My Insane Love Life

A girl named Caroline has lost her fiancee to her step sister and now she is going to look for her true love. So to get away from her troubles she leaves Georgia (and no she doesn't have a southern ascent, thats just a STEREOTYPE) and goes to Bahamas for a vacation to get a new start with her best friend Cierra.


4. CHAPTER 4- Rape, Rape, Save Me England □_■

When we got to our suite I went to my room and unpacked my clothes. Then Cierra came into my room. 
"You know you have to have sex on this vacation right."
"NO, NO, NO, I am not giving up my virginity that quickly"
"YES, YES, YES, you are so going to do it, you can't wait until your married that's why you only had one boyfriend."
"hey, offensive" I speak to her a little hurt.
"sorry but it's the truth" she says with a apologetic smile.
I then sigh "Ok what if, that's a big if, I did want to cash in my V-Card, no guy wants a virgin in there bed they want them with experience so what happens when I tell them i'm a virgin."
"Don't tell him your a virgin, just get it over with"
"What about the blood and when I start screaming because of the pain"
"o yea, say its a health condition and it will stop in the second round and the screaming part is your little emotional relieve but I doubt you'll be thinking about that in the moment."
"You know what, your really crazy, I'm just going to tell him the truth and if he still doesn't want to do it anymore than he's free to go" I told her truthfully. 

"ok but I like my way better but it is your problem. Since were over that situation let's go to the beach and get our sun tan on."
"ok first of all I can't sun tan I only get darker idiot, I'm a lovely red bone I don't want to turn charcoal, secondly, I'm just going to go swimming and relax a little bit with you on the sand."
"I forgot about that, you know what I should replace you with a Caucasian bff" she said laughing.
"hey you know you love me, you can't replace all of this" I said moving my hands up and down my body showing here my 5"8 body and my fit self and flat stomach while laughing. My hair is brownish blackish. It stops at my waist. The reason why my hair is really long is because of my mom. she was Caucasian and when I was little she use to let me braid her hair. We were really close. She used to always help with my difficulties like one time there was this boy who kept picking on me and one day I told her, she then enrolled me into karate. after that the little boy pushed me on the ground and lets just say he had to go to the nurse for a broking nose. They called my mom and she came up to the school and scolded me and when we got home she gave me a high five and told me she was proud but to never do that again. I never quit karate after my mom died I did leave when I finally got my black belt. Those were the days I really miss. I wish she was here to help me with this optical in my life.
"what ever your nothing compared to myself" she said showing me her 5"10 body almost like mine but her hair is not like mine. Hers is blond with natural brown streaks cut shoulder length. Her eyes are emerald which is green as ever that makes the boys fall to her knees begging for her. She has a unique personality just like me and we met when we were in first grade. I was sitting at lunch and Mason a boy who bullied me had told me to give him my PB and J. I told him no and he grabbed my hair making me yelp and scream in pain. Then Cierra came over telling him to let go of my hair. He told her no and pushed her away. That's when she got angry and she punched him in the stomach and he instantly let go of my hair. She kicked him in the sides and I then heard the principle coming so I grab her hand and ran out of the cafeteria and into the janitors closet and that's when we told each other our names I thanked her and she told me it was nothing. we sat there and talked about different stuff we liked until the principle found us and we had to go to his office.
"ha what ever" I say laughing giving her a hug.
"I'll be outside while you get your bathing suit on ok" she says releasing me from our hug.
"ok I'll be out in 2 minutes" I said and she nods.

I then went to my suitcase and picked out a red and black swim suit, it has a cover up and the swim suit is one size to small but I'm pretty sure I can handle it. I went to the bathroom changed, grabbed a towel, and went to go get Cierra.
"Cierra i'm ready let's go"
"ok let me just turn off the television"
"ok" I then walked to the door opened it and waited outside. Then Cierra came outside and closed the door behind her.
"hey you look sexy, if I was guy I would totally do you" she said while we walked out the front door. 
"thank God your not a guy" I said while laughing
"ha ha very funny, but to give you the heads up there's this cute guy staring at you at the bar 3 o'clock." she said glancing at him I went to turn around to see what she was looking at and the guy was a handsome blonde. He had Hazel eyes and he was most definitely built and that made me want to go up to him and do a little something that ever one would not want me doing in public. He looked like he was at least 6"4. He then smirked at me and I then realised I was staring so I quickly turned my gaze away from him. 

"smooth move Carol" she said noticing I was staring at him.
"oh shut up you wanna be"
"who do I wanna be" she asked like I was stupid to even say that.
"me of course, I see you always looking at me like you envy me"
"Not even in your dreams" she said like I was a dumb ass to even think that.
"what ever, lets get back to the guy situation, am I suppose to walk over there or something, cause I have no freaking idea" I asked confused.
"no let him to come to you" she said while we put our blankets on the beach.
"if he does come over here tease him. when he thanks its going towards sex treat him like he is an old friend. when you thank your ready to have sex go head first." she said laying down.
"ok I kind of get it"
"how do you kind of get it idiot, all you have to do is tease and release" she said looking at me like I was stupid. 
"you're just-" I was cut off by the blondie from the bar.

"Sorry did I interrupt anything" he said giving me a smile and giving his hand out so I can shake.
"Nope you didn't" I said shaking his hand, It was cold and I didn't have a good feeling about it. 
"Do you want to have a drink with me my names Jackson" he asked.
"My names Caroline and No I can't have a drink-" I was cut off by Cierra.
"Yes she is going to have a drink with you"
"no I am not going to have a drink with him cause I'm not leaving you"
"yes you are because you love me and I will be ok you dummy"
"are you sure" I said pleading her with my eyes to not let me go with him.
"yes I'm sure now go" she said telling me with her eyes to go have fun.
I then was helped up by Mr. Mysterious. As we walked over to the bar inside the building. I took a seat at the bar I was a little nervous because I really didn't have any experience in this. 

"so what do you want to drink"
"um a shot of vodka please, thanks"
"your welcome" then the bartender came over and he told him what he wanted and what I also wanted. The bartender then poured my shot and I drunk it. It burn my throat and I could feel myself become more at ease.
"woah, you want another, you look like you enjoyed that cause you do look a little tense" he asked.
"no thanks I really don't want to get drunk" he then ask the bartender for another two more shots.
"it will help with your stress. come on" he says passing me both of the shots.
"ok but if I get drunk I'm blaming you" I said downing another shot. He nods his head and smiles maniac ally. I wonder what's that about. I just ignored it and downed the shot.


20 Minutes Later....

"woah I'm having so much fun!!" I yell while I was being walked to my room by Jackson. 
"you definitely had too many to drinks" he said laughing.
"hey I said if I drink to much I will be blaming you. Shame on you mister" I said point to him and waging my finger.
"here we are" he said pointing to a room.
"Th-This isn't my suite" I say slurring a bit.
"I know this is mine, come in" he said getting the key out of his pocket.
"no I thank I-I think I'm just going to go to my room" I said turning around about to walk away but I was then suddenly pulled by huge rough hands.
"he-hey what are you doing? let me go!" I told him trying to pull away.
"not going to happen sweetie your going to spend a wonderful night with me in my bed" he said pulling me to his door. I did the best thing I knew how to do and that was use my learnt skills from karate. I kicked him in his most prized possession then I punched him in his face. He then let go of my hand to cup his sausage and face. I took that as a chance to run.

While running I looked back to check if he was running after me but I ran into something hard and muscular. I was about to fall back but some very strong hands caught me and I was then pulled into his arm's and crashed against his chest with him holding my waist. I then looked up into his sky blue eyes and I got lost in them. He was a handsome guy. He was wearing a blue v-neck and I was holding on to his muscular arms which I couldn't make myself pull away. In his eyes I could see concern.

"hey love, are you ok. you were running pretty fast" he said snapping me back to reality in the most sexyest English accent. I knew he was definitely born in England.
"yea I'm ok I was just-" I said sobering up a little and I was pretty sure he could smell the liquor. I was then cut off by Jackson.
"why do you have my girlfriend in your arms" he said with anger in his eyes and a scowl on his face.
"I'm not your girlfriend you rapists" I said making my way around the brunette hottie and using him as a human shield I felt so safe behind him and kind of like a little girl. He smelt like coconut and pineapple. Can I get a Yuuummmmy. I just want to do some nasty things to him like him taking me right-.
"Is he bothering you love" he said looking over his shoulder. 
"yes very much he tried to rape me" I said getting embarrassed by my nasty thoughts. I then thought about what he was about to do and I felt my lunch coming up but I quickly swallowed it back down.
 "sorry but the missus doesn't want you around so you better leave. NOW!!" he said yelling the last part. 
"I'm not scared of you. What are you going to do make me an English muffin. Come on babe I might just get over my anger after what you just did to me" he said yed while trying to get my hand but I just hid more behind the sexy Brit.

"Leave Now while your still breathing" the Brit told him pushing his hand away. 
"dude let me get my girl and I'll leave damn" he said trying to reach for me again. This time Brit grabbed his hand twisted and flipped him over us then he kicked him in the private area. Dang he must be really sore down there cause I just did that a minute ago. 
"you ok? did I hit you when I flipped him?" he said turning around to face me then he cupped my face. I couldn't breath the only thing I could do was shook my head. I still wasn't breathing properly.  I felt a little dizzy. after that all I saw was black dots I felt myself collapse and I felt him hold me and I heard his very far voice then I completely passed out.

*Author's Note* ⊙_⊙

Hey my Amigos and Amigas,
This was pretty fun to write I'm totally not going to lie it was hard but I got threw it with you guys pushing me to do better.  Feel free to help me and criticize me cause it just makes me want to do better and vote because the eyes up there^^^ are watching you and if don't fav it will come off your screen and eat you alive Mwa Haa!!! lol I love you peps and please continue reading.
Thank You for reading and continue being awesome. adios until next update ;)

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