My Insane Love Life

A girl named Caroline has lost her fiancee to her step sister and now she is going to look for her true love. So to get away from her troubles she leaves Georgia (and no she doesn't have a southern ascent, thats just a STEREOTYPE) and goes to Bahamas for a vacation to get a new start with her best friend Cierra.


14. CHAPTER 14- Why Are You Kissing Her!!! :<

As Ariel, Brian, and I made our way into the club I caught a couple of man whores watching Ariel and I. We made our way to an empty booth and sat down. I sat in beside Brian while Ariel sat in front of us. We started talking a little and two guys came over to our table.

"Hey Lady's" the brunette said to us but he looked directly at Ariel.

"Hey" we said at the same time.

"So, are you two twins" the blonde one asked.

"noooo she's just a crazy stockier who made her face look like mine so she can take my life." I told the blonde one patting his face.

"Yes were twins" Ariel said in a duh tone.

"Excuse me grumpy pants" he told us.

"Who says grumpy pants" I asked turning to Ariel.

"Apparently him" Ariel responded. Brian was just sitting back and enjoying the show.

"Since you guys are being rude we want ask you to dance with us anymore" The brunette told us. "You wont" Ariel said fake crying and wiping away fake tears.

"Why not. We really like you guys" I said fake crying with her.

"Come on Stan, we can go find some more girls" the brunette said as they walked away.

"No don't leave" I said dramatically holding out my hand. I turned around and started to laugh with Brian and Ariel.

"I can't believe that just happened. I could have been out with you Brian and they still popped up." I said slowly breathing again.

"I know" Ariel said laying back in the seat.

"Did you see the look on that Stan guys face" Brian asked.

'Priceless" Ariel smiled

"Since we dodged those idiots lets go dance" I said getting up and pulling down my dress.

"yea lets go" Brian said getting up. We walked to the dance floor and made a sandwich with Brian in the middle. I ran my hands down his shoulders all the way to his hips. Ariel rubbed her hands over his chest. I was about to turn around when I accidentally bumped into someone. When I fully turned around to apologize I found my old party buddy.

"Hey Caroline I haven't seen you in 4 years" Silver yelled over the music.

"Hey silver, I know right" I yelled back. She pointed to a table and we made our way towards it. As I got closer I noticed there were two people sitting there.

"Caroline these are my friends Marshella" she said pointing to the girl. She smiled and got up and hugged me.

"and Andrew, Marshella's boyfriend" she pointed to the boy who sat next to Marshella. He waved and I waved back.

"Marshella and Andrew this is Caroline. We met in college 4 years ago. She was a total party-er"

"Yep, when I was a freshman, now I'm a tad less" I told her smiling.

"Well if you still have a little more left in you do you want to go to a party with us" Marshella asked me.

"Am I aloud to bring anymore people" I asked looking at Brain and Ariel.

"Sure, are you talking about them" she asked pointing to them. they were currently dancing crazy. Arial was behind Brian smacking his butt.

"Yes, there so retarded" I said laughing with them.

"I didn't know you had a sister, defiantly not an identical one" Silver said pointing in her directions.

"I didn't know this either until two days ago." I told Silver standing up and walking to them. i tapped them.

"Do you guys wont to go to a house party" I yelled and they both nodded. We went back to the table and we prepared to leave for the party. After driving for 19 minutes were finally there. When we got out of the car there nothing but beer cans and red plastic cups on the ground. We walked into the house and there people dancing. As we walked into the dinning room I noticed beer pong.

"We should play" Ariel said in my ear for me to hear.

"right behind you" I said to her. We made our way to the table and me and Ariel were on. Every time it was my turn I would all most every time make it into the cup. She got a few in mine but not that much to make me drunk. After the game Ariel disappeared and I was alone. When I walked into the living room I found Silver making out with a guy. Then there were two girls making out and two guys drulling over it. I sat on the couch and someone sat on my lap.

"Hey Caroline" My drunken sister slurred.

"Hey smelly" I told her waving my hand in front of my face.

"He-Hey I do n-not smell bad"

"No but your breath stinks" I said pushing her face away from me. She got up and made her way to the kitchen and came back with a drink in her hand. She gave it to me and I just held it.

"Why aren't you drinking" she asked taking a sip from her cup.

"I'm just not in the mood to drink" I told her putting the cup on the coffee table.

"Come on just have one more drink" she said picking up the cup and waving it in my face.





"Yes" I said

"Really?" she asked raising an eyebrow.

"No" I said grabbing the cup and pouring the liquid into her cup.

"More for me " she said drinking it. She walked away and I sat there for 20 minutes. I got tired and I tried to find to find Brian and Ariel. When I made my way into the kitchen. They weren't in there except for a half passed out girl laying her head on the cabinet. Next I went to the dinning room. Still no sign of either of them. So I walked up the stairs to find Ariel kissing some guy. They were currently leaning on the wall. As I made it closer I regretted coming up the stairs.

"Nooo" I yelled. he pulled back and I could clearly see it was him.

*Author's Note*

Wat's up my Readers,

I'm so sorry it took so long to upload the chapters but I finally did it. I just had a lot of crap on my plate and it took me longer than I thought it would. In other words, who do you think is kissing Ariel. I would tell you but its suppose to be a cliffhanger and i just can't tell you. Thank you for sticking to my story when I didn't update. Once again I'm so, so, so, sorry for taking so long.


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