My Insane Love Life

A girl named Caroline has lost her fiancee to her step sister and now she is going to look for her true love. So to get away from her troubles she leaves Georgia (and no she doesn't have a southern ascent, thats just a STEREOTYPE) and goes to Bahamas for a vacation to get a new start with her best friend Cierra.


3. CHAPTER 3- Having Fun With the BFF "_"


After the incident with my dad over that bullshit I decided I didn't want to go back home so I went to my best friend Cierra's apartment. When I got there I walked threw the entrance and noticed no one was at the front desk, I would hate to stay here I thought to my self. When I got to the elevator I saw a hand written sign that said 'Out of Order'. I was a little pissed that I had to walk up the stairs to get to her apartment, and they have 20 floors and she leaves on the 17th. So just to check if it was broken or not I pressed the button and it opened. To my surprise I saw the man who was missing at the front desk in the elevator making out with a brunette. 
"Um... excuse me but may I use the elevator"I said politely.
 "lady didn't you read the sign, in case you didn't, it said out of order" he sayed turing to me. 
"listened dude I had a pretty messed up day so you don't want to get on my fucking bad side."I said angrily. 
"and I'm suppose to give two shits." he told me. 
"in case you didn't notice I have high heels on and I'm not walking up thoes damn stairs whith them on" I said angrier. 
"and I'm still suppose to give two shits" he said looking annoyed. 
"You know what you little...... never mind, have you damn fun" I said walking away. When I was half way to the stairs I turned around. 
"o and miss he has VD, crabs, and HIV." She looked at me and then to him with her mouth slightly open. 
"when were going to tell me this" the lady said shocked and displeased. "she's lying I don't even know her" 
"I cant believe you don't rember that special night we almost shared together, we were so happy. one night I wanted to finally give myself to you but you were really drunk and told me. Another night you spilled every thing out about having three nipples, 6 kids, and you murdering you dad, also, a brief time when you were gay" I sayed fake crying. 

She then turned to him and sayed "go to hell you son of a bitch" and slapped him and ran away. 
The man turned to me and gave me a dirty look, I just shrugged. 
"Come on Chanel, she's lying" he said running after her. I took that as my chance to get in the elevator. When I got to her floor I walked to her door and knocked on it and she opened up the door with the biggest smile ever. 
"hey Cierra can I come in." 
"Sure" she said happy. When I walked in her house the first thang I did was go to her couch and flopp on it.
"what's up with you" she asked looking worried. 
"Ooooh nothing other than my dad believed some one else over his own blood" I commented angry with him. 
"what happened" she asked. I then told her everything from beginning to the end. When I finished she looked at me with an mad expression on her face. 
"Ok calm down Cierra, it's ok we can get threw this together, even though this is my problem not yours" I said overwhelmed that she feels for me.
 "I know this is you problem and every thing but nobody messes with my girl" she said waving her pointing finger.

"Thanks, you know I just want to get away from it all and become happy like I was when I was a little girl with my mom still alive but if i did, it would only last for short time and im ok with that" I responded . "yea I kind of know how you feel" she said looking sad. 
"You know what, we should go out of town for a few weeks, you can get the cheating bastard and your dad not believing a crap you say out of your head and I can go there and find me a guy to have sex with." she said looking a little suspicious but I just ignored it.
I looked at her and laughed shaking my head. 
"you know what that sounds like a good idea we should do that" I said thanking it over in my head. 

"where should we go" Cierra asked me curiously. 
" umm I don't know, I do know that I wan't to go some were, were I can wear a bathing suit" i said excited.  
"ok how about Florida" 
"you know what that doesn't sound bad we can leave tomorrow if,   that 's ok with you." 
"sure thats ok with me, so I will pick you up tomorrow and we can go to the airport together."
"ok I will see you tomorrow sis."
"bye babe." I then walked to the door giving her a hug and left to go home. When I got home I was stoped by my door man.
"hello Ms.Waters we have something for you a young man brought this to you but you weren't here so he gave it to me" he said with a smile.
"ok what is it" 
"hold on one moment." he said walking into a door behind the desk. He then came back with gorgeous white floors in his hand.
"thank you for saving them have a great day"  I said grabbing them giving him 20 dollars and walking away. 
"your welcome and you have a great day also" he called after me.
When I got to my apartment door I unlocked it and walked in, putting the flowers on my kitchen table and grabbed my phone out of my purse and put it on my island then someone called me from a unknown number. I picked it up and answered it.

 "Hey Michael why did you give me the flowers" 
"Hello Caroline and no thank you for me" he asked.  
"Yes, no thank you because I'm over you and you need to get over me because you really hurt me and I'm not going to get back with you that easy." I said feeling tears forming in my eyes but I quickly blinked them back. 
"I'm sorry Caroline I'm not getting over you that fast and it was just sex no feelings whatsoever" he said sounding like he was sorry but I highly doubt he did because if he did he would have never slept with the s-lore. 
"did you even thank about my feelings......... you know what forget about it don't call me anymore goodbye Micheal" I said with my voice cracking and warm tears coming down. 
"wait Carol-" he said while I hung up the phone. I went to my landry room to get bleach and went back to the kitchen and poured it on the flowers. When I got finished I threw them in the trash and I grabbed my phone and put my alarm on for tomorrow and went to my bedroom putting my phone on the night stand and I cried for at least 2 minutes till I fell fast asleep. 


The next morning I woke up to that damn alarm. I remembered what happened last night and I really didn't want to go any where I just wanted to lay in bed all day and eat ice cream but I told Cierra I would go out of town with her so I didn't want to disappoint her. I got up and went to my closet to pick out an outfit and after I got finished I went and took a shower. Afterwards I put on some white shorts and red sparkled shirt with diamond earnings and some black heels. When I started to pack I picked out my black and pink bathing suit, it has flowers over it and across the top there's words on the top that says sexy in small letters bunched together. When I was almost finished I heard a knock at the door. I then went down stairs to answer it.

"Hey i'm alm-, O hey dad what are you doing here" I sayed looking at him a little disappointed.
"Can't I just see my wonderful daughter and by the looks of it you were expecting someone else" he sayed looking slightly gloomy. 
"Yes you can visit any time you want, but you did come at a bad time and yes I was expecting someone" I said putting on a fake smile. 
"Well I just want to say sorry for yesterday and I hope you were expecting Michael he called me to ask me to help him get you back and he actually sounded genuinely sorry." he told me with his eyes looking at me like he wanted hope.
"it's ok I forgive you a little"
"also I would totally get back with him after he cheated on me and had the nerve to tell me it was just sex, yea I enjoy that in a man, Im glad he cheated on me" I told him sarcastically. 
"look I know he was at fault for doing that but he loves you with all his heart and he will not give up" he said smiling at small smile.
"I know he wont give up and I love him too, but not in that way we use to be, in a friend way, just tell him to move on and I hope he has the most wonderful life he can have and tell him to let me go because I have a feeling that if we do get back together he is just going to do it again and I'm not going to get hurt twice that would just make me stupid,  you know what they say, fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me."
"well can you please just think about-"

"Hey Caroline I'm rea- hey Mr.Waters how have you been" she asked smiling. 
"O good how have you been Cierra"
"Awesome and I have a few questions for you"
"Ok shoot"
"First question why in the hel-" she said getting angry.
"Ok dad have a nice day and I will see you around in 1 week" I cutt her off pushing my dad out the door.
"Hold on sweety I have to say som-" I then closed the door in his face and I heard him sigh and walk away. Afterwards I slid on the door to the floor and hid my face from the world with my knees crying. 
"its ok Caroline you will get over Michael, you don't won't to get caught up in his lies again he was a pathetic loser anyway, and Marisa was a low life scum to" she sayed sitting down next to me and pulling me into a sideways hug and I layed my head on her shoulder.
"you know what your right he doesn't deserve my love anymore, he just took it for granite" I sayed hiccuping and taking my head off of her shoulder and standing up, I gave her my hand to help her up.
"yea show him who's boss he has no right at all to do thoughs horrible things to you, he should go to hell with her, know go clean your makeup up amd redo it and get yourswlf together" she sayed standing up.
"ok let me just finish packing do that and I will be right back down." she nodded and I walked up stairs and then put my last pair of clothing in my bag. I walked down stairs and I saw her sitting on the couch. 

"Hey i'm ready to go" I told her dragging my colorful suitcase behind me.
"o ok" she sayed getting up and walking to the door and opened it for me. When I got outside I locked the door and we made our way to the elevator. We then left the building and got in her Bentley. When we got into the car she looked kind of in boyfriend mode which meant she would smile at the weirdest times and she would be over dramatic.
"ok who is he, is he hot, tell me!"  She gave me a quick glance and looked at me like I was crazy.
"Don't look at me like that I know you have somebody in your life who is he."
"how in the HELL did you find out" she said looking at me surprised. 
"umm... I don't know you were in boyfriend mode AND IS HE HOT" I said yelling the last part.
"yes he's totally fucking H-O-T but were not dating were just friends-with-benefits no feelings attacked" she said like it was no big deal.
"let me ask you a question since you don't seem to see it"
"does he stay the rest of the night and doesn't leave in the middle of the night."
"yea but-"
"and does he cuddle with you in the bed"
"ok yes but-"
"and does he kiss you passionately"
"yes but-"
"there you go he actionly cares about you other than sex ok know get that threw your thick skull" 
"ok I get it, he does care, but he's the one who decided to do this F-W-B thang so I really don't care, and we need to stop acting like a couple of teenagers." she sayed laghing
"What Eva Major Loser" I said in a high pitched voice and laughed.

We then spent the whole time in the car talking about what happened yesterday with me and Micheal also what I did to the flowers and she laughed her ass off. I told her to pull over so I could drive because she almost hitt another car but she didn't and I kind of got frustrated. I got over it fast because she told me this embarrassing thing she did in front of Peter (F-W-B). We then got to the airport. When we got inside we went to a Gate B.
"Hey we didn't pay for our tickets how are we going to get on the plane."
"o yea I forgot to tell you, I all ready payed for the tickets" 
"ok then" I sayed relaxing. 
"Also were going to Bahamas instead of Florida" she told me giving the lady her ticket. 
"What" I asked shocked and happy giving the lady the ticket Cierra gave me. We than walked down the walk way.
"Your welcome and don't get mad because I didn't tell you like some freaking crack head ok" she told me looking at me like she was waiting for my freak out. 
"I'm not going to freak out, this is actually a pleasant surprise other than your other dumbass ones" I said giving her a annoyed look at her.
"hey that squirrel in your pants actually liked you other than your crush in Middle School, when I told him you liked him, he sayed you were cute but a siko" she sayed laughing really hard when we put our bags up and sat in our seats in first class.
"Shut up and let me at least enjoy half of this trip without you making fun of me." I sayed turning around and starting to watch the on flight movie. Threw half of the flight I watched the movie, went to sleep, and played Candy Crusher on my IPhone 5. The flight attendant came on the income and told us "Welcome to Bahamas and thank you for flying with us, hope you fly with us again have a great vacation." We than got off the plan and held down a taxi to go to our hotel."This is going to be one of the most greatest vacation ready" I sayed giving Cierra a smile.
"I'm definitely ready LETS GET THIS VACATION ON, WOAH" she sayed smiling like a crazy person and yelling like one. The cab driver looked at us from the review mirror and I just slumped in my seat while Cierra was just dancing in her seat.

*Author's Note*  ?)
Hey My Peolple,
Thank you for reading. Contine please cause I have lots planned and things keep popping into my head. Fav, Comment and be you. I know that was kind of cheesy but it's true, being you is always the best. Feel free to criticize what I do and help me with what I need. I love everthing and everyone continue reading.
Awesome people goodbye and stay cool don't be a tool. lol sorry had to put that in there bye,bye.

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