My Insane Love Life

A girl named Caroline has lost her fiancee to her step sister and now she is going to look for her true love. So to get away from her troubles she leaves Georgia (and no she doesn't have a southern ascent, thats just a STEREOTYPE) and goes to Bahamas for a vacation to get a new start with her best friend Cierra.


13. CHAPTER 13- Meeting the BestFriend XD

Someone started shaking me and I woke up from my dream.
"Yea" I said leaving my eyes closed.

"Do you know what we can eat."
"O I forgot to go to the grocery store, I can go to the grocery store if you want"

"No, No, I'll go"

"OK, my list is on the refrigerator and the car keys are in the bowl on the coffee table." I told her putting my hand under my head and rolling over. I herd the door close and sleep took me again.
I woke up with the TV on and the smell of pasta. I walked to the kitchen and saw Ariel cooking up a feast.

"Hey this smell's good. You didn't have to cook though."

"Well I am staying at your apartment for free and I used your credit card to pay for the groceries, I might as well do something useful." She said putting the food on the plate.

"Thank you" I said sitting at the table. She walked over to me with my plate and sat it down in front of me. She put her's down and sat down in front of me. We did grace and I started eating.

"Mm mm, This is very good."  I said chewing it.

"Well I did want to be a chief" she said putting the food in her mouth.

"OK we missed our whole life together tell me about yourself." I asked.

"Well I'm 22 as we both are. I use to have a boyfriend but, we broke up a few months ago. I have a gay best friend. He is a blonde with emerald eyes. I went to the University of Melbourne in Australia. I have one sibling and his name is Dylan and he is a total bad boy. He loves playing with girls emotions so, when you meet him watch him." -she said laughing and I laughed with her.- " One last thing, do you mind if i invite my best friend over, he is in a hotel and wants to meet you."

"Sure Me da igual."

"Um...." she asked confused.

"I don't mind" I smiled and she smiled with me.

"o you know how to speak Spanish." she asked picking up up her plate. I picked up mine and we made our way to the sink.

"Yep, my dad has a maid named Azeri. She was like my second mother and she took care of me until I was able to leave the house."

"wow, sounds like you love her and she really loves you."

"yea she does and I do to. So your going to call..."

"Brian" she finished.

"yes because he sounds like a great guy."

"Yea he is. Let me just call him right now" she said closing the dishwasher and going to the room. I walked into the living room and sat down. Ariel came down after talking with Brian. We talked a little bit  more but it was really about what happened to me the past couple of months. She told me she knew she hated Marisa the first time she saw her and that she hated Micheal even though she doesn't know him. After a couple of minutes of talking the door was knocked on and I walked to the door and opened it. There was a bubbly blonde standing at the door. He was very handsome and you could defiantly mistake him for a straight guy. He had muscles you just wanted to rub on and a beautiful smile.

"wow.. you look just like her" he said enclosing me into a hug.

"I. Cant. Breath." I told him feeling my breath slowly leave my body.

"Let go retard. Your going to kill her with your bear hugs." he let go and i bent over trying to catch my breath. he laughed.

"How.. know... was... me..." i asked and he chuckled.

"I knew it was you because she doesn't wear sweatpants and a rock band t-shirt" he said walking in. I slowly backed up and closed the door.

"Hey I was in the house, so why get cute with my sister." i told him as we walked to the living room.

"You could always look cute in night clothes duh" Brian said walking to the sofa.

"Your crazy" - I said sitting next to him- " I'm not going to look cute just to stay at home. So stop being an ass and deal with it." i said slightly pushing him.

"I like her " he said laying his head on my shoulder.

"I like you to but I can already tell your going to be a pain in the butt" I said hitting his leg. Ariel came over and laid on our laps.

"Your both going to be a pain in the as-" she was cut off by us pushing her on the floor and she fell with a thump. Brian and I high fived each other and we started to laugh.

"A-holes" she said getting up and brushing herself off.

"hey, you were heavy. We pushed you off for a good reason." I told her.

"I'm not that heavy douche" she said sitting on my lap.

"O my god, I'm suffocating" I said acting as if I was dying.

"we should go out tonight" he said pushing Ariel off of me.

"OK I'm down for that" I said while Ariel scowled at Brian.

"Don't ever say that again" Brian said to me.

"Yea, never in your life" Ariel repeated. I heat both of them on there heads.

"Ow" They announced loudly.

"Lets go before I kill both of youz" I said getting up.

"Your a violent little thing." Brian said getting up and walking to my room with Ariel and I.

"I know' I said jumping on his back.

"Getty up horsey" I told him. He started glaping down the hall and when we made inside my room he threw me onto the bed.

"hey pig" I said to him but he smiled and sat next to me. Ariel went to my closet looking threw my clothes.

"Ugly" -she said throwing my shirt on the floor- "Trash...Hideous...Come on...What the hell...Burner" she said throwing every thing she didn't like on the floor.

"Sorry sis but I'm always right and there all trash" she said pointing to it.

"Not all" I told her picking up my band t-shirt.

"Yea, not all but some." Ariel told me throwing me this dress that I wore two years ago just to get cute for Micheal.

"I'm not wearing this" I said tossing it back to her.

"Yes you are" -she said throwing it back- "Why not"

"it's to tight"


"So nothing I'm not wearing it" she started to walk over to me and started to tickle me.

"Why... doing..." i said while a tear rolled down from laughing to hard.

"Wear the dress and I'll stop"

"OK, OK" I said catching my breath and snatching the dress out of her hands.

"Why does everybody know I'm tickleash" I said to myself as I walked to my bathroom. I guess it's time to party.

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