to tell you something" she says pausing it and turning to me. 

"yea what's up"

"guess who wants to be my F-W-B (friends with benefits) again. He says he miss's me." 

"don't do it Cierra" 

"why not. I can't wait for Dylan for all my life" 

"yea you can't, but Peter's going to hurt you again then I'm going to have to stab him" 

"no he won't and how do you know" 

"yes he will and I don't know but I know he's a douche bag" 

"I'm a grown woman I can do what I want" 

"yes you are but at least think about not going back" 

"ok" she says turing to the t.v. 

"your not going to think about it are you" 


"ok but you know you can come to me if anything happens right" 

"yea I know. thats why I love you" she says turing around and hugging me. I then start fake cring and she pulls back and she's fake crying with me to. 

"I love you to" I say wiping away imaginary tears. 

" Ok enough of the crap. LETS GET THIS MOVIE STARTED" she yell's un-pausing the movie.

The whole night I cried because Jack died and that stupid Rose lived. I ran up stairs to put on Sean's shirt I forgot to give back. I grabbed one of my other pyjamas and gave it to Cierra to wear. Some how I feel asleep and I woke up laying on the sofa with my legs dangling. I tried to turn around but I ended up knocking Cierra off the couch. 

"oww. you did that on propose ass hole" she said laying up then putting her head in between her legs. 

"no if I would have did it on purpose I would have kicked you in the butt. Duh, dumm dumm" 

"what ever, but that crap hurt" she said getting up, stretching and yawning. 

"I'm going to make some cereal want some to " I asked getting up and stretching. 

"yep what do you have" 

"Honey net Cheerios, Special k, Captain Crunch, and yes I still eat that" I say as we walk into the kitchen. 

"I didn't say anything" she says laughing. 

"I know you were thinking it" I said grabbing the cheerios then the milk from the refrigerator and a bowl. 

"yea I was thinking it but I didn't say it" she said grabbing special k. 

"waeva, lowla" I said with a mouth full of cereal. 

"chew dufus" she said putting cereal in her mouth. 

Then there was a ring from the doorbell. 

"Ugh... can you go get it" I ask Cierra. She started laughing and that's when I knew she wouldn't get it. I got up and made my way to the door. 

"yes" I said opening the door. There stood the back stabber known as Marisa. 

"Hey can I come in" she says seeing my t-shirt I had on and eyeing me to see if I had a glow. That glow was long gone by now. 

"um... I don't k-"

"who's at the door" says Cierra walking up beside me. She then gives Marisa the most dangerous look ever. 

"you have some never coming here" she spat. 

"I just came here to talk to Caroline" she says getting neverious. 

"go awa-" 

"come in" I say cutting off Cierra. She looks at me saying with her eyes "are you stupid." I say with my eyes "its ok." She then walks into my living room and sits on the recliner chair and I sit on the love seat. Cierra stands behind the recliner chair like a guard ready to see if she does something stupid. 

"ok what did you want to tell me" I ask looking at her cautious. 

"Ummm... sooo... I... uhh..." 

"spit it out" Cierra said quite annoyed. 

"ok. umm... me and Micheal are getting married in 4 weeks" and thoes words right there had me sitting there in shock with Cierra in shock also.

"and can you be my maid of honor" I really think she said that because she doesn't have any friends. to tell you the truth. 

"nope get-" 

"ok I'll do it on one condition" I say while Cierra was throwing daggers at me. 

"yes what will it be" she asked thankfully. 

"Cierra has to be your bridesmaids" I asked 

"I will do no such-" 

"ok she can be a bridesmaids but I'm scared she's going to try to kill me" she says laughing nervously. 

"you better be" she muttered walking over to sit next to me. I heard it but I don't think Marisa heard because she would have looked scared instead of happy. 

"ok I think I'll leave now" she said getting up. 

"good idea" mumbled Cierra. Marisa walked to the door and I walked there with her.

"you know I'm sorry I did that to you with the whole Michael and you situation. I was an ass for doing that. I just wanted happiness like you had but I took yours away by getting mines. I'm sorry and I hope one day you can forgive me." 

"I already forgave you but I can never forget" and that's why I could never be your friend even if I tried to. I wanted to add but that would be to extreme. 

"I understand and thanks for being my maid of honor it really means a lot to me" she said hugging me. I hugged her back but quickly let go. She looked sad at my actions. I'm sorry I made her feel that way but, can never look at her the same before what she did to me.

"bye" she said walking out the door. 

"bye" I said closing the door after wards. 

I walked into the room were Cierra stood with both her hands on her hips. 

"what?" I asked as I sat down. 

"why the hell did you say yes to be her maid of honor" she says kicking me in the leg. 

"oww that hurt." I said rubbing my leg. 

"answer the question" she told me kicking me again. 

"ok I'll tell you if you stop kicking me" I say rubbing my other leg. 

"go ahead" 

"ok I told her that because I'm pretty sure she doesn't have any other friends to do it and I thought about how I've been mean to people." 

"I don't care if she had millions of friends and asked you, you should have said no and you've only been mean to people who try to walk over you. you can't let them do that to you" 

"I know, I won't, but I have to be the bigger woman sometimes" 

"yea with there foot up there ass. o yeah I forgot, why in the hell do I have to be in her dumb ass wedding" 

"because I can't do this without you I might end up strangling her." 

"there's the killer I know and love" she says patting my head. 

"you know it" I said snapping my fingers. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed my bowel turning to Cierra. 

"want to go watch some tmz. there hilariously funny" 

"yea" she said grabbing her bowl and following me to the couch. 

I turned it on to the show and there was a picture of me, Sean, Dylan, and Cierra in the beach with me on Sean's shoulder and Cierra on Dylan's and we were play fighting in the water.

"looks like the princes have some new hotties" said Harvey. 

"yea, supposedly Sean found the new girl on his vaca and they are totally together" said this blonde girl with glasses. 

"I'm just mad I didn't get to Dylan first" 

"yea I'm glad to whore" Cierra says to the tv.

"I would totally do her. She's better looking then the last girl he was dating her name was something like lenia" commented the blonde boy with long hair. 


"yea her" 

"o what ever your just looking at her boobs. are they even real" said a girl with black hair. 

"yes there fucking real" I yelled at the screen. 

"calm down. There just doing there job, entertaining people. Even though they make people feel like shit" said Cierra rubbing my back. 

"I don't know, but I don't think this relationship will last long because of colour differences. She will probably last for a mouth" said Harvey. 

"real supportive ass hole" I say putting the empty bowl of cereal down and I fill stinging in my eyes and my vision begin to blur. 

"yea but she's still ho-" Cierra turned off the tv.

"listen to me. don't listen to them there just trying to make people laugh and get more views but in the process they don't care who they hurt. one day there going to get there's, you just sit back and continue being you and God will take it in his hands" she pointing to the ceiling. She then grabbed me into a hug and I cried on her shoulder. 

"are they telling the truth. that he won't like me anymore because of my skin colour. and if he does still like me what about his country. they want like me at all he will have to let me go." I say pulling away from her hug and looking at her. 

"I'm pretty sure if you guys don't work out you would tell him he couldn't keep up with you" she says laughing while I laugh with her with hiccups coming out and wiping my eyes with her shirt. 

"and the country can suck balls your the best person they can have running that country" she says as my phone starts ringing. She walk's into the kitchen to get it and comes back with the phone to her ear.


"no she's ok" 

"o ok it's 753 blackwood drive apt 224" 


"bye" she says hanging up the phone. 

"who was that and why did you give them my address" 

"it was just Sean" 

"why did you give him my address" I ask again.

"so when he tells you he's coming he'll know were you live" 

"o ok" I say laying back and clearing my head of all the bad thoughts but it didn't go away. Fresh new tears came back but I quickly blinked them away so Cierra wouldn't notice them. The rest of the day me and Cierra went out shopping and to Wal-Mart and got the new insidious 2. The first one was so fucking scary I almost pissed my pants. We were in the middle of it and I dozed off. I think in the middle of sleeping I was picked up by some strong arms and put in my bed and they got in the bed with me and I laid my head on there chest while I fully went back to sleep.

*Author's Note* €€ { boobs lol inappropriate but it's kind of funny!!!!

Hello Number 1's, 

She is totally panicking over whether or not Sean will dump her or not. I would do that to because If I was her and my boyfriend were to dump me because of my colour I would cry my life away.(I don't have a boyfriend) :(. Inteway, In good news thannnk you for continuing reading I love you guys. Please fav and comment. I will be uploading this awesome plot that has "O. My. God," and "why would your own flesh and blood do that to you" written all over it. Mwa Hahahaha I'll remember to continue writing, if you continue reading, faving, and commenting. 

Adios, this is that girl who smells like strawberries and vanilla. Ha ha!!

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