My Insane Love Life

A girl named Caroline has lost her fiancee to her step sister and now she is going to look for her true love. So to get away from her troubles she leaves Georgia (and no she doesn't have a southern ascent, thats just a STEREOTYPE) and goes to Bahamas for a vacation to get a new start with her best friend Cierra.


7. CHAPTER 7- No Sexing and Telling -_-

I wake up with a loud bang on the door. I hear Sean peacefully sleeping and  spooning me from the behind, then that damn knock comes again. I try to get up but he pulls me close. 
"England somebody's at the door I have to go get it" I say trying to move again but it's a fail.
"let them knock they'll go away some time soon" the knock come's again.
"I don't thank that will happened soon" I laugh as I finally get out of his hold.
"Mann" he whines and adds a yawn as I make my way out of the bedroom. I opened the door to a retarded blond that is none other than my best friend. Cierra! and Dyaln!  (note sarcasm)
"Hello strangers" I say smiling as they walk in.
"Finally we've been knocking on that door for 2 min.... why are clothes scattered around" -asked Cierra turning around to me raising an eyebrow- "and why do you have on Seans v-neck and why is there a love bit on your neck" she ask with her eyes getting wide with joy. 
"that bastard" I say rubbing my neck. When he comes out in just boxer's. 
"who's a bastard" Sean ask.
"you, you gave me a love bite you idiot" I say slapping his chest while he laughs and makes his way behind me holding my waist and pulling me close.
"want me to make another to even it out" he says kissing my neck. 
"no, you've done enough" I say trying to move out of his kiss but I don't have the will. I'm so thankful he pulled away for me.

"ok, eww were still in the room. and why do you have a bite mark on your shoulder" asked Dylan pointing to Sean's shoulder. While I laughed with Sean. 
"Miss Waters here didn't want to scream so she took it out on my shoulder" he says rubbing it like it really hurt.
"whatever, you didn't move a bit when I did it yesturday." I say when he shrugged. 
"ok hone I want to get into my own clothes I'll see you later right"
"aww but I like you in my clothes. you look hot" he says running his hand up my thighs. I hit his hand then turned around and peck him and pull away. I picked up my clothes and went into the bathroom. I changed into my jeans and kept his shirt on and pulled on my sandals. I made my way into the living room and found Sean in some jeans and Dylan and Cierra close together on the couch.
"okay ready to go" I say to Cierra as she gets up and walks to my side.
"yeah" she says. 
"see you later guys" I say giving Sean a long goodbye kiss. Then I feel hands on mine pulling me away from him and to the door.
"hey" I whine and pout as she opens the door. I hear Dylan and Sean chuckle. 
"bye Dylan" she says as we walk out the door. You can hear a far away goodbye and the door closes.

"I didn't expect you to do it" she says when we get in the elevator.
"do what?" I say in an innocent voice.
"you know what" she says looking at me.
"kiss him. I did that yesterday didn't you see" I say innocently once again.
"stop playing stupid, stupid, now tell me how it happened" she asked as we walked out the elevator and made our way into the door of the hotel room. I took a seat on the couch and watched as Cierra took one next to me waiting and overjoyed. 
"so..." I copy her to get her mad and it works.

"ugh!!! just answer the damn question woman. your getting on my damn nevers" she says annoyed obviously. I laughed turned to her with one foot on the couch trying my best to look disappointed. time for pay back for pushing me into it.
"it was horrible I thought he would be better but he wasn't. and his thing wasn't even that big" Lies, lies, all lies it was huge and I totally loved it inside of me Woah Hoh. I frown and try not to laugh when her joy turns to disappointment.
"I'm sorry I pushed you into it. I should have waitied to you were good and ready" she says holding my hands.
"it's ok you were just trying to make me get over Michael" I say putting my face in my hand hiding my smile. I then start fake crying and I feel her arms go around me to console me.
"hey look at me" then I do as she says coming up with a huge grin. I burst out laughing and she pushes me away hitting me in the arm. 

"oww why did you do that for" I said while rubbing my arm.
"I thought you were for real you ass hole" she says and I start laughing again. She then pushes me on floor and I hit the floor still laughing now grabbing my sides. 
"slut" I repeat in her tone of voice still laughing.
"booty Scratcher"
"ass hole"
"I hate you" she says walking to her room slamming the door.
"I love you to" I yell for her to hear. I continue laughing tell I start crying. 

I get up composing my laughing a little and wipe my tears away. I walk into her room to see her leaning on her bed post arms crossed. I sit on the bed next to her and watch her carefully. She looks like a 3 year-old who didn't get what they wanted.
"ok you done pouting honey" 
"no mommy. not until you tell me what happened"
"ok but this is graphic for your cute little ears" I said pulling on her ears.
"don't do that" she said slapping my hand away.
"don't hit your mother. I have the right to whoop you." I say grabbing her hand and hit her. She fake cries and calls out child abuse.
"ok for real now. tell me what happened and no lieing you horrible person" she said jumping up and down like a kid getting candy.
"ok, ok. impatient much"
"yes now tell me" she yells.
"he was so caring when I told him I was a virgin. He looked a little shock because I do all of that teasing but anyways he was gentle in the beginning and making sure I was ok and when I got over that it was wild and crazy. It was really, really good and I'm kind of getting hot right now are you hot" 
"nope all you. you sex freak. This is your first time and you already want him again" she adds with a grin.
"ok don't ever call me that again. I have to take a shower I hate it when I have to wear the same clothes twice" I say getting up. she nods and I walk my way to my room and get my clothes to wear for today and I go to the bathroom then take a shower.
Now I'm going to have fun the rest of my vaction!

*Author's Note*  ♡_♥
Cello Radiant People,
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for reading. I love you guys and I hope you enjoyed this wacko part I put in. It's funny to me because I actually do this with my friends minus the cursing. They really are the best for each other. Anyway who likes Sean and Caroline together, *raises hand* anybody, I no I do they sound like a cute couple but what will happen when she has to go back home and he's over sea's. Will just have to see. Thank you for reading and feel free to tell me what I can do for my story that will improve it. Comments, Fav, Comment, Fav, Comment, Fav Woah!!!!!
Bye Movellas

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