My Insane Love Life

A girl named Caroline has lost her fiancee to her step sister and now she is going to look for her true love. So to get away from her troubles she leaves Georgia (and no she doesn't have a southern ascent, thats just a STEREOTYPE) and goes to Bahamas for a vacation to get a new start with her best friend Cierra.


5. CHAPTER 5- A Happy Surprise in Bed (:-○)

I woke up in somebody's very very expensive suite that I can't afford on my own it had a huge king sized bed. Then a recall of what happened yesterday. 
"o my God he raped me" I tried to get the hell out of there with out waking him up to go for a second round but I was hit with the most horrible headache but I didn't feel sore down there. That's odd. He wasn't in the bed either. 
"o my God I have on his t-shirt" I mumbled. Then someone entered the room really making a loud entrance. 
"who the hell are you? are you that rapists alliance? Do you want to get a round with me too? you know what don't even answer that? Your not taking me down without a fight. Even though I got a killer headache"
He just laughed and walked over with a glass of water and two pills. He gave it to me and I looked at the pills sceptical. 
"don't worry there just pain killers for the headache you have." he said in a hot British accent. 
"and I'm suppose to believe that England? Your working for that guy who just rapped me, for all I know is that your trying to kill me without making a mess." 

"England?" he asked chuckling and raising in eyebrow.
"yeah aren't you from England" I ask ferreting my eyebrows. 
"yeah but that's a pretty odd nickname and I kind of don't like it. My name's Sean Matson " he says.
"well since you don't like it, it'll stick" I say handing him the pills back.
"Don't you have a headache" he ask looking at me to see (with his captivating blue eyes) if I were in pain.
"yea I have one but I don't know if those are probably going to kill me. If I'm dead then that would most likely take the headache away. I know what your trying to do." he then throws his head back in laughter. He then's starts actually crying. After what looks like he was down he wipes away the tears.
"are you down England? and just to let you know my friend will come looking for me. we came here together" I told him while he frowns at the nickname I gave him.

"first of all what's your name I haven't even asked and that is so rude of me. Second of all I'm not here to kill you, don't you remember what happened when you were running and that guy showed up." he asked. It all came back into a quick rush. I remember running then cowering behind him while he beat that guys ass.
"o I'm sorry I've been acting like a stupid idot. I really shouldn't drink that much when I go out. My names Caroline Waters" I said still feeling that headache. I then took Sean's hand into mines which I felt sparks but I just ignored them and then took the pills from his other.
"so do you have a girlfriend, fiance, or wife because I don't want her coming in here getting angry because I'm in your t-shirt" I say putting the pills in my mouth and drinking the water. He looked at me like I was crazy for a second and then looked at me with amusement.
"do you know who I am" he asked like I was suppose to know.
"yea a Brit that saved me from a rapists why?"
"do I look familiar to you"
"now that you say that, yea a tad. do I know you from some were" 
"Never mind you can disregard that question but to answer your question you asked a while ago nope I'm single. What about you?" he asked curiously.

"just got out of one, a two year one actually. I really don't want to talk about it because that's why I took this vacation so do you mind changing the subject" he looked at me giving me a small smile and nodding.
"so are you ready to go back to your room" he said looking at me while my headache went slowly away.
"yep let me just take off your t-shirt... wait am I still wearing my bikini" I eye him cautions.
"of course I may be attracted to you but I was brought up to be a gentleman" he says eyeing my shaved legs.
"my eyes are up here England. gentleman my ass" I say snapping my fingers in his face making him jump back to reality and mumbling the last thing to myself. I then take it off to find out my cover up isn't on me and I can't find it. But guess who's looking at my chest to my legs with incredible lust. I just turn around and ignore him and I find my cover up down on the floor. I bend down to pick it up with my butt in the air and I hear a sharp take of air when I get back up I find England looking like he can't breath.

 "what's wrong, your turning purple. Breath in, Breath out, England." I tell him. He then slowly breaths.
"sorry but you probably shouldn't bend down in front me like that anymore. I may be a gentleman but I still am a man." he tells me. Then I find my eyes drifting down and I see his friend trying to get free, when I say its big that's an underestimate. I start to fan myself cause it all of a sudden gets hot. When Michael use to get hard it was never ever that big. O. my. God. he makes me want to jump on him right at this moment.
"I might need to go change and take a cold shower" he says blushing a little. Good thing I can't blush with my skin color cause I will be totally pink.
"ok, but you don't need to take me to my room, I can go there by myself" I tell him trying to keep my eyes on his without looking down. 
"what if that perv is out there near your door and you try to get away but he catches you. Then he takes you to his bedroom and-"
"ok a little to much detail but I get what your saying now go change before your pajama pants rip" I said laughing.
"Definitely not funny U.S. A." he says laughing when I stop laughing and frown. He technically called me a slut cause I'm free to everyone.

He then walks into the bathroom with a change of clothes he got from his suitcase and he comes out in 15 minutes. He's looking hot as ever with another v-neck that's white with some fading black jeans. His sunglass in his thick brown hair I just want to run my hand threw.
"you look sexy"I would most likely do you. I wanted to add but that would be a little to blunt.
"thanks. you just say what pops in your cute head don't you" he ask laughing.
"pretty much. most people thank its confidence but it's just me being incredibly stupid." I say laughing with him.
"well let's go and get you to your room "
"o-key do-key England" we then make our way out of his bedroom to the living room then the door. On the way to my room we talk a little about my life and his and how I lost my mom and he lost his dad. He looked like he was surprised that I didn't know how his father died but how would I know it's not like we're long lost friends.

We then walk up to my door and when I'm about to unlock the door and say goodbye he holds my hand from doing so.
"you know I had so much fun with you. That was the longest I have ever laughed in a long time. I have to do this hard job and there's not many people who can do that"
"wow you need a new job, it sounds like hell" I say
"yea but I do it for my people"ok weird why would he say that.
"I would love to hang out with you again can we do that today" he asked.
"um... I was going to spend today with my friend-"
"she or he can come too, where were going it's a lot of fun"
"ok but I'll have to-"all of a sudden Cierra opens the door looking cute. She 's wearing my white shorts with a white spaghetti shirt with her blue fishnet shirt and some black converse's.
"were the hell have you been I got extremely scared I thought you got thrown in a dumpster ass hole" she says scolding me.
"Sean this is my Blunt best friend who says what pops in her head like me. I was not like this before I meet her." I say laughing a little. 

"what ever dork. hey Sean.... wait aren't you" she says looking at Sean and he nods his head.
"who is-" I try to get out.
"what are doing here you, can go to any island you want and you came to a public one"
"do you guys know each-"
"I like going to public places it makes me feel like a normal person for a while"
"hello can someone answer-" 
"were are your guards"
"why would he need-"
"I gave them time off today to go soak up some sun"
"you really don't know who he is do you" Cierra ask me looking at me like she was in disbelief. 
"I found that out when she was talking to me" he says to Cierra and she nods.
"she has always been clue less, I love her though."
"I like that she could speak her mind without a second doubting what she say's" he tells Cierra. 

"hey right her, never went any where, now how do you know each other" I said looking between both of them.
" We don't exactly know each other but do you remember you that super cute teenager from England and he was the future King because he was the oldest of his sister and brother and his dad died of a heart attack and we watched the funeral. we cried through the whole funeral. I also use to play like I was going to marry his younger brother."
"yea why?"
"He's the grown up version of that teenager" she halve yelled.
"OMG how in hell did that slip my mind"
"I told you, you were clue less"she said shaking her head. I took the opportunity to hit her arm hard.
"why the hell did you do that" she said taking a step towards me. I stepped back she took another step forward. I took one back and I totally forgot Sean was behind me because I suddenly felt his hands on my waist. I got lost for a moment and I felt butterflies in my stomach then I remembered I was going to get hit. I tried to get loose by wiggling a bit but my butt ended up on his private area and grew a little. I knew that wouldn't work so time for negotiation. 

"ok Cierra negotiation time"
"what do you have"
"I ask my sweet caring friend right here behind me to get you a date with Dylan his younger brother" I say leaning on Sean. He holds me securely.
"hey I will do no such-" I then rubbed my bottom on his private and he grew a little bit more. He let out a slight silent growl and I had to hold in my laughter. he then got to my height and whispered:
"you going to pay for that" I tried to surpass a giggle. He then got back to his normal height (which is 6"5) still holding my waist.
"okay I will do it but I warn you he is a lady's man" Cierra just shrugged.
"I'm okay with that I really don't do long term relationships but don't get me wrong I most definitely am not a slore (for you guys who don't know a slut and a whore is a slore)."
"yea I have never seen her in a relationship no longer than 2 months. and what happened with Peter he sounded like he was a great guy."
"he dumped me today over a text, said I was to clingy" she said looking gloomy. 
"who the hell dumps someone over a text message ugh dumb ass' are born everyday" 
"I'll get over it I'm fine" she said trying to reassure me, it didn't work.  I have never seen her this vulnerable before if I see that bastard I will most definitely kill him.
" if you want to do something fun, Sean here wants to take us out but I have no idea where were going but it's a surprise and I want to go, want to come with us you don't have to cause you look down today"
"yea I guess so. I don't have anything else to do"
"okay I just have to take a shower I won't take long"
"okay I'll be watching television" she then walks into the door leaving us alone.

"Now that was pretty wrong of you to do that" he whispers in my ear sending shivers done my spine.
"what are talking about England. are talking about this" I say innocently then wiggle my butt more and make his eraction grows a lot bigger.
"if you keep doing that I'm going to take you in your room and do naughty things to you" he says turning me around and pushing me against the wall. 
Our lips are dangerously close and since his hands are holding him up I slid down the wall get back up giggling because he groans like he is in pain. I walk into my bedroom grab my clothes and head to the shower and when I'm done I untangle my hair and curl it so it stops at my mid back. I'm put on some skinny blue jeans with a white spaghetti strap, and a blue half shirt that covers it and it has love with a big heart around the words and it's in the middle. I'm wearing some blue sandals with a little heel and some bangles with silver butterfly earrings. When I come out I can hear Cierra speaking.

"okay let me be up front about something. You hurt my Carol and there goes your dick, you can ask Carol what almost happened when they had to put me an insane asylum because there was this guy who tried to come to close to me, but let's just say he has 8 fingers now. try me if you want." she said in her threatening tone of voice. What she said was actually true. she was at a club some guy got handsy and she almost cut off his hands. I was so scared that she was going to stay in that asylum for the rest of her life but she only stayed in there her hold summer of junior year of collage at Harvard. Word got around that she was in the asylum at Harvard and they never messed with me or her. I was grateful and kind of felt sympathetic for the guy she cut. He can't pick anything up anymore because no more thumbs for him. She may be Caucasian but she can get crazier than me and I'm half African American and half Caucasian.
I walked into the living room so she couldn't say anything else about her past that would scare him away.
"hello beautiful and handsome" I say smiling. Sean looked relieved to see me and it soon turned to lust. I mean really when doesn't he want me. Then Cierra looked happier probably because she got that talk out the way and wants to make me more safer.
"Ok are you two beauties ready" me and her nod at the same time and she got up from the seat. Sean pulled me into his side as we made our way to the car.

"O. My. God. a convertible Rose Royce this is beautiful" I say while I slid my hands over it.
"This is my favourite car. My dad use to take me for a ride every time I got mad or hurt" he said getting into the driver sit. While I got in the passenger side Cierra got in the back. He then started up the car and began driving. 
"do you mind if we pull down the roof" I ask with hope in my eyes. 
"go ahead" I then pushed the button and I found my self enjoying the wind threw my hair. I looked over at Sean who looked hot as hell with the wind blowing his hair and shades on with one hand on the wheel and the other on mine. I then went over to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He smiled even wider and I looked back to check on a certain Blondie.  She was currently flashing people with her C cup breast. I just hope Sean doesn't see that or I'm so making her walk the rest even though she had now idea were it was. We then pulled up in the parking lot of a private beach.
"I was having a get together today with Dylan and our friends. Since I meet you I thought it will be cool to bring you along"he said taking the key's out of the ignition and turning to me.
"yea thanks for thinking of me. NOW LETS HAVE SOME FUN!! WOAH!!" I yelled getting out the car. I heard Sean and Cierra laughing. When I started walking the wind blew my hair and I heard a guy with brown hair and a resemblance to Sean say 
"who's the hot girl" he said staring at me then I heard a smack. I looked back and I saw him rubbing the back of his head.
"why the hell did you hit me, I don't even know you" I saw Cierra giving a scolding look.
"because she's my best friend don't do that or" she gave him a slicing sign against her throat with her finger. all I could do was giggle at him and her because he looked petrified. Then I heard another smack this time it was from Sean in his eyes I could tell he was a little angry.
"listen to her Dylan cause I don't want you to go anywhere close to her or your going home ok" he said possessively.
"ok but your not my mom. Now who are you cutie" he said leaning towards Cierra. Sean tried to tell him with his eyes not to do that but he ignored him.
"I'm your worse nightmare" she said leaning towards him.
"you couldn't hurt a fly" he said coming closer.
"try me if you dare" she said also coming dangerously close. That's when I got totally terrified. He cupped her face with his right hand and she took that hand and twisted his arm and put it behind his back. He hissed in pain and unexpectedly turned around and grabbed her hand and kissed it.
"your pretty feisty, I like it. We could be friends, or more if you want" he asked she was shocked and all she did was nod and he put his arm around her shoulder. He whispered something in her ear that made her blush and put her head down then they left me and Sean alone.
"ok what the hell just happened she has never blushed liked that before" I say turning to Sean. He looked at me shocked at what just happened.
"I think we should go to the group and worry about that later and just have fun" he said grabbing my waist and pulling me to there group of friends. Let's hope there friends are as fun as they are.

*Author's Note in this $hit*  !)
Hello good people naughty people and people all around,
I just want to thank you for continuing reading. I know, I know, I say this all the time but I do. Pretty Please with a Godzilla on the top fav me and help me if you think this suck and I need improvement. I will continue writing no matter what. Fav, Fav, Comment, Comment, and stay cool and not a fool. lol corny!
Be you and enjoy your life people, thinks for reading!!!!!!!

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