My Insane Love Life

A girl named Caroline has lost her fiancee to her step sister and now she is going to look for her true love. So to get away from her troubles she leaves Georgia (and no she doesn't have a southern ascent, thats just a STEREOTYPE) and goes to Bahamas for a vacation to get a new start with her best friend Cierra.


2. CHAPTER 2- Ex-Fiancee Try's a Little to Hard #_#

After I got finished talking to my dad I then called my best friend Cierra. "Hey BFF"
"Hey Cierra what are you doing"
"ok spill it what happened, boy trouble, family trouble or something else"
"First of all how did you know I was mad second of all family and boy trouble."
"I knew you were mad because you never ask me how I'm doing you just tell me to come over or go out with you, second of all I will be over there in 5 minutes."
"ok see you then" I say hanging up. Then I hear a knock at the door. 
"wow that was fast" I said laughing at my stupid statement. When I opened the door there was the most horrible person alive standing in front of me.
"what do you want Michael" I said sounding agitated 
" I just came to say I'm sorry and-" he spoke while i cut him off.
 "leave it alone you made your choice when you slept with that thing, that bitch, that slut whore, you know what, your just going to get me angrier leave the fuck now before I kill you" I yelled so loud that most of the neighbors came out. 
"Don't make a scene just let me talk to you inside please" he said sounding a bit embarrassed. 
"and why the h e double hockey sticks will I do that." 
"because you still love me and I love you" he spoke with hope in his voice. 
"Fine and by the way I still love you and every thing but your still an ass and you have 3 minutes" I said annoyed. 
"thank you" he said putting on a small smile. As I was about to close the door I noticed they were still staring. 
"the shows over people sorry no fin-ally go back to what ever you were doing" I said sounding nastily. Most of them just rolled there eyes at me or scoffed. 

When I closed the door he was sitting on the sofa relaxing.
"don't get to comfortable your leaving in precisely 2 minutes and 40 seconds 39, 38, 37, 36,-" 
"ok I get" he said annoyed.
"what the hell do you want"
"I want to get you back" 
"why in the hell would I wan't to get back with a lying cheating scumbag like you" I said to him.
"because we've been together for over two years and we belong together" he says getting up walking over to me and putting his hands around my waist. I then grab one of his hands and pull his finger all the way back making him yelp while releasing his other hand off my waist. 

"don't you ever put you hands on me again or I promise to god I will break both of them and if you want a companion go get with that slut I use to call my sister." He calmed down cause I was letting his finger go back to its original position. I saw him look at me dazed and hungry. 

"you know, I like it when your feisty" he said lustfully.  

"well your really going to like me after I do this." A look of confusion crossed his face then I punched him in the face kicked him were the sun doesn't shine and pushed him to the floor hard then Cierra walked in, looking a little confused.

"help me before he gets back up." We then dragged him out the door and locked it.

"Are you going to tell me what just happened between you two" she says in between breaths.

"yea let me just catch my-" 

"Open up you little bitch so I can kill you" 

"not before I get to you in your sleep you arrogant ass-hole, you might as well leave now I'm not opening the door." Silence was in the air before I heard footsteps walking away I wasn't stupid so I looked under the door and guess who was making slight steps away without actually moving. 
"I can still see under the door dummy. Do you really thank I was going to open the door to see if you were gone or not?" I scoffed loudly so he could hear me. 
"well since your acting very childish just to open the door and talk to me like a real adult then I guess I will leave." he said sounding amused.
"Nuh uh I don't act like a child" I said child like.
"uh huh you do act like one" 
"Nuh uh"
"uh huh"
"Nuh uh"
"uh huh" 

"Nuh uh" I said smugly then I felt a pain on my right cheek.
"did you just slap me" I asked shocked, well not really because that's were I got most of my abrasive side from. 
"uh huh" she said smiling. 
"you call us childish" I mumble rubbing my cheek. 
"what was that?" she asked becoming annoyed.  
"N-Nothing...... what......" I said stuttering. Even though I'm aggressive I don't dare try my best friend. she can be nice but she can turn to satin really quick. 
"man I wish I was on the other side of this door so I can see this cat fight" he said sounding amused. 
"shut up jackass" we said at the same time. We look at each other and burst into laughter because we really are best friends if we think and say the same thing. After 2 minutes of Michael yelling at us and banging on the door he finally left we didn't notice until the end of Vampire Diaries. 

When the second show of Vampire Diaries came on we started watching when it went on commercial Cierra turned to me and asked me in a confused voice,

"So why did you kick him out if your meant to marry him in 2 months" she said slightly catching me off guard. I sighed, I should tell her or she would have came over here for nothing even though she lives around the corner. 
"He cheated on me" and after I said that I immediately regretted it, I then see her face turn red and she try's to leave and I'm guessing she was heading to his house to rip off his head and hand it to me personally. 
"why are you stopping me I will be right back" she said sounding very angry. 
"Cierra I already took care of it at least I thank it was in a good way" I said trying not to sound angry because when she sees me angry she gets even boiled up and when it reaches that point not even me can stop her. 
"he all ready misses this heart of gold" I said smiling. 
"what ever loser, he is really lucky I didn't go to his house and fucking slice his throat" 
"very lucky" I said laughing. 

"I probably shouldn't tell you who he cheated with" I said sounding a bit scared then I realized what I said and mentally hit myself on the forehead because she is going to badger me until she gets it out of me. 
"tell me Caroline" she said sounding annoyed.  
"Nope and you can't make me no matter how much you scare me" I said putting out my tongue. 
"so what happens when I tickle you, ever one knows you hate getting-" she said cutting off to tickle me. I burst into loud bits of laughter while I try to get out of her strong hold.
"ok ok ok ok I will tell you if you stop tickling me" I said between laughs. 
"Go ahead tell me" she said while stopping from tickling. 
"Well it was um..... um......." 
"spit it out stupid you sound like a scratched CD" Cierra said yelling at me. 
"Ok Ok I'll tell you." 
"Itwasmarisa" I said not stoping between. 
"slow down say it slow like this" she said slow like I was 3. 
"It was Marisa" I said waiting for her reaction. 
"am I aloud to yell nasty things at this very moments" she said rather calm. 
"go ahead" I said. 

After taking a deep breath and getting her breathing in control she looked at me. I was on the couch looking a little dazed at what just happened. 
"I'm sorry I just had to get that out for the both of us" 
"I know its just, I've never seen you so angry"I told her.
"yea I know, so now you know not to mess with me" she said laughing. 
"yea what ever punk, now lets get back to the show. This is the one when Damon rips out Matt the werewolf's heart!!!!!!" I said excited. We were watching television from 10:00 to 1:00. When we finally got done she left and I told her I had to have lunch with my dad anyway and she left and I went straight to bed.


The next day I got ready to go to my dad's for lunch. I was dressed in blue skinny jeans with a white and blue striped t-shirt also with black converses. After I was finished getting ready I locked my door made my way to the elevator and left the condo to get in my M.L.A Mercedes. When I got there I had to punch the code in the pad to open the gates. When I parked I went to the door and rung the bell, I waited for a minute and my dad opened the door with a big smile. 
"Hey darling how are you today" he said all happy and giddy. 
"well you know I have to send all the gifts back, do a lot of of boring stuff, cancel the buffet, the DJ and some other stupid things so you know I'm fierce" I said angry. 
"well other than that you look very beautiful" he said a bit happy with a sad smile. 
"well you don't look half bad yourself" I said getting happy a little. 
"well think you" he said while we laughed. 
"well you can come sit down lunch is almost ready." When I walked to go sit down I saw Abby giving me a happy smile while her daughter scowled at me with that bruise still there without the swelling. I laughed a little but tried to cover it up with a cough because my dad looked at me giving me the don't-even-thi`nk-about-it look. 

"Hello Abby how have you been" I asked giving her a smile.
"Very well and how are you " she asked happy.  
"Good.... Good" I said awkwardly. We sat there until I broke the awkward silence. 
"So dad why did you call me here" I said straight forward. 
He looked at me and frowned 

"Ok if you really want to know, why did you lie about her with Michael you didn't even see her." 

"Wait... what..., what did she tell you?" I asked him wide eyed. 
"she told us when she was at work you just attacked her for no reason and when she found out why she said when you got home you saw had some girl at the house with the same color hair as she did but she had her back to you, after that you went to Cierra's house to get your head clear and the next day you went to her job and started to fight her for no reason." I started to get a headache, so I rub the side of my head with two fingers in circles, I heard some one call my name and I looked up to see who was calling me. 
"what?" My dad looked at me annoyed and repeated what he said 
"I said why did you have to lie, you didn't see her, right?"

"I want to know some important question dad" I asked looking at him folding my hands like I was at a meeting and ignoring the question he asked me. 
"Yes what will it be"
"ok first one, why do you believe her over your on flesh and blood.Secondly, this isn't a question, that whore over there is always up to no fucking good I can't believe you thought she was telling the truth." I said pointing at her, she looked at me, shrugged and smiled then sat back and enjoyed the show. 
"First of all do not come into my house using that kind of language young lady, and to answer your question I believed her because she reminded me of the times you always lied to us and we stupidly believed you."
"ok since you going to listen to her all the time then she can be the wonderful daughter you never had." After I said that I got up a stormed off and when I did I heard my dad calling me to come back but I just ignored and got into my car and drove off. I thought to myself that I didn't need his or Marisa's shit.

*Author's Note* x)
Hola My World Renown Pretty's,
So Thank you for continuing reading I know it sucks and everything and you can tell me in the comments I will try to do better. Also please, please, please, please fab it, if you like it a a tenth of a quarter. I will really appreciate it. Stay with me I know its boring and all.
                                      Bye, Bye and please continue reading  =)

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