My Insane Love Life

A girl named Caroline has lost her fiancee to her step sister and now she is going to look for her true love. So to get away from her troubles she leaves Georgia (and no she doesn't have a southern ascent, thats just a STEREOTYPE) and goes to Bahamas for a vacation to get a new start with her best friend Cierra.


6. CHAPTER 6- Why So Possessive!?!?

When we got to the table Sean took the last seat so I took the next best thing, his lap. He looked shocked but pleased. I patted his cheek and turned around and laid my head on his shoulder. He securely crossed his arms around my stomach. He introduced me and Cierra to his friend's. There was this cute little 5"3 red head named Chloe. She was leaning her head against a blonde boy about Cierra's height or taller named Stephen. They are currently dating but it's really weird because its an on and off relationship. They told us that they always fight which makes them brake up. Then there's this other girl named Cynthia she has black hair and hazel eyes who says she's dated both of them and they both broke up with her. Then Sean whispers in my ear telling me 

"she just wanted us for our money and the throne as Queen or Princess. you can see her over there flirting with Dylan she tries to hard and it's ashame" I look over in Dylan's direction and she is indeed flirting. She has her hand on his face and is close enough to kiss him. I then look at Cierra and you can tell she doesn't like it. I see she's about to slap her but I kick her under the table to make her stop. She then looks across the table and glares at me.

"why did you do that" she mouthed. 

"because you can't slap her" I mouth and I point to another table to tell her to come over there with me. I then try to get up but Sean holds me in place. 

"you can't leave love" he says holding me. 

"I'll be right back I have to talk to a total crazy person" I say peeling his hands off me. Then I slid my hands across his chest while getting up. He shudders and mission accomplish for me (fist pump). I walk over to the empty table where Cierra is sitting down waiting for me. I sit across from her. 

"why did you stop me" she says annoyed at me. 

"I stopped you because you can't do that. She didn't do a thing to you and you can't go around slapping people." 

"if someone came on to Sean would you be jealous?" she asked. 

"yea but-" 

"and would you do something stupid without thinking it threw even though your not his girlfriend?" 

"probably but-" 

"so you can't tell me what I can and can not do" 

"ok I give you that but at least tell him how you feel before you end up doing something you'll regret later" 

"ok I'll tell him, mother" she smiles at me laughing and Dylan then comes over giving Cierra a apologetic smile. 

"hey Cierra I just wanted to tell you that I'm sorry about Cynthia. She has always wanted me back after the break up but I never give her the time of day." 

"o was Cynthia doing something I didn't see" she say in an innocent tone. I snickered and she turned to me and gave me a death glare. I held up my hands in defence and stood up. 

"I'll just let you two talk. I'll be over there." I sais pointing over where the rest of the group is. They both nod and I turn to Cierra telling her with my eyes to tell him she likes him. I then walk over were they are. I see Cynthia hands roaming my man. ok not my man but you guy's no what I mean. I stop walking and just watch. She see's me in the corner of her eye and goes closer to him about to do something she will regret after. but he stops her in mid way and says something that gets her angry and she gets up and walks over to me. He looks like his scared that she's about to hit me but I hold up my hand from making him walking over here.

"yes may I help you" I say to her trying very hard to be nice. 

"yes you can help me, by you staying away from Sean" she says with anger in her voice. She really doesn't know me. 

"or what, give me a mani cure, I will kill you and dump your lifeless body in a river. do you know who I am" I say to her. Apparently she's terrified because she just shakes her head probably not trusting herself to speak. 

"I'm the daughter of a Mafia leader. if I kill you the police wouldn't care because my dad has them wrapped around his finger and when I kill you it won't be quick it will be tortuous. So you can try to slap me, try to beat me up, or say horrible words to me but your nothing compared to me, understand?" I say with venom in my words. Ok that was a little lie but if I killed her back at U. S. A. my dad would pay one of his greatest lawyers to get me out of trouble. She nods her head and I walk around her and go back to the table where everyone is looking at me weird. I take a seat back on Sean lap.

"what?" I ask. 

"we have never seen Cynthia coward away like that. What did you say to her?" asked Chloe. 

"o nothing I just put her in her place, that's all" I say waving my hand dismissively. 

"wow you really did good then because we have never seen her back down from anything" commented Stephan. 

"yea" said Sean. Then Miss gold digger shows up not willing to look at me. She then sits down when Cierra and Dylan come back laughing and holding hands. Jackpot she did it. Happy Dance. They were about to sit down when she made him switch seats with her because he was about to sit next to Cynthia. She gives Cynthia the warning eyes like she gives me when I'm about to hit her and Cynthia cowards like she did with me. 

"what happened when she walked to you?" Sean whispers in my ear. 

"I just gave her a piece of her on medicine. She told me to stay away from you and I told her something she will never forget about" 

"I love the way you get possessive" he said making circles on my stomach. That definitely made me shiver. If only he knew what he does to me. 

"Possessive, no, protective, yes, because you didn't want her near you right?" I ask him even though he was right.

"right" he says. 

"ok then, I helped you." I say leaning on him. The rest of time, we talked with each other and most of the time Chole and Stephan argued about who's better in the sack. Like really, we didn't want to hear that and we definitely didn't want to see them make out after the argument. Cynthia was quiet the whole time just observing. She didn't like it when Sean had grab my sides and started tickling me. I hit him in his arm and I saw that he was going too start again but I got up fast and started running on the sand. He ran after me and he caught me and swung me around. He then put me down and I looked up into his eyes and our lips were close. He brushed against my lips then gave me a light kiss at first I didn't move because I was paralysed then I reacted. I put my arms around his neck to make him come closer but I didn't think that was possible because we were already close. He was holding my waist and I felt tingles on my lips. He then licked my bottom lip asking for entrance and of course I opened my mouth deepening the kiss. I then heard someone clear there throat. I let go of his luscious lips and saw my blonde friend who I am going to kill later for interrupting our kiss.

"what?" I said whining. I could hear a deep chuckle from Sean. 

"time to go home" 

"ahh ask Dylan he would be happy to take you" 

"ok since your being a little four year old about it I guess I'll go ask" she says with a smile. 

"I know you were expecting me to say that. now leave"I say shooing her. She laughs and walks away. 

"now where were we"I ask turning around. 

"I believe we were here" he says lowering his head for another kiss. This one was handsy because he grab my butt making me want him instantly. I felt my hands going under his shirt and feeling his muscles. He then shuddered from my touch. Then I heard another throat clear. 

"o my God why do people keep interrupting my make out session" I say turning around while Sean laughs. This time it's Dylan. 

"what do you want? aren't you suppose to be taking Cierra home and didn't she just walk away" 

"it's been 2 minutes since she asked me and yes I am. but I was wondering can you sleep in Sean's room tonight"

"why?"I said with a questioning look. 

"because she wanted me to ask you. something about you asking to many questions and getting on her nevers" 

"she is a clever, clever, girl. I am definitely going back to the room today " Cierra wanted me to sleep with Sean I'll get her later. 

"she said you would say that. she told me to say that she took your key" 

"that bitch, that I love a lot but gets on my last nevers" I then heard Sean and Dylan laugh. I'm definitely going to get her. I'll just go to her right- 

"o and she said she took your key before you left and hid hers some where you can't find it back at Hilton." 

"tell her she is so dead tomorrow and to behave and that goes for you to mister behave or I'm chopping it off" I tell Dylan. He holds his hands up in defence and walks away smiling. 

"You ready to go" Sean ask me lowering his head down to peck my lips.

"sure" I say as we say our good-bye's to everyone as we walk back up to his car. Threw the whole car ride back to Hilton we sat in comfortable silence while me hair was being blown by the wind. 

We then made it to his room hand in hand. When he unlocked the door I walked into the living room and sat down on the couch with Sean. 

"want to start off were we left" I ask. He nods and I find myself kissing him once again. He rubs his tongue against my bottom lip asking for entrance to deepen the kiss and I gladly open. I feel myself being lifted onto Sean's lap straddling him. My hands find there way under his shirt and pulling it up over his head. He then pulls off my half shirt leaving me in my spaghetti strap shirt. 

"hold on I have to tell you something before we end up doing this" I say pulling away from the intense kiss. 

"what?" he whine's and I laugh. 

"ok I'm not prepared to say this but...." 


"i'mavirgin" I say fast. 


"I'm a virgin" I say lowering my head still on his lap. He then pulls my head up cupping my face making me look into his eyes. 

"what's wrong with being a virgin" 

"umm I don't know maybe because I don't have any experience with this" I say waving my hand up and down. 

"Okay since you don't think you can do it and I'm pretty sure you can let me do most of the work and I'm positive you'll get the hang of it." 

"ok" I say giving him a peck on the lips. 

"but are you sure you won't to do this and if you are why with me" 

"I'm sure I won't to do this and I want to do this with you because I trust you" I say while we start all over again he then took off my shirt and throws it on the floor leaving me in my black bra. He then takes off he jeans while I take off mine. My hands find there way to his face as he went to my bottom, running over my thighs and squeezing them as he lifted me up . I wrapped my legs around him tightly as he walked us to the bedroom. He lays me on the bed as I take off my bra and he takes off my underwear and his boxer's. 

There is most definitely no turning back now.

*Author's Note* :*) 

Hello perpetrators, 

Thank you for reading. Please continue reading and please, please, please fav and comment! I love you guys and I will continue writing. I can't tell you days I will specifically update but I know I will. Feel free to bash me and help me out with what I need to improve because it helps me do better and make you want to read more. fav please because I will definitely cry myself to sleep if you don't :*( Naw, I'm kidding but pretty please fav and vote.

Bye my beautifuls and stay you because fools will stay fools. ;)

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